Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

There seem to be some new and unsubstantiated rumors beginning to slip and slide down the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine that globe trotting global do-gooding actor Brad Pitt might be setting down some real estate roots outside of the very out of the way community of Hickory Tree, TN, on the border between Tennessee and West Virginia. Apparently Mister Jolie likes to mosey on down that way to fly fish on the Holston River where there is some pretty good fly fishing action. Who knew? There are those in the area that speculate that the buyer of a million dollar purchase last year of a 50-acre river front spread in Hickory Tree just might be Mister Pitt. But before anyone gets too excited let's remember that over the years we've all heard (and repeated) a gajillion real estate rumors about Mister Jolie and Missus Pitt. Those two can't seem to go to the damn terlit without all us real estate gossips speculating about whether they're buying or leasing the facilities.

For all her frequent vilification of "celebrity," former vice-presidential candidate turned quasi-political pundit and grand standing rabble-rouser Sarah Palin sure does seem to like being one. The Tea Party queen now has a reality program that films her and her brutish man-mate Todd as they do Alaskan things in Alaska. No matter what one thinks of Missus Palin and her politics Your Mama thinks all people can agree that people who do not want to be celebrities don't have reality shows built around them, you know? The show, which we confess to scrupulously avoiding, provides an eye-popping peep into the Palin homestead located on Lake Lucille in itty-bitty Wasilla, AK.

The fine folks over at Curbed posted some screen shots of the Palin pad in all its non-decorated glory that includes a lot of dead animals, a black leather recliner or two, loads of chairs in the kitchen on casters, a recording studio from where she can offer her take on things, and a two story wall of glass at the back of the house that over looks the lovely lake and, in the far off distance, Russia.

There may only be 7 people in the world who care about super-philanderer Tiger Woods anymore, but for those seven people, south Florida gossip Jose Lambiet tossed up a new aerial photo of Mister Woods newly completely bachelor pad in Jupiter, FL where he's installed, natch, a 4-green golf course complete with sand traps.

Speaking of Tiger Woods, his primary extracurricular ladee-friend Rachel Uchitel has flipped the New york City apartment she snatched up a couple of months ago with $1,625,000 in hush money back on the rental market with a monthly asking price of $9,995, otherwise known as ten grand a month.

Those hardworking people over at Curbed (via The New York Times) dug up and displayed a cavalcade of juicy photographs of the very night clubby Italo Rota designed studio of eccentric and wildly successful Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, a man who never met an animal print he couldn't turn into a slinky dress or hoochie hot pants.

The studio, a glass box located on 36-acres in the Tuscan countryside and wrapped in remote controlled laser cut lattice-leaf screens, includes a 1 bedroom bachelor apartment for Signore Cavalli even though he is not a bachelor.

Mister Cavalli's crib includes a helipad for parking his iridescent purple whirlybird, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a wine cellar, tanning bed for keeping his septuagenarian skin a particularly distressing and unhealthy looking shade of orange, a high-tech DJ booth, a lot of stuffed animals, a bedroom with mink carpeting, a miniature monkey that Signore Cavalli has been known to kiss on the lips, a number of squawking parrots and a kitty named Pussy.

The New York Times did a fun little article this week that profiled the well-born Swedish ex-pat turned gay porn star–who went the butch sounding name Tag Eriksson–turned über successful Manhattan real estate agent Fredrik Eklund, who sells ungodly amounts of real estate for the boo-teek brokerage Core Group Marketing. Mister Eklund's pornographic past hasn't stopped him from working with high-profile peeps like Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and the pint-sized Olsen twins.


Chesty Morgan said...

porn to real estate? sounds like a perfectly smooth career transition to me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama!

I really liked the article about Fredrik. He now owns a successful real estate firm here in Stockholm. Check it out if ur interested! :)

Ps. I love ur blogg, keep up the good work!

// The Swede

T.T. said...

First of all Anonymous 3:32, I care what some DOUCHE BAG Liberal thinks about Sarah Palin

Secondly, if you don't care what a "douche bag" like Mama has to say, don't read this blog. Nobody twisted your conservative arm and made you come here.

Bye now.

JoshB said...

Is there some sort of "bat signal" whenever anyone dares diss Palin? One mention of the snowbilly and they swarm.

Anonymous said...

3:32 - if you don't like what Mama has to say, then piss off and head over to Fox News and be amoung your own kind. Idiot.

Keep up the great work Mama - much love!!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked - shocked! - to learn there are ex-porn-star agents - WHO would have guessed!!?? However there should be a law that all Swedish porn stars must look like Jake Gyllenhaal - think of how it would perk up the real estate market when they transitioned to agents! Celebs must find it amusingly quirky to use Eklund.

Anonymous said...

We desperately need Palin to remind us all of how many of us are really just very dumb. We tend to forget.

Aunt Gina said...

Anon 3:32...

Willow, is that you?

lil' gay boy said...

Oooo, goody ––– mish mash!

1) Brangelina must have seriously taken to heart Will Roger's apocryphal financial quip, "Buy land; they ain't makin' it anymore..."

2) How nice to have such a Home Despot-designed barn just a few doors down from the Best Western, to where the second-tier reporters must be banished between interviews. And I can see Russia from my Mac!

3) Tiger's Wood should rot into mulch already; bad enough his new home looks like the Best Western just down the street from Palin, but at least she doesn't have to cope with palmetto bugs...

4) Hush money? More like "shout it out bitch cash..." But who are we to expect such a rare concept as personal shame to trouble any of Mama's candidates?

5) Florence+Cavalli+Studio=Faboo!

6) From the world's oldest profession to, umm, well, the world's oldest profession. Good on him (or under him, for that matter); I guess all that real estate money can erase that stereotypical "used up & sucked dry" look too many of his fellow "thespians" have fallen prey to. I suddenly feel in the market for a private showing...


Matt from NYC said...

oh Mama, did you have to mention Sarah Pain ? excuse my spelling.
Anywho why are these new homes going up so .."styless". as an example.. pictures of those from Angelyne from Bu' ..why do all these people with no more money have to sell their things without so much of a staged chair to help fetch the prices they want..are the Agents too lazy or burned out?

Anonymous said...

RE: and, in the far off distance, Russia.

LOL Whether you like her or despise her, Tina Fey, impersonating Palin, said she could see Russia from her house, not Sarah Palin. Seems too many people get their news from Saturday Night Live. :-) So much for Fox viewers not knowing much.

ChipSF said...

Wow - ssome people don't get tongue in cheek at all. Get a grip 3:32.

Anonymous said...

Re Fredrik Eklund, nice to know that a degree from the Stockholm School of Economics gives one so very many career possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Darlin', I love you, but there is no such place as the border between Tennessee and West Virginia.