Monday, October 17, 2011

Ex-Missus Paul McCartney Heather Mills Lists Country Crib

SELLER: Heather Mills
LOCATION: Robertsbridge, East Suffolk, UK
SIZE: 10,550 square feet, 8 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms (plus additional guest/staff quarters)
PRICE: £3,900,000

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: While whittling away a punishing hangover during the weekend, Your Mama received a covert communique from a lovely British gal we'll call Wanda Flowers who clued us in to the listing for a stately country estate in the historic village of Robertsbridge in East Sussex–that's in England, lads and lassies–owned by Heather Mills, uni-legged activist and ex-wife of Paul McCartney.

Miz Mills' Edwardian country mansion is currently listed with an asking price of £3,900,000, and amount that Your Mama's currency conversion contraption shows translates to $6,168,280 at today's rates.

Miz Mills, a former model who lost one of her legs after she was struck in 1993 by a motorcycle riding police officer in London, married Mister McCartney in June 2002, made a baby named Beatrice the following fall, separated in 2006 and reportedly received a £24,300,000 settlement (plus £35,000 per year for child care and education expenses) when she divorced her Beatle in the spring of 2008.

Earlier reports, which indicate the estate can be leased at a rate of £7,995 per month, state property in Robertsbridge was acquired by Miz Mills in 2007 after she split but before she divorced Mister McCartney. Robertsbridge, located about 55 miles southeast of London, is the Medieval village known (or at least promoted) as the home of modern cricket, a highly-charged ball and bat game Your Mama has never managed to properly figure out partly due to our aversion to those bulky and awkward and entirely unsexy padded leg pads the players wear

Online listing information provided by Miss Flower shows the Miz Mill's bucolic property encompasses 14.9 acres, some of which is woodland and some of which in landscaped in that charming, rough around the edges sort of way for which the English are so well known. The dignified but approachable-looking three-floor residence contains a total internal interior area of around 10,500 square feet according to listing information and includes 8 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms plus an attached guest/staff cottage with an additional bedroom and bathroom.

Listing information we peeped does not include any photographs of the interior but plenty of the exterior that show a meandering, multi-winged brick-built pile with crisp and contrasty sky-blue multi-paned window frames.

Photographs of the exterior show the house hugs a motor court where elevated planters and a carved stone pediment mark the front entry. Floor plans included with marking materials shows a reception hall with adjoining powder pooper that opens directly into the banquet hall-sized and fireplaced dining room. A 30-foot long drawing room with towering bay window and a nearly 22-foot long library complete the public wing of the residence.

Less formal family quarters include a commodious (if not capacious) eat-in kitchen, a bedroom-sized walk-in pantry, sitting/family room, and a play room that opens to a terrace tucked into the rear of the house.

Front and back stairs lead up to the second level–the first floor in UK real estate-speak–where there are four principal family bedrooms each with private facility. One bedroom offers an adjoining dressing room or nursery and the master suite contains a royal-sized bedroom, generous fitted dressing room and a two-room bathroom with wet room. Two smaller bedrooms on the second floor share an over-scaled bathroom that stretches more than 23 feet long and almost 8 feet wide.

The discreet rear stairs climb up to the the third floor where two more bedrooms–one rather too narrow–flank a games room and share a bathroom that by comparison to all the other bathrooms is downright squeezy.

An two-floor attached guest or staff suite–listing information charmingly calls it a bijou cottage–contains a sitting room, fully-equipped kitchen with dining area, a divided bathroom, and one bedroom. Squirreled away off the rear stairway that connects the family/service wing of the lower level with the bedrooms on the second floor is a "secret room" with sloped ceiling divided by a chimney stack.

Attached at a perpendicular angle to the main portion of the house are a two-car garages, a "carriage room" capable of housing a third car, two-stall stable with adjoining tack room and a workshop/garden storage space. Additional space above the garage offers a large room with balcony, smaller room with attached half bathroom and storage space.

The land plan included with marketing materials for ex-Missus McCartney's country spread shows the estate grounds include a detached two-car garage, large swathes of woodlands, two paddocks for the ponies (one large one small), a sand arena, grass tennis court and a greenhouse over by the swimming pool situated far enough from the house (and a terlit) as to encourage swimmers and waders to do their business behind a nearby tree.

In addition to snatching up this house post-separation, shortly after her divorce Miz Mills went on a bit of a real estate buying spree. In August 2008 she dropped $4,900,000 on an 1,853 square foot condo at one of the green glass Richard Meier-designed towers that line up alone the West Side Highway in lower Manhattan. Property records show she sold the 2 bedroom and 2-bathroom full-floor aerie (above)–all did up and done over in a contrasting palette of white and red–in mid-February 2011 for $5,000,000.

Sometime in late 2008 ex-Missus McCartney splashed out around £2,350,000–around four million dollars at 2008 rates–for an approximately 2,600 square foot apartment in the uppity Allingham Court complex on The Bishop's Avenue in the far northern reaches of London. By September 2009 Miz Mills had a caught a case of The Real Estate Fickle and flipped the 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom condo-crib back on the market with a substantially increased asking price of $3,750,000. It appears from our brief and unscientific research on the interweb that the condo remains listed but with an even higher asking price of £4,150,000.

What's not clear to Your Mama is why Miz Mills in a heated mood to divest herself of her pricey properties but we imagine the lightening of her real estate load will lead to some speculation as to her financial circumstances. Just to be clear, Your Mama has no notions whatsoever of the heft and power (or lack thereof) of her bank accounts and we make no assumptions about such things based on her recent real estate activities.

listing photos and floor plan (Robertsbridge): Country Property Group, Goudhurst
listing photos and floor plan (New York City): Prudential Douglas Elliman via Street Easy


Anonymous said...

