Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Mama Hears...

...That not only do actress Kate Hudson and her British rocker boy beau Matt Bellamy (allegedly) have an unplanned bun in the oven but also that they've been out scratching around for big new house in Los Angeles which to bring up baby.

One source snitched to Your Mama that Miss Hudson and Mister Bellamy–who fronts the Grammy-nominated band Muse–had a peep and a poke around a stunning 1935 Spanish-style casa listed at around $4,200,000 in the star-studded Outpost Estates neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills.

Two more well-connected real estate canaries Your Mama consorts with confirmed that Miss Hudson has lately been on the hunt for a new house. One expressed that the notoriously fickle Miss Hudson may not be serious about buying a new crib and the other whispered that she's focused primarily on posh properties on the West Side of Los Angeles priced above fifteen million clams.

For many years Miss Hudson has shacked up in a 6,180 square foot house in Pacific Palisades, CA (below). Interestingly, just before getting word that Miss Hudson was house hunting we heard another entirely unconfirmed real estate rumor that sallied forth from a fourth informant who told us that another a-list celebrity couple with a new bundle of joy are holed up in Miss Hudson's Pacific Palisades residence. We're skeptical of that rumor and we suggest y'all be wary of it as well.
Miss Hudson purchased her 7 bedroom and 5 pooper pad in PacPal, according to property records, in 2003 for $5,400,000 from Barbara Gallagher, the long-time b.f.f. and baby momma of iconic (and homosexual) fashion designer Perry Ellis who went to meet the great seamstress in the sky due to AIDS related complications in 1986.

The children will note that Mister Ellis and Miz Gallagher's 26 year old daughter Tyler Ellis was profiled in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair. Despite studying film and television at Boston University Miss Ellis has opted to follow in her daddy's footsteps and has a new line of fancy handbags. More interesting to Your Mama, however, than her $1,500 stingray-skin clutches is that the young lassie was photographed in her park view apartment at the shockingly expensive 15 Central Park West building that the folks at Curbed often refer to as the "Limestone Jesus." Probably we shouldn't be surprised that Miss Ellis bunks in such dee-luxe digs given that the young lady sold a very contemporary oceanfront home in Malibu, CA in July of 2007 for $16,000,000. Oh, the life of an twenty-something year old American heiress.

Anyhoodles poodles, Your Mama also hears through the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine that child star turned wild child turned Hollywood has-been Cory Feldman (Stand By Me, Goonies) recently leased a 5 bedroom and 4.5 pooper house in the Royal Oaks area of Encino last available at $5,700 per month. But, seriously, does anyone really want to hear about that ball of Hollywood cheese? Oh. Ouch. Did we really say that out loud?

photo: Pacific Coast News


MH for Movoto said...

Kudos to your sources. Another great post.

Jeannified said...

Ha, ha...too funny, Mama! (Ball of cheese...)

Nice house. Wonder where she'll finally land.

Anonymous said...

What's more interesting is that Corey has any income to speak of and can afford $5700 in rent. Who'd a thunk it!

Anonymous said...

Why would Cory spend that on a 5 bedroom house? Didn't he just get divorced and has no kids? Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Goldie Hawn used to own that house in the 80's and it is where Kate grew up as a lil girl. Kate bought the house privately when she was pregnant with her son so she could bring him home from the hospital when he was born to her childhood home. I find it hard to believe that Kate would seriously wanna move. She has a lot of history with that house.

Anonymous said...

Saw the Tyler Ellis pic, Mama, and that is definitely NOT 15 CPW
I would guess that it is in the Time Warner Center
Take another look at the window AND the angle of the view

Anonymous said...

mama i happen to know miss tyler ellis lives on the UES... would love to know exactly where