Monday, September 26, 2011

American Idol Phenom Chris Daughtry Lists North Carolina Crib

SELLER: Chris Daughtry
LOCATON: Oak Ridge, NC
PRICE: $699,000
SIZE: 3,670 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Like bazillions of others around the world, once upon a reality television time Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter religiously watched American Idol. We watched Kelly Clarkson belt her way to victory in season one, we sat slack jawed when Ruben Studdard beat out Clay Aiken in season two and, against out better judgement, we managed to hang on long enough to see Carrie Underwood croon her way to pop country super stardom in season four. By the time season 5 came along our annoyance by the unnecessary boob-toob melodramatics that take place in the audition process–can you say William Hung?–and our tolerance for the fakey-fake bickering between (now former) judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowel had done waxed and waned. The show had, as far as we were concerned, had jumped the shark.

Had we found the energy to rally for the fifth season we would have seen a bald-headed rocker named Chris Daughtry quickly climb to the top of the A.I. contestant heap only to be unexpectedly eliminated as the fourth place finalist. His fourth place finish became irrelevant, however, when it became clear and obvious that Mister Daughtry and not winner Taylor Hicks who was the break out star of the season. Taylor Hicks who? Oh. Ouch. Did Your Mama say that out loud?

Anyhoodles poodles, the ever-industrious folks over at Zillow reported today that Grammy-nominated rocker–a man married to the same woman since 2000–recently put his brick-built house in the semi-rural suburbs of Greensboro, NC on the market with a $699,000 price tag.

Zillow reports that Mister Daughtry had the house–a black-shuttered traditional sort of thing with barely a smidgen of architectural élan–on the market back in late 2010 with an asking price of $720,000.

Property records show Mister and Missus Daughtry–who have 3 children together and another that she brought to the relationship–purchased their gated Oak Ridge residence in June 2006, just a month after his being nixed from American Idol. Records also show they paid $690,000 for the 1.17 acre spread that listing information indicates measures 3,670 square feet and includes 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

The interior spaces of the house, a good portion of which are punished with a variety of faux paint treatments, features a double height entrance hall with wide columned archways that connect to the formal dining room and the not terribly "formal" living room that's focal point is a gas log fireplace flanked by some windows and a built-in entertainment cabinet for the telly. An angled breakfast counter separates the "formal" living room from the adjacent cook- and family-friendly kitchen and breakfast room. The kitchen, with walk-in pantry and decorative wood hood over the range is certainly better equipped than many but all we're going to say about it is that at least there's not a Suburu-sized pot rack hanging over the granite topped center island.

Other rooms include an office with built-in wood desk and bookshelves, a family room/den and a main-floor master suite with walk-in closet, tray ceiling, built in entertainment cabinet for the telly that's all but exactly like the one in the "formal" living room. The privately placed master also offers a private facility with two sinks, make up vanity, and a separate soaking tub and stall shower.

Trees and other foliage provide privacy for the fully landscaped mini-estate that includes broad lawns, a narrow dining deck that extends off the rear of the house, four-hole professional quality putting green, and a saltwater swimming pool and spa surrounded by terraces partially made up of geometrically set cut concrete squares with lawn growing in the gaps.

Your Mama has no inside intel about what Mister and Missus Daughtry's real estate plans are but given that they're a family of six we're guessing they want something a bit roomier where they'll be better able to escape the hateful glares and loud guffaws of their children when they become teenagers. But, then again, what do we know?

listing photos: Re/Max Realty Consultants


Anonymous said...

"Hateful stares and LOUD guffaws!" this is the part NO ONE ever speaks of when waxing poetically on the Parent Trap.

Dr. Phil has never spoke so pure and honest in all the days I've been reading your fortune cookie/tea leaf go gurl!

candi speling said...

The house isn't the only thing that is brick-built.

Anonymous said...

What a terribly blah house of no distinction whatever. What on earth made you put it on your blog, Mama?

Anonymous said...

I like Greensboro - it's a nice college town with friendly residents. I don't know anything about Oak Ridge, but I'd take something in town over this McMansion.

Ditto Anon 3:40 PM. I sent this to my Dad last year and he declared it to be the perfect set-up, a house for the parental units & one for the teens.

Lady J

Anonymous said...

This house could be anywhere. And is.

Maryline said...

I like how simple and regular the house is. It shows that there are still some responsible humble celebrities out there. And shame on those commenters who talk bad about their choice of living in a regular house. Let me see your 700,000 house! or even your 300,000 house! Judging by some of these comments these people probably live beyond their means. I'm glad Chris is not caught up in the fame life.

Anonymous said...

naaawwth carulinaaa

Anonymous said...

Good for him. Not everyone blows their money on flash (hello, Fantasia) or ends up living in their van like Sly.
OT, but Kris Allen has made $3 million since winning AI and is building a modest house in his hometown of Conway AK and his wife is working as a teacher.
Smart people can be set for life if they are prudent, 'cause the $$$ doesn't come in forever.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Chris Daughtry's wife had two children she brought into the marriage and then they recently had twins by a surrogate.

Anonymous said...

Yes. His wife had two children from other relationships. Though Chris adopted the younger one since that child's biological father died.

Anonymous said...

This is your atypical midwest home, that you would normally see in any newer neighborhood, especially in Michigan.

Extremely boring.

Anonymous said...

9:19: It is not that the house is not big or expensive; it is the drab day-core; no imagination or culture or taste. No prints of note (art work doesn't have to be super expensive); no interesting furniture, not even an accent piece. Hum drum in the worst sense.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a book in the library. Don't these people read anything? Probably not.

Anonymous said...


Why do you think he has it for sale?
Most likely he is going bigger and doing it in grand style.
In case you and others like you can't figure it out, this was his starter house.