Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Mama Hears...

...from a well-connected informant we'll call Hotlanta Heidi that Oscar-nominated and Grammy-winning superstah Queen Latifah recently took a short term lease on actress/activist/exercise nut Jane Fonda's Atlanta, GA loft. Presumably Miz Latifah, who may or may not have brought along her long-time trainer Jeanette Jenkins, alit in Atlanta to make a movie, record an album, perform some other showbiz endeavor or perhaps just to take a break from the rigors of a life in Hollywood.

Miz Fonda put her 4,700 square foot doo-plex digs on the market in May of 2010 with a hefty asking price of $4,500,000. The price was quickly karate chopped to a significantly lower $2,500,000.

The still stunning–if perhaps a smidge over-pulled–septuagenarian left the Peach State last year and skedaddled to Tinseltown where, we hear from a source with intimate knowledge of the buildings, she holed up in a somewhat dingy one-bedroom rental at the star-studded Sierra Towers building on the Sunset Strip. To be honest, children, we're not sure Miz Fonda still rides the elevator at Sierra Towers with the other grande dame condo owners who include Elton John, Diahann Carroll, Cher and Joan frickin' Collins or if she's moved on to greener real estate pastures like her current record producer beau Richard Perry's posh place above the Sunset Strip.


Viva! said...

I saw Fonda's Sierra Towers crib on Oprah. She said that she has the place because she likes to have her own space to house her things and give her some quiet time. Otherwise, she's always at Richard Perry's house.

The apartment looked very bright and airy, not dingy at all. Perhaps she's renovated?

Sierra Towers is such an interesting building. Elton John, Diahann Carroll, Cher, Nikki Haskell and Joan Collins. What a trip!

Anonymous said...

Seems like The Queen is in Hotlanta filming "Joyful Noise" along with Dolly Parton & Keke Palmer.

Lady J

luke220 said...

Mama, Please fill us in on Kyle Richards' comment about her house being taken from her. Judging by the raw nerve it hit, it must be a juicy story and must involve her real estate broker brother-in-law.


Anonymous said...

Yes mother PLEASE, what Luke said! Also Kyle supposedly is buying new digs. Where have you been on these stories! Throw the poodles some treats please!