Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brittney Murphy's House in the Hills in Foreclosure

Actress Brittany Murphy (King of the Hill, Clueless, 8 Mile) died suddenly and surprisingly in her house in the hills above the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA in December of 2009. She reportedly went to meet The Great Director in the Sky due to a case of acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

Property records show that Miss Murphy purchased the four story residence during her professional salad days in June of 2003 for $3,850,000. She bought the 8,000-ish square foot hillside house from another famous and famously troubled Brittany, Britney Spears. After her death Miss Murphy's rather odd widower Simon Monjack continued to live in the house along with Sharon Murphy, his mother-in-law.

In March of 2010 Miss Murphy's house was heaved on to the market with an asking price of $7,250,000. Mister Monjack rather creepily told gossip juggernaut TMZ that once the house sold he and Sharon planned to move to New York. Together. Ew. Listen bunnies, Your Mama don't know an earth shoe from a cork trivit and we certainly don't know a damn thing about the inner workings of the former Miss Murphy's family structure. None the less it's quite inexplicable and just plain creepy that Miss Murphy's mother would plan to relocate to New York with her dead daughter's shady-seeming widower.

Anyhoo, Miss Murphy's many-quoined crib was mysteriously taken off the market just a month after it was listed and about a month after that Mister Monjack was found dead in the house by his roommate/mother-in-law Sharon. He reportedly perished from acute pneumonia and severe anemia, the very same causes reported to have killed his wife.

Miss Murphy's house suddenly reappeared on the market this week with a new, much lower and probably far more realistic asking price of $4,995,000. A quick and dirty peep and a poke around the property records reveals that Miss Murphy's house is–gasps all around–in foreclosure. According to the records Your Mama accessed a Notice of Sale was recorded on January 10, 2011 that scheduled a public sale of the property on the 31st of January with a minimum bid amount of $4,035,666.

Use your heads, sweeties, and recognize that it's quite possible Miz Murphy managed to pull the house out of foreclosure and that the property records just haven't been amended to reflect that. Whatever the case, this seems like last ditch effort by Miss Murphy's mother to unload the house tout de suite..

listing photo: Rodeo Realty


Anonymous said...

who would buy this place? very creepy....both dying of pneumonia....any crazy mold here??????

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing , Something in that house is making people real sick.

Anonymous said...

Mama, we love your language and the imaginative ways you express yourself, but don't you mean "widower" rather than "widow?"

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd be sampling any of Mama Murphy's cooking.

Lots of bad juju in this place. I hope the new buyer hires the best of the best in way of 'spiritual purging' and feng shui fixing.

Anonymous said...

It's just a sad case all around. I remember seeing the home in Instyle years ago and thought it was quite lovely.

Housey said...

I'd imagine if there was something wrong with the house (like mold), the cancer-stricken mother would have been the one to die. Not the healthy young people. I think their deaths had more to do with the drugs they were taking than anything inside the house.

It seems like a very pretty house from the videos I have seen, however it belonged on that show hoarders. It was FULL of junk. But the location is great.

ned k said...

why no history as to who brittney bought it from?


dont hold it against you that you didn't add that

Anonymous said...

Omg Ned Lol

parker said...

leave a little something in your budget to install some heating - this place is clearly cold

Anonymous said...

Housey, Simon wasn't healthy by any means. He had cancer and was very very sick.

Also I don't see how 7 years age differece is "much older" my husband and I are 5 years apart and I don't see him as much older.

Honestly I think Real estate stalker should stick to commenting on real estate instead of celebrities lives since 98% you have no idea what your talking about and some of those facts are easily available with the internet. IDIOT

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk...methinks Anon 11:36pm must be acquainted with the deceased.

Deary, if you don't want to read about what happened to your lovey ones, then don't Google them.

commentator8 said...

Also, 11:36, before calling people idiots, take some remedial grammar classes and develop basic word usage skills. Thanks.

P.S. If you're not on board yet, it's "no idea what YOU'RE talking about."

P.P.S I read a very interesting article by a journalist who was close friends with Brittney Murphy that described, in detail, her overuse of "prescription" medication and avoidance of traditional medicine that essentially contributed to her death, as otherwise she was a normally healthy young adult (mental health aside). It also described Simon's overuse of similar medication, his serious medical issues and the basic fact that he was a con-artist. A lot of interesting information that was not reported on by the mainstream media.

Lola said...

I hope somebody is looking into this, I didn't even know about it until I read this. Doesn't this just scream MURDER?!