Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Listen candy corns, it's Halloween, we're hopped up on the candy and we just ain't got that much for you today, so this one is short and sweet. Boo!

Iffin Your Mama is being truthful–and we always are–we'd snitch on ourselves that we can't name from memory one single film starring Val Kilmer. We can't, 'tis true. A quick consult with the Internet Movie Data Base and we realize we've never even heard of anything Mister Kilmer has done since 2004 when he made a guest appearance on Entourage. Okay, we've heard of Knight Rider but thought it was a tee-vee show from the early 1980s with that nails-on-the-chalkboard David Hasselhoff. Besides, he wasn't really even on Knight Rider he was the voice of the car, K.I.T.T. Ugh

That said, in 2010 and 2011 alone, Mister Kilmer's got 15 (or so) projects in the hopper, in post-production, or in the planning stages, which means the moon-faced thespian and former hottie has been pretty damn bizzy lately.

The man has also been bizzy trying to unload his 5,328+ acre ranch outside of Santa Fe in Rowe, NM. He first listed the stunningly beautiful property a long time ago for $33,000,000 but recently lowered the price by $10,000,000, a somewhat shocking and desperate seeming amount. But then again, maybe the property was stoopidly priced at thirty three million.

There are, according to listing information, 6 miles of Pecos River frontage, 10 natural springs, 50 miles of hiking and riding trails and an Santa Fe adobe style main mansion filled with a lot of Native American artifacts that sprawls across 11,573 square feet and includes 7 bedrooms, 9 full and 2 half poopers.

Although we're not sure–which means don't take this to the bank–we think Mister Kilmer bunks down in Malee-boo when he's on the west coast.

Noted New York City gallerist Jeffrey Deitch opened the Lower Manhattan Deitch Projects in 1996 with a show by Vanessa Beecroft and over the years presented the work of a whole lotta art making young guns like Cecily Brown, Ryan McGinness and Inka Essenhigh.

In early 2010 it was announced that Mister Deitch was to take up the reins of the top spot at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. His appointment has been, to put it mildly, controversial. Some say Mister Deitch has blazed a new and exciting path through the contemporary art world scene and breathed new life into a near moribund institution in part by erasing the lines between art and celebrity. Others will hiss that they hear the death knell of art ringing loudly in their ears when his name is mentioned in connection to the museum.

Whatever the case, Mister Deitch needed a place to live in Los Angeles and landed at the far western edge of the star studded Los Feliz neighborhood, just a quick hop from downtown where MOCA is situated. Mister Deitch recently gave Nowness a personal video tour of his nearly unfurnished but art filled house that happens to be just a few doors down from Brad Pitt's ever-expanding compound. It also happens to be where Cary Grant lived with his on-again/off-again man-friend Randolph Scott,

Property records show the house measures a sizable 6,727 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 poopers. Records also show the property was last purchased in 2006 for $3,200,000, which indicates that Mister Deitch leases the property. Besides Brad Pitt, Mister Deitch's nearby neighbors include tee-vee producer Keith Addis, Kevin Spacey, choreographer Adam Shankman, Christina Ricci, Mandy Moore, and screenwriter Mitch Glazer and his wife actress Kelly Lynch who live in the speck-tacular John Lautner designed Harvey Aluminum House.

Mister Deitch's house is a bee-yoot and has a "party room" that he's commissioned artist Richard Woods to outfit his "party room" like a "super Tudor-pop" environment where already got Tim Noble and Sue Webster's glitzy Golden Showers piece hanging. We're all goose-pimpled in anticipation of our invitation to the house warming once that Richard Woods room gets installed.

Producer Robert Evans is a living legend around Tinseltown and like all good Hollywood legends, Mister Evans owns a legendary Jon Woolf designed Hollywood Regency style house in Beverly Hills, CA called Woodland.

Seven times married Mister Evans–who produced motion picture history like Rosemary's Baby, The Godfather, Harold and Maude, and Chinatown–hosted and entertained everybody who was anybody in Hollywood, not to mention and a whole lot of nobodies who wanted to be somebody. Henry Kissinger played tennis at Woodlawn, Robert Shapiro celebrated his 50th birthday there and Mister Evans did the bownchickabowbowm with a near endless list of Tinseltown beauties.

The New York Times recently sent a photographer into Woodland to capture some of it's beauty and myth. It's old-school, for sure, but it's magnificent and like Mister Evans, one of the last of its kind. Enjoy. We did.


Madam Pince said...

My favorite quote from the Times article on Robert Evans: 'As Evans said of his ex-wives, “Maybe they fell in love with the house and not with me.”'

Babe Parish said...

val kilmer is one sexy mofo, mama. he's made everything from campy teen romps like Real Genius, whimsical fantasy films like Willow, pop movies where he played the Lizard King himself, in oliver stone's The Doors to tons of "man films" like Tombstone, ugh..he's the bees knees. watch The Doors & Willow, when he was in his super hot prime (even tho he's still got it). he even dated Cher in the 80s! yum.

Robert Evans house is so well edited. That man has great taste.

Anonymous said...

we can't name from memory one single film starring Val Kilmer.

Perhaps you've heard of Top Gun? The Doors? Heat? Batman Forever?

lil' gay boy said...

Happy Halloween!!! Enough of sentiment; now let's see...

1) After viewing the recent pork pictures of Mr. Kilmer I'm more inclined to believe the rumors that his major talent was actually his God-given endowment...


2) Grant & Scott carried on a life-long relationship; rumor has it that, sometime in the late '70s Grant & Scott could still be spotted at the Polo Lounge, discreetly holding hands under the table; awww...

3) Robert Evans was one of the few (very few) actors in the '70s (when he was VP at Paramount) who this little gay boy had a man crush on; despite the ridiculous fashions of the times, he always came across as every inch the man... and he produced Harold and Maude, a personal fave, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Kilmer was in Top Gun with Cruise. Rumor was that they didn't like each other. That makes me respect Kilmer a lot.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:48-do you not read you dolt? Mama saidwe realize we've never even heard of anything Mister Kilmer has done since 2004

Sylvia Fowler said...

I hope all the children had a happy halloween! I dressed up like 740 Park and rejected everyone who tried to get inside me!

Anonymous said...

Evan's house may be old school, but it is the real deal. So good. When you see a place like this, it's a reminder that most of the interiors in the shelter mags are just decorator installations. A decorator was surely in this place but he has been out of the building long enough to let a real life in. Todd Selby over at The Selby is getting a lot of attention because he is photographing interesting spaces that belong to creative types who would never get into Elle Decor, et al. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Mama, I'm embarrassed for you! Get thee to the nearest movie store and rent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of Val's best movies in years. And it stars the always yummy Robert Downey Jr. as well!

sandman said...

i thought robert evans house burned down years ago?