Let's see, he just got married again....I think "there's no fool like an old fool" applies here.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:43 AM - Meow.

I thought Ms. Mills was proud of the fact that she'd burned thru the moolah?

However, speaking on Shrink Rap, Mills told Dr Pamela Connolly that she has given most of the money away.

"Most of it's been given to charity, gone into ethical businesses or paid for a couple of properties for my daughter's future security," she said. "I could never sit with millions of pounds in the bank that could make matters change."

OK, perhaps not the most reputable source...

Lady J

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous house. She must be hurting for money.

Anonymous said...

She got way more than she deserved from Paul. Enjoy the money you didn't earn.....

angie said...

I love the estate. Ms. Mills has probably learned that even a settlement the size of the one Paul gave her can begin to erode shockingly fast between maintenance costs and property taxes on multiple high end properties to cope with along with financing a jet setter, designer clad lifestyle. Paul's new wife Nancy Shevell seems to be a keeper that Heather can't hold a candle to imo.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I guess the secret room is no longer secret:)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:43. Keep in mind that prior to marrying this bottom feeder Mills, Sir Paul only knew true love with Linda his entire life. Paul is certainly no moron, but trusted Mills (against his own children and advisors wishes). He is not to be faulted, and very much has earned his Sir title. And to quote Pauls band mate John Lennon.."Instant Karma's gonna get you"... Ms. Mills.

Anonymous said...

love the new photo viewer, thanks mama

Anonymous said...

would that be the linda that along with Yoko destroyed the beatles?

Anonymous said...

Up until a couple months ago, pre-nups were not recognized by English courts. Even if he'd signed one with Heather (and rumors are that his children pushed him to), it wouldn't have had any effect on their 2008 divorce.

The new Mrs McCartney (like Linda and Jane Asher before her) comes from money, which makes her less likely to be interested in marrying him simply for his.

Anonymous said...

As most of the others above have mentioned, one way or another..

Good luck selling this place, you gold digging skank!

I feel badly for the daughter, having this mess as a mother.

Love YOU Mama!

Anonymous said...

She probably would have taken Paul for much more had he not used Fiona Shackleton as his lawyer. She's pretty good at defending her clients' rights. As I recall Heather got so furious at her she dumped a pitcher of water over her head during the trial.

Anonymous said...

you say you want a revolution....well, you know...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

" ...begin to erode shockingly fast between maintenance costs and property taxes on multiple high end properties"

It's only 14 acres, that's tiny for a British country property. Property taxes in the UK are minimal - they vary between local authorities but generally top out around £3K per year. For instance, you could live in a $100M mansion in Chelsea & your property taxes would be £2,158.00 for the year.

"Up until a couple months ago, pre-nups were not recognized by English courts"

Only if it could be shown that one of the parties did not get proper independent legal advice before entering into the pre-nup. That seems fair to me.

"She probably would have taken Paul for much more had he not used Fiona Shackleton as his lawyer."

Ha! Mills was represented by the Law firm Mischon de Reya - you're clearly not familiar with highly regarded London law firms.

Anonymous said...

4:45, just because you come from money does not mean you are not interested in it. First of all her total family money is still nothing combined to Paul's net worth which is a billion or more, and she would not get all that money herself, it would be split. Her net worth itself is pegged at $50 million or so, so you better believe that she likes that mountain of money Paul is sitting on.

I love how people love to mention she came from money but fail to mention her extensive MOB ties. I have a feeling Paul got himself into more crap again.

Look at her, look at him and how old he is. She is a gold digger.

angie said...

Wow Mama, the new photo viewer you've incorporated into the site is totally snazzy, and couldn't be easier to launch, operate, or close. Big warm hug and many thanks! xoxo

angie said...

@ 4:00 AM, taxes on 3 high end properties combined with monthly utility bills, upkeep, maintenance, and insurance on all of them takes a substantial toll on one's wallet in the UK too. If that weren't the case, British nobility wouldn't be doing the previously unthinkable by opening their homes for paid tours just to keep their financial heads above water.

@ 6:04 AM, it was Nancy's father Myron and her uncle Daniel who were suspected of having mob ties - and that was over 25 years ago. Myron is very elderly now and Daniel is dead. Nancy has led a scandal free life and carved out a scandal free career for herself, and she has no reason to be a gold digger with the business conglomerate she's heiress to raking in revenues of more than $400 million annually. The $50 million she has in her piggy bank currently (so you say) is just the appetizer.

Anonymous said...

4:00 AM: I said HE not she was represented by Shackleton. I didn't say she was represented by incompetents. Shackleton has the rep of being one of if not the best divorce lawyers in the UK and she charges accordingly. She represented Prince Charles in his divorce if memory serves and he didn't pay out much at all to Diana. You might have seen the item about her recently in the Guardian or the Telegraph, I don't recall which.

Anonymous said...

This house looks great, even with some idiosyncratic elements. However, all the complaining about her being a gold digger made this tiresome. Listen, butter beans, ANY one marrying someone with that much money is going to be called that. Cause it would be rare to find a match with equal money. Even Brooke Astor remarked she married Vincent for his money, but she was probably a good companion to him and was faithful to philanthropy to the end. Okaaay? So hush.

Matthew Steeples said...

Is this another sign of Heather going bust? Some pics of the interior can be seen on my blog: