Monday, December 6, 2010

Adam Brody Bails on Hollywood Home

SELLER: Adam Brody
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,990,000
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Just yesterday we discussed smug singer/songwriter and former Twitter addict John Mayer who listed his house in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles at a staggering $425,000 loss and today we've got another young male celeb who bought at the white hot height of the real estate bubble of the mid-naughts and is now attempting to sell his house at a substantial loss.

Property records show that Teen Choice Award winner Adam Brody paid $2,225,000 for his hedged and gated 1916 Beaver Cleaver-style traditional in the foothills above Hollywood in April of 2006. He bought the house from serial celebrity house flipper and notorious ladee killer turned Straight Edge enthusiast Fred Durst who spent the last 10 or 12 years mowing through homes and woman like most people go through a tube of toothpaste. At its current list price and with an unlikely full price offer, young Mister Brody stand to lose $235,000 (plus whatever real estate fees he's agreed to pay). Whether he can afford to piss away

Anyhoo, young and boyishly handsome Mister Brody is without question most famous for his role on the now defunct tee-vee series The O.C. However, prior to his, ahem, seminal role on The O.C., Mister Brody had appeared in minor roles on boob-toob fare such as Growing up Brady, Judging Amy, and Smallville.which in turn led to recurring roles on MTV's Now What? and Gilmore Girls. Mister Brody's showbizness gigs have not been limited to the small screen. He's appeared in motion pictures like The Ring, Mister and Missus Smith, and Jennifer's Body and, according to his resume on the Internet Movie Data Base, he has a half dozen or more movies lined up and ready to go.

Mister Brody's two story trad measures in at 2,738 square feet according to the Los Angeles County Tax Man and listing information shows there are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 poopers including two master suites. A gate set into the thick and high hedge at the front front of the property swings open to a narrow front yard where a triangular pediment and a front door painted a classic if somewhat conventional bright red mark the main entry into the house.

Given the rather generic Pottery Barn catalog nature of the furnishings and day-core, not to mention the various orchids and other cliché fauna so popular with Staging Lady in a Pink Toyota and so photographically placed through out the house, Your Mama suspects the house may be furnished. Whether staged or not–and we hope it's staged because we like to think of young Mister Brody as being far more stylish than the day-core in the listing photos would suggest of the homeowner–the living room is lovely with a multitude of paned windows, original hardwood floors that were restored and stained a rich chocolate color, and a fireplace.

Other rooms in the house, according to listing information, are a dining room, a sun porch, den and a wide galley style eat-in kitchen with ordinary white cabinetry, luscious hardwood floors, marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances. We're deeply disappointed to see the very same model of microwave oven that Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter have stashed in a custom built in cubby sitting right on the kitchen counter. Honestly chickens for two million clams we don't want to have to look at the microwave oven every time we come into the kitchen for a cup of water or a candy snack, you know?

A long and narrow gated drive that squeezes past one side of the house to a charming, old-timey detached garage at the back of the property. There are several green awning covered verandas on both the first and second floors, one that overlooks the backyard and heated swimming pool and the other that looks out over the treetops and through a thick stand of palm trees towards Hollywood and the glittery city lights. The private and large backyard, ringed by very tall hedges, has lawns, party sized sunken spa, the old-timey looking detached garage, dog run, and a garden swing that sits under a canopy of mature vines. All in all it's really quite lovely and Your Mama can easily imagine why a person might want to set around that backyard all summer long sipping on gin & tonics and working the crossword puzzles by the pool.

Listen puppies, despite the fact that many of The Children seem to think this sort of clapboard sided traditional residence is more suitable for an East Coast abode and that all Californians ought to live in Mediterranean or Mexi-Spanish style haciendas, the truth is that California is positively littered with similar early 20th century farmhouse-y and traditional homes, although most not as well maintained or extensively upgraded and few with the same sort of celebrity provenance as this property.

Where oh where might Mister Brody be headed next? Well, of course, Your Mama don't know a salt shaker from garden umbrella, but given that he's filmed most of his last five or six movies in New York City, perhaps he's decided to give the Big Apple a try. Or, maybe, he's just looking for a new house in Los Angeles where the usually quiet streets aren't thick with crowds every damn weekend with all the many Angelenos who take their pooches to the canine (and celebrity) friendly Runyon Canyon Park where any day of the week you might spot famous folks like Orlando Bloom, Jessica Biel, Sheryl Crow, Lauren Conrad, Mister Brody himself or that fully waxed French guy from Brothers & Sisters who are all well know to hike and/or walk their dogs up, down, and around the canyon conveniently located smack in the heart of the city.

listing photos: Teles Properties


Luciane at said...

Wow.. that's quite a loss... mind you they hardly get the asking price.

I like the place.. it's young & hip.

Did you hear about the THE GODFATHER'S house is for sale? I am posting about today.. go take a look and let me know what you think. It would be an honor having your great sense of humor around there!


Luciane at

avg joe :{) said...

The godfather house is more like pee wee herman's house, very tiny

I thought the godfather's estate was HUUUUUUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought he was RICHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!11

I mean if you run new york and all you can afford is a 300k house in todays prices, we all know that is what it is really worth, ..............

that is just sad !!!


Anonymous said...

I really like how understated it is - including the furnishings. And I love how understated the kitchen is. I'm getting bored with over-the-top kitchens and find the simplicity of this one refreshing. Nice big backyard, too. I give it a thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

Love the furnishings. He definitely had female help...

Anonymous said...

There's something I like about this house, perhaps the unpretentiousness? I like the backyard, too, except I don't see a paved driveway leading to the old timey garage. Maybe it's paving blocks that allow grass to grow through...that might be nice.

dovecote Decor said...

If you want to see East Coast go to Hudson Street in Pasadena, where they shot Father of the Bride. They often shoot in that neighborhood, because it has live Oaks instead of Palms, lining the streets. You might want to see a real Old Long Island Estate, still in private hands. It boasts a James O'Connor tennis court, swimming pool, and Sister Parish living room! I enjoy your posts. Come visit us!

Anonymous said...

Is the real estate market in LA that terrible?

Sylvia Fowler said...

It's a lovely little home. It's difficult for me to find anything truly awful to say. I'm a bit stunned myself, yes.

Brooke said...

This house is soo cute. I'd keep it before I'd sell it at a loss.

I absolutely like it. It's in LA with a yard - flat yard. I wonder how close the neighbors are over those trees? Looks like it has great character. I wonder when it was built?

Anonymous said...

TMZ reports that Amanda Seyfried is the new owner.