Monday, September 19, 2011

Dixie Chick Martie Maguire Lists Texas Compound

SELLER: Martie Maguire
PRICE: $6,495,000
SIZE: 9 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms (total)

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The fine folks over at revealed today that multi-Grammy-winning Dixie Chicks fiddler Martie Maguire and her Irish-born husband Gareth have heaved their gated and privately situated compound in the semi-rural suburbs northwest of downtown Austin, TX on the market with an asking price of $6,495,000.

Property records reveal that Miz Maguire acquired her self-contained paradise near Lake Travis in August 2004 when she forked over $2,750,000 for the property that has at least six buildings spread out over approximately seven acres.

Listing information states that the main house, a single level sprawler, includes 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The interior spaces, most of which look like they could have been ripped out of the pages of a West Elm or CB2 catalog, include a "formal" living/dining room with gently pitched wood ceiling with exposed beams, caramel-colored hardwood floors, and French doors that open to the terraces that surround the house.

Less "formal," family areas include an office with back to back desks–one for the missus, one for the mister we presume–and an open plan eat-in kitchen and family room. The kitchen looks recently remodeled with dark wood cabinets, heavily veined marble counter tops, more caramel-colored wood floors, a built-in banquette, and a full coterie of swankety-swank stainless steel appliances that include a built-in microwave. The adjoining family room–all done up in white, brown and sunshine yellow–has swoon-worthy extra tall windows on three sides, a soaring vaulted ceiling and a view out over the meandering lawn that stretches out from the back of the house.

Flagstone walkways connect the main house and outdoor entertainment areas with three separate guest houses that provide additional space for over night guests, family, and/or live-in domestic staff.

A long colonnade with stacked stone pillars divides the motor court from the swimming pool and spa area that also includes grassy patches and various patios, one of which spreads out in front of stone tower with over-sized fire box.

The Maguire's self-contained compound includes an entertainment annex with a second kitchen and dining area, art and exercise/dance studios, media room, and a bar area conveniently located for they easy refreshing of boozy beverages on movie night. The property also includes a 5-stall stable, riding arena, jogging trail, garaging for 9 cars and, natch, a recording studio with rehearsal room, control booth and yet another kitchen.

We haven't an iota why Mister and Missus Maguire want to sell their Austin compound nor do we have a clue about where they plan to move but iffin we had to indulge in conjecture–and it is only a guess because Your Mama knows nuthin' as in not a damn thing about their real estate plans–we'd guess they'll move to a big house close in town that's likely closer to the schools and other activities their three young children will attend and participate in.

aerial photo (top): Bing
listing photos: Turnquist Partners


Semilla Smartypants said...

I'd say it's because of the recent fires...they came damn close to the suburbs of Austin.

Desert Donna said...

And why is this worth over twice what they paid for it as the market ascended in 04? Did she buy raw land then? And speaking of ascended..Mama I would guess the reason for sale is that her career has done the same and now is moving in the other direction..but maybe it IS schools that are prompting the move..

I was right all along :) said...

I know why,

it is a fact that groups like the dixie chicks cannot sell 10 million albums anymore at 20 bucks a pop, and their shows have gone down as well,

they and many others like them have run out of money, they can no longer afford to live like a rockstar


Anonymous said...

Clearly the Dixie Chicks accountants are commenting above. *Roll eyes*

I didn't realize living in a $6M home in TEXAS was living like a rockstar.

Don't they all own multimillion dollar lofts in West Chelsea also?

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say, but my word verification is "boody."

Lady J

Shopgirl said...

I smell another divorce.

FonHom said...

That "stone tower with over-sized fire box" looks like a DIY crematorium.

Did they have a lot of elderly pets? Or is it how we take care of the odd stranger who drops by, lost, late at night? Satanic rituals, anyone? Or have I been watching too many "Criminal Minds" reruns?

Anonymous said...

Simple what's happening here. They can't afford this place and are trying to unload it. Possible split in the works, too.

Anonymous said...

It's Bush's fault! If her bandmate would have kept her mouth shut, they would still be big stars.

Anonymous said...

I just wish Natalie would come out of hiding so they could make more music together!!

I love Natalie, Emily, and Martie.

I need more DXC music in my life!

hippie canyon said...

That musicians today are not flowing in cash has nothing to do with speaking one's mind. Its about shifts in the way we buy (or steal) music. iTunes etc have put an end to the "rock star lifestyle" enjoyed by earlier musicians. Moving right along... WTF is that cylo doing there? Is it a Forest Ranger lookout for fires?

Anonymous said...
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