Monday, January 10, 2011

Larry Page Buys Big Boat

WHO: Larry Page
WHAT: A big ol' boat
HOW MUCH: About $45,000,000

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: All the techie and gossip blogs are abuzz with the news that multi-billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page had gone bought himself a big new boat. According to the New Zealand Herald, Mister Page purchased Senses, a gleaming 193-foot long all-white motor yacht for around $45,000,000. That's a lot of money by a normal person's financial standards, chickens, but it's a downright bargain when compared to the sorts of mind-boggling floating monsters other ocean-going mega-billionaires buy. The seller was London-based New Zealand bidnessman Sir Douglas Myers.

According to the report, the steel-hulled floating mansion has interior spaces spread over three decks done up and did over by French design dilletante Philippe Starck. Ten guests can cruise in comfort in five staterooms, each with private head. A full-width master suite includes sitting and office areas with built-in shelves, dressing room and dual heads. Fourteen crew members can be accommodated in tighter and far less luxe quarters in the bow of the boat.

Split-level decks offer several indoor sitting, sun-soaking and both indoor and outdoor dining areas. A short version of the long list of dee-luxe extras on Senses include a fitness/massage room, an on-deck jacuzzi, various water toys and tenders that include a 40+ foot launch for shore excursions and a helicopter landing pad.

Although it's not known if Mister Page plans to charter Senses out to well-heeled renters, the boat has been available in the past for charter in the Seychelles Islands for more than $250,000 per week, not including food, booze and/or fuel.

On land Mister Page plants himself in Palo Alto where records and other online sources reveal he and his young family shack up in an 8,149 square feet mansion with six bedrooms and four full, two half and one quarter poopers plus a detached 950+ square foot shingled guest cottage. Listing information from the time shows that Mister Page purchased his "California Arts-and-Crafts Spanish Eclectic" house in February of 2005 for $6,800,000.

listing photos: Yachting Partners International


Madam Pince said...

jeebus christo almighty! that's a big-ass boat, mama!

Anonymous said...

Larry got ripped off,bigtime.

Craig Bosse said...

Yeah.. I have a couple yachts like that myself. One in blue and one white just to switch it up.

Anonymous said...

$250k a week and that doesn't even include liquor? I certainly hope the 'crew of 14' is a group of extremely hot male models wearing tans for uniforms.

.. and 'Senses' ?? what the hell kind of a name is that for a boat?

Anonymous said...

$45 million for that is a good deal.

He seems lie a nice guy, his aunt and uncle live in my neighborhood.
He built them a huge gorgeous home some years back.

angela said...

For that kind of money, I'd prefer something with a silhouette a bit sleeker than an over-sized tugboat.

Jimbo said...

That steel hull is the most important feature.

Anonymous said...

Was loving it until the shot of the run of the mill fiberglass jacuzzi....They couldn't have done a little better than that?

Anonymous said...

WOW--can't even imagine what it would be like to be able to live that kind of lifestyle. I would be happy living on that yacht for the rest of my life!

Mama's Kiwi Kid said...

Wow, a mention of my little old neck of the woods. Thanks Mama!

Anonymous said...

Let's stick to houses, mama. Boats like this are a different world and one most of us will never even see. Private planes should also be avoided, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

It's a clunky...slow explorer boat.
Larry needs to consult with Roman Abramovich or Larry Ellison for future boat purchases.You can get a lot more boat that's better looking for the same money.

Anonymous said...


I love how you have evolved to Super Yachts! There are glammy homes on water! Keep it coming! Fabulous!

Mama is the best!


Anonymous said...

I knew I should've founded Google with him when he asked. Wait that was my friend Harry Mage founding doodle. Not as Great.


Brody said...
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