Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Disney Cash Cow Miley Cyrus Back at the Real Estate Rodeo

BUYER: Miley Cyrus
LOCATION: Studio City, CA
PRICE: $3,900,000
SIZE: 5,173 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to The Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial Your Mama learned just this very morning that 19-year old Disney cash cow Miley Cyrus–YouTube-ing she-rah of Hannah Montana–recently caught a classic case of The Real Estate Fickle.

In late 2009, when she was just 17 young years old, the salvia smokin' teen queen dropped a very grown up $3,400,000 for a gated fixer-upper mini-compound located just around the corner from her family homestead in Toluca Lake, CA. Little Miss Mily's mini-compound includes a 4 bedroom and 5.5 baño hacienda-style main casa originally built in 1933, a detached 2-bedroom guest house that we heard but can not confirm she converted to a recording studio, a swimming pool, and tennis court.

We had heard some time ago from an anonymous snitch that Little Miss Miley might be in the market for a new house in Tinseltown but Your Mama foolishly dismissed the scuttlebutt as idle celebrity real estate chatter. Turns out, this anonymous source was speaking the truth. Property records now reveal the throaty voiced singer/songwriter–born with the maudlin name Destiny Hope–recently spent $3,900,000 for another house, this time a secluded estate with state-of-the-art security and a recently remodeled mid-century modern residence nestled into the hills above Studio City, CA.

Records show the private 1.15 acre property, purchased in early June 2011, was acquired with the same trust (and trustee) used to buy her Toluca Lake property. The walled and gated property occupies a broad and flat promontory and includes a multi-winged residence originally built in 1952 and recently given a full-scale gut renovation that retained the original architectural spirit of a contemporary California ranch typified by the low-slung hip roof and blurred lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Listing information indicates the house contains 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms but a careful perusal of additional marketing materials we squeezed out of the interweb like a pimple reveals something a wee bit more nuanced. The main house includes a two-pronged bedroom wing with two family bedrooms–both with private facility–plus an expansive master suite that encompasses a private sitting room with fireplace and sky light, spa-style bathroom with steam shower and separate jetted tub, two walk-in closets and a wall of windows that slide open to a semi-private patio with canyon view.

A half pooper just off the entry means no dinner guest must stray into more intimate quarters when it's time to do their post-dinner dirty business and tucked discretely in another wing between the kitchen and attached three-car garage, a fourth smallish bedroom with private bathroom that seems best utilized as a home office, meditation lounge, staff room or, perhaps, a scrap booking command center that would make all the Quacker Factory-clad ladies and gays scream silently with jealousy.

A separate but attached suite on the far side of the garage includes a bedroom/living area with wall-to-wall carpeting, a private patio, walk-in closet and private bathroom. Although this space would function magnificently for a stays-to-long in-law or a live-in domestic who–like our imperious house gurl Svetlana–desires and requires a modicum of privacy, Your Mama would not be the least bit surprised if Little Miss Cyrus instead converted the privately situated suite into a recording studio.

The front door–painted a vibrant shade of green at the time Miss Cyrus purchased the property opens into an entry area that bleeds seamlessly into an irregularly shaped "formal" living room that features dark wood floors and a wide banks of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that scoots the eyeballs through the room to a covered patio, the backyard, swimming pool and canyon view.

The adjoining dining room opens over a four-seat breakfast peninsula to a sleek and modern center island kitchen with stone tile floors, a combination of solid surface and wood counter tops, and high-grade stainless steel and integrated appliances that include a six-burner/two oven range with built-in spigot for pot-filling and a full-height booze refrigerator that makes our wine-loving Dr. Cooter go jelly-kneed with deep oenophilic desire. The lower cabinets in the kitchen show a horizontal wood grain that reinforces the linear nature of the house and the few upper cabinets are a glossy orange material, which we love because we love almost anything orange. Behind the kitchen the compact service area include a mouth-watering walk-in pantry, laundry facility and the aforementioned bedroom/office/scrap booking work station.

A massive flagstone chimney breast with double-sided fireplace divides the dining room from the family room that is plenty large enough to contain multiple seating areas. Sliding glass doors in the dining room lead out to a long lounging deck that runs along the side of the house and an expanse of sliding doors in the family room open to a covered patio and backyard.

A small exercise room, inconveniently accessible only through one of the family bedrooms, opens directly into back yard. A cabana bath that opens to the outside for swimmers and landscaping staff who Little Miss Cyrus may not want traipsing through the house in muddy boots or wet swim suits everything they have to use the terlit.

At one end of the swimming pool an open-air shed-like structure–the sort of thing a person might see in Dwell magazine–shades a dining/lounging terrace. An attached built-in grilling station includes an under-counter fridge so that the lazy and/or inebriated need not shuffle or stumble all the way to the kitchen every time they want a cold grape or boozy beverage.

