Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UPDATE: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

It's baaaaacckk!

Wobbly rock star Ozzy Osbourne and his steel-willed wife Sharon have once again heaved and hoisted their ocean front residence on Malibu's lovely and desirable La Costa Beach on the market, this time with an asking price of $10,000,000.

The rock and roll royals acquired the 4,500 square foot three-story residence way back in March of 2003 for $5,100,000. Your Mama's wholly unscientific research indicates that the Osbournes first unsuccessfully attempted to unload the 5 bedroom and 5 pooper sea shore property in the spring of 2006 when it was listed with an–in hind sight optimistic–asking price of $14,000,000. Since then the Mister and Missus Osbourne have had the house on and off the market a number of times with various price tags that dipped down to as low as $10,995,000.

Several times over the years the Mister and Missus Osbourne set the property out for lease. The Shabby Chic meets glitz and glam beach pad was made available for long-term lease at $25,000 per month in late 2008 and last summer the brick-built beach crib was listed for a stiff monthly rate of $40,000. Iffin Your Mama is being honest, and we always are, we'd admit that we have not an iota of information about whether anyone took a short or long-term lease on the property. What we do know, thanks to information obtained from our informant Babbling Babette, is that in addition to their desire to sell the house for ten million clams Mister and Missus Osbourne are open to a long or short term lease at $40,000 and $65,000 per month respectively.

A walled, European-style courtyard separates the house from busy and traffic-choked Pacific Coast Highway and the main living level includes an entrance hall, living room with fireplace, dining room, ocean-side terrace, powder pooper and an all-stainless steel kitchen that has Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter's house gurl Svetlana apoplectic over the effort required to keep all that shiny stuff finger print (and dog nose print) free. On the second floor the master suite stretches across the entire ocean side of the house and includes a fireplace, private terrace, custom fitted walk-in closet and marble bath. Also on the second level, a road-side paneled library is jam-packed with exercise equipment. Up on the top floor there's an office and two more bedrooms each have private facilities and access to an ocean side terrace with a freestanding spa of the middlebrow variety.

After selling their crucifix-filled mansion in Beverly Hills, CA for $11,500,000 to increasingly erratic pop star Christina Aguilera and her now-estranged music executive huzband Jordan Bratman in the summer of 2007, the sometimes-controversial Osbournes decamped to the guard-gated and star-studded equestrian enclave of Hidden Hills, CA. Records and previous reports show the British ex-pats paid $10,250,000 for their horsey 10,953 square foot house that includes 6 bedrooms and 10 poopers. The Brits also maintain an estate outside Jordans in the Buckinghamshire area of England and we'd presume they have some sort of bedsit in London but, in truth, Your Mama has no confirmation or direct knowledge of such a thing.

Mister and Missus Osbourne's children all have their own homes in Los Angeles. Kelly–who often lives in London–has a wee house up behind the Chateau Marmont hotel bought in February 2005 for $1,195,000 that recently had a raw sewage situation. Jack has a small, secluded compound in the Laurel Canyon area and the oldest and less public sibling Aimee has a house in the Bird Streets above the Sunset Strip purchased by mumsy and paw-paw in June of 2007 from Grey's Anatomy actress and Tinseltown scion Jessica Capshaw for $2,350,000.

Miz Aguilera–who Your Mama heard through the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine had moved back to her house in The Bird Street area above the Sunset Strip–would like to sell the former Osbourne mansion/her former house of marital discord that she had done up and did-did-and done-did by Woodson and Rummerfield's House of Design who, we heard from a little design savvy birdie we know, are doing up Courtney Love's new (leased) digs in New York City. Miz X-Tina's six bedroom and 9 bathroom Bev Hills house was shopped around for several months off market before it officially hit the open market around March 11, 2011 with an asking price of $13,500,000.

listing photos: Sotheby's International Realty


Anonymous said...

I hope it is swallowed up in the ocean first, along with Mrs. Osbourne; she is the lowest form of human life.

Carla In California said...

Oh no! I like Sharon Osbourne. I like the house too since I live in L.A. I see it often on the weekends.

It could use a pop of color, though.....

Anonymous said...

I like it. It's very un-Osbourne.

Anonymous said...

I like it, I would buy it for the original price that they paid for it, myabe slightly more.
$6.2 million tops.

I would rather lease it for the $40,000 a month than buy it for $10 million, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Six million tops. More likely it should sell for what it was bought for. The market is at 2003 levels.

It is one of those houses easy to lease but not nearly as easy to sell (especially looking like a dentist's office inside).

lil' gay boy said...

Ultimately you'd be paying for the location & view as the house itself has nothing to recommend it. Another obvious teardown (that was for you, Snowman.)

Why would Miz Aguilera want to move closer to the sea life that is so tormented by her voice? One day a killer whale is gonna bitch-fin her...

Anonymous said...

stunning kitchen!!! all stainless is difficult to do well, overall a gorgeous home, we hope a tzunami does not swallow that baby up!!T

Anonymous said...

How dare you speak like that about Sharon ! She is one of the best human beings I know. You should immediately apologize for running your mouth about her like you did. She and Mr.O , are really great people,"Rock-N-Roll Royalty"!
Please check yourself before you talk about something you know nothing about ! What kind of person wishes for someone else to have their property to fall off in the ocean ? ......D.S.Keys