Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tori Spelling On the Move...Again

SELLERS: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
PRICE: $3,199,000
SIZE: 6,718 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Tinseltown heiress/actress/author/reality tee-vee queen/jewelry hawker/ordained minister/wife and mother Tori Spelling and her motorcycle riding part-time actor huzband Dean McDermott are a notoriously peripatetic pair who have hopped houses in rapid succession since hooking up and getting married in May of 2006. For some time the reality tee-vee denizens lived–or, some say, pretended to live–in the unlikely outpost of Fallbrook, CA where they ran a cheesy bed and breakfast, an adventure caught by the reality television cameras. Upon their return to Lala-land they landed in a leased house in Benedict Canyon or Stone Canyon or one of those other canyons that shoot north into the Santa Monica Mountains out of Bev Hills and Bel Air.

From there, in early 2008, they decamped to a family friendly 5 bedroom and 3.5 pooper house on Thayer Avenue in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, not so far from the absurdly-named Manor, her 123-room childhood home that her momma Candy still has on the market with an exorbitant-sounding asking price of $150,000,000. As a side note, Your Mama has twice heard the Miz Spelling is close to sealing a $100,000,000+ deal on the sale of her 55,000 square foot empty nest but we haven't been able to verify that information so for now it's just a big fat load of rumor and gossip.

Anyhoo, after just 8 short months and the filming of a single season of one of their (too) many reality programs, Mister and Missus Spelling flipped their Westwood crib back on the market with an asking price of $2,275,000. The property sold for slightly more than the asking price in December 2008 for $2,300,000.

From Westwood, they hightailed it over the mountains to the über-suburban community of Encino where property records and previous reports indicate they they dumped $2,495,000 on a 6,718 square foot celebrity-sized mcmansion built in 2001 with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. Each of the five guest rooms has an en suite pooper and the expansive master suite features stone colored wall to wall carpeting, robin's egg blue wall, a sitting area with fireplace and flat screen tee-vee mounted above it, dee-luxe bathroom with dual vanities and spa tub, a large private balcony and a custom-built walk-in closet where Tor-tor keeps all her size minus-2 clothers.

Their bizzy team of nice, gay decorators worked over the faux-Tuscan mansion in glitzy Hollywood Regency inspired style with a gleaming quartet mirrored cubes, over-sized velvet tufted ottomans, a wicked (and kind of silly) white baby grand piano, Chippendale-style chairs (in the eat-in kitchen), buff colored leather club chairs, more tufted this and thats that include a pair of 1940s style Billy Haines-ish slipper chairs in the formal living room. In addition to the formal living and dining rooms, Missus and Mister Spelling's manse includes a double-height impress-the-guests foyer with curving Norma Desmond-worthy staircase, a library with fireplace, over-sized eat-in kitchen with parquet de Versailles style hardwood flooring, a long family room with fireplace and a bank of French doors that open to the backyard, an office, staff quarters

The fully walled and gated property spans .41 acres and includes a flagstone motor court with side-facing 3-car garage, lushly landscaped backyard with a saltwater swimming pool and spa, putting green, outdoor living room, organic garden and a small vineyard. Of course it's all protected by the sort of state-of-the-art security system a person should expect the celebrity daughter of a Hollywood honcho like Aaron Spelling would have.

Tor-tor's Encino mcmansion, it may interest the children to know, is listed by a gal named Amy Colvin at Hilton & Hyland who recently got hitched at the famed and fa-boo Beverly Hills Hotel with a gaggle of bridesmaids–in mismatched shooz–who included Tori.

Your Mama hasn't any idea where Missus and Mister Spelling plan to set up house next but iffin we were the wagering type–and we're not–we'd double down on them moving back over the hill from the suburban San Fernando Valley and in to a private estate in one of the better (but not best) corners of the Platinum Triangle.

listing photos: Hilton & Hyland


Jill said...

Almost as hideous as Candy's residence. There's a rumour All My Children is getting cancelled for, among others, Tori's talk show.

BTW, Yo' Mama needs to dish on the Robb Report Ultimate Home 2011, which is just above Mohamed Hadid's ex-house. This RR one is by Landry and, as usual, it's hideous. 28 bedrooms, 40,000 square feet. Who owns that place?

Mike in Brentwood said...

They actually paid $2.945 million for the Encino house in 2008-

Anonymous said...

mama you are great, but I bet your wrong. Tori has long said she would love to have a farm, so she could have more animals. My guess would be she is headin further out to get more land.

StPaulSnowman said...

40,000 sq. ft. of Landry belongs only in the Kalahari. You do have to be careful what you say. While at my sister's, I did the dississimo about Landry's oeuvre in full bile spewing mode..........only to find out that he had designed their landscape in Malibu. Embarassing your sibling as well as yourself ain't purdy! At least I can say what I think here at the Realestalker Daycare.

luke220 said...

The house looks 1000x better than it did when she bought it.

Fiona de Trambeau said...

Tori is a Spelling, don' be fooled. Bitch knows what she's doing.

Anonymous said...

Since Mama Candy is back in Tori's life (and occasionally on the her show), maybe Mama will throw some coin in the Spelling/McDermott house fund. Assuming of course she is in fact close to selling the Manor and will be flush from proceeds.

StPaulSnowman said...

If you are the real FiTram, welcome. If you have stolen this magnificent name.................begone!

Jill said...

LOL, StPaul! Did you see the house? Too bad there are no aerial photos, it would be easier to 'grasp' the whole horror.

Fiona, you're right. Conservative estimates say Candy's net worth is around $650 million. Hm... I'd say it's a 'bit' bigger.

Anonymous said...

.41 acre sporting a McMansion, pool, walls, organic garden, and vineyard plus etcetera ??? If it's really only .41, that's serious crowding.

Does Dean McDermott actually DO anything? Oh well, who cares.

All the tufted stuff is interesting, rather Joan Crawfordesque.

@SPSnowman - LOL, and, was this faux pas at a holiday gathering by any chance? That always makes family gaffes extra-fun.

StPaulSnowman said...

Well, it was actually at a house my sister had rented in Eygaliere in France. She and her husband invited all sorts of friends and family for four day slots. It was magnificent and beautiful..........but definitely not the time to make such a faux pas. These people were very kind and very wealthy and I was trying to amuse them with my witty Landry about a backfire!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly does Candy stand on the Wilshire penthouse? Is that building occupied yet or still in construction? Anybody know?
If it is in fact finished, did she actually close on those units and begin to customize? I believe she would need to or lose her deposit.
Also did she end up selling the house(s) she had in that gated development in Century City?

Tamara Tay-Tay said...

It all looks a bit gay doesn't it? Not that I mind it but it's not going to appeal to a family with a rugged breeder and a wifey with
Dallas hair is it?

Gary Glitterpuss said...

Hmmm, so this is the homestead that Miz Tor-aaay has been ruttin' it up in with fire-crotchity Dean Mc-what's his name...

I wonder if old Miz Candypants is going to open the dusty ol Spelling chequebook and drop a few bad ass clams so Miz Tor-aaaay can buy an abode befitting her Holl-ay-wood stature?

Come on Mama, spill the dirty ol beans...