Given that Little Miss Miley is just 19 years old and this house in Studio City is already the third home she's bought with her own money, Your Mama expects she'll catch another case of The Real Estate Fickle in the next year or two and move on to yet another multi-million dollar estate. We shall see, puppies, we shall see.

As for her celebrity-style compound in Toluca Lake, well, obviously Your Mama don't know a Thing from a Rolls Royce so we can't say for certain what her plans for property may be but our brief research indicates the property is not currently on the open market.

Purchasing a new home in Los Angeles is not, as it turns out, the only real estate transaction undertaken by Little Miss Miley this year. In February the capricious minx unloaded a penthouse condo in the somewhat unlikely locale of Panama Beach, FL–otherwise known as the Redneck Riviera–for $1,968,750. Miss Cyrus purchased the Gulf-front Panhandle penthouse just about 14 months earlier for, as per records Your Mama peeped, $1,850,000.

In 2007, when the Cyrus clan moved from their 500-acre Singin' Hill Farm outside Nashville in teeny-tiny Thompson Station to Tinseltown, they spent $5,838,000 to scoop up an 8,299 square foot faux-Tuscan mansion privately situated down a long, gated drive in the upscale and celebrity-packed enclave of Toluca Lake. Last year Little Miss Miley's parents were headed for the court of dee-vorce and there were rumors and reports the 6 bedroom and 7 pooper property would be sold. Earlier this year, Poppa Cyrus announced he had called the divorce off. Whether a reported reconciliation means Mommy and Daddy Cyrus will keep the family house or sell it for a fresh start somewhere else is not known to this real estate gossip. As far as we know–which is really so very little–they have no plans to sell the farm in Tennessee.

listing photos: Ewing and Associates / Sotheby's International Realty


nursedeb said...

honestly....that house has NO personality....very very bland.
oh wait, maybe it reflecting miley?

lil' gay boy said...

Meh ––– nursedeb got it in one. Staged to death and the lid won't close on the coffin. Each room a set piece that cannot overcome an incoherent floorplan. Telling that it was priced more than half a mil more...

Speaking of lids, this family is one Pandora's box that this lil' gay boy need not open ––– from those "uncomfortable" pictures with Daddy to Hannah Montana, it strikes me that this is one very, very, old teenager. Movie-of-the-Week fodder.

But Mama, I am crushed; I always thought that Dr. ("Ol' Coot") Cooter kept his "...deep oenophilic desire..." only for you ––– or was that ona-something-else?


Anonymous said...

Nice kitchen. Now has anyone seen Alice and Tiger?

Anonymous said...

What an ugly little shack.
Only in Hollywood can a little POS like that cost $4 million.
I don't know in what world that house is 5,000 sq.ft.
My house is just over 10,000 sq.ft total on 4 floors and this looks like I could put the whole thing on one of my floors.

The only think I would do with a house like this is buy it for what the land is worth about $250,000 and tear it down.

Anonymous said...

This house is so awful it made me laugh.
Looks like an Australian beach house or shack.

The Aussie

And my little word of the day is "myliest".
Ha ha again.

Dawned said...

Nothing to get excited about . . . unless you are 19 and lacking worldliness and sophistication. I suppose I would have had a hard on for the house when I was 19 and had been able afford it.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen reminds me of some of my high school friends' parents' kitchen back in the 1960's. Why in the world would someone not update this Pleasantville morgue?? Especially since they did the bathroom??

Anonymous said...

PS at first I thought it was an Eichler home but then I remembered it was built in 1933. There were some nice Eichler homes (like the ones with interior patios and atriums) but some of them were really hokey. I just wonder why this eyesore hasn't been cherried out and preserved in 1933 style with kitchen/bath upgrades. Or simply torn down. That's probably what'll happen.

RES-fan said...

Toluca Lake when I was growing up was always sort of redneckey & filled with hicks who had come here from the south so I can see that they fit right in. Frankly I think it's overpriced but I don't know what the comps are in the neighborhood. I knew this guy from Toluca Lake who was dating a friend of mine. Good looking but brainless, very working class.

elspeth said...

I "got" it after i looked at the last image [lower right] in the first set of pics. Miley/Destiny Hope didn't need to leave the trailer park when she bought this place.

nursedeb said...

thanks lil' gay boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess a nice view costs a little extra.


Anonymous said...

A couple of people are idiots here...including RES-fan. This said house was not built in 1933 and is not in Toluca Lake. Read the story correctly. This article is not about her Toluca Lake home purchase where she is not living, and has never lived, it's about another home purchase in Studio City and is a nice house for a wealthy almost 19 year old, not for a family of 5! And BTW - the family moved from TN in 2005, when Hannah Montana first began; first buying a home in LaCanada Flintridge and then another larger home in LaCanada Flintridge before settling in to their Woodbridge estate in Toluca Lake.