Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Lefty liberal lesbian news host Rachel Maddow bought a West Village apartment with a screwy layout from bisexual REM front man Michael Stipe.

British singer/presenter Cheryl Cole and one of Dancing With the Stars' resident twinkle toes Derek Hough are out house hunting in Los Angeles. Does anyone really care?

A penthouse as London's impossibly swank and freakishly expensive One Hyde Park complex developed by the boys at Candy and Candy sold for a mind bending £140,000,000 a figures that Your Mama's currency conversion contraption indicates converts to an unbelievable $218,589,000. The unknown buyer is rumored to be an oil rich somebody or another from the Middle East or possibly Nigeria. Your Mama discussed the high security complex a couple of times here and here in early 2008.

Disco queen Donna Summer has bought a $3,800,000 condo at the famous folk friendly Carlyle Residences, a newly built crescent shaped tower along Los Angele's Wilshire Corridor in Westwood. Miz Summer joins the celebrity ranks of fellow residents like Bruce Willis, Larry King, Paul Anka, and Dodger Matt Kemp.

Miz Summers seems to be a bit of a property maven and owns a number of other residences around the U-nited States of America including a bay front mansion on Shelter Island (NY), a gigantic spread just outside of Nashville, TN in the itty-bitty town of Brentwood, a condo in Naples, FL, and a big water front house on a spit of sound about 10 or 15 miles south of Sarasota, FL.

Although the property has been on and off the market since at least November of 2009, The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that a 3.07 acre spread in horsey Hidden Hills, CA connected to Priscilla Presley is on the market for "just under $7 million." The elder Miz Presley is listed as the trustee for the property. According to about 49,000 of Your Mama's informants the property is actually owned by Miz Presley's publicity shunning daughter Lisa Marie who decamped to London in the fall of 2009. An adjacent 2.48 acre property with a 4 bedroom and 3 pooper house also connected to Priscilla Presley is also on the market with an asking price of $1,995,000.

Several years ago amid much brouhaha and ballyoo, industrialist billionaire Ira Rennert built a 29 bedroom and 39 pooper complex on 63 ocean front acres in Sagaponack, NY–that's the Hamptons butter beans. Now Mister and Missus Rennert want to build a 40th bathroom–an outdoor bathroom down by the beach apparently–and the town of Southampton is balking at their request. Listen puppies, Your Mama is bowled over by the wold excess of the Rennert's lifestyle–they have their own private synagogue–but almost seems silly to let them build a 100,000 square foot house with a rumored 39 bathrooms and then get all persnickety and bitchy about one more damn terlit.

Tampa Bay, FL based self-made millionairess Cheryl Mercuris–who reportedly made her mountain of money in the rather vague sounding "direct marketing" bizness shocked even the richest of the rich in the Hamptons when she agreed to cough up a shocking $500,000 for a two-week summer rental in Bridgehampton. The mansion Miz Mercuris rented, the stoopidly named Sandcastle, is a newly built beast on 12 acres about as far from the ocean as one can get in the Hamptons that has 14 bedrooms, 19 poopers, a bowling alley, golf simulator, squash court, spa facilities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a rock climbing wall, and a tennis court. The spec-built estate has long been for sale and currently has a rather optimistic asking price of $49,500,000. Miz Mercuris, her 6 year old son, a nephew and her parents are so pleased with their two week stay in the Hamptons they have reportedly singed on the dotted line for another 3 weeks. Unless the landlord gave her a break, that means Miz Mercuris has coughed up another $750,000 for a total cost of $1,250,000 for her summer vacation.


Anonymous said...

218 MILLION dollars???? Wow. I guess a few hundred million is nothing to a billionaire. Methinks I will be planning a trip way out east to try to land a sugar daddy :)

StPaulSnowman said...

These weekend wrapups are quite tasty!

lil' gay boy said...

1). Go gurl! A uniquely intriguing baton to pass.

2). Gayface? Oy.

3). Close to a quarter of a billion for a coffin-shaped floor plan? Um, no.

4). Donna Who?


Her modest cottage on Shelter Island is just two doors away from a lovely Norman Jaffe contemporary.

5). Ms Presley's Long Valley Road manse still seems a little pricey even with the latest karate chop.

6).I cannot believe that adding a seaside pooper to the stunningly ugly Fairfield will make any difference; as what is one of the largest occupied residential compounds in America at the moment (Biltmore does still maintain Vanderbilt descendants, but they do not occupy the entire house), I cannot see just a few more sq. ft. to the reportedly 110,000 square feet will make any difference, oceanfront or not; it's all vulgar.

7). Although never too far away from the water in the Hamptons, close to $50MM for the Sandcastle is rather dear for what is a somewhat ordinary, albeit large, home in the midst of a former potato field.

Princess Koo-Koo said...

Thank you, Mama. You out did yourself. Now I have to figure out if there are enough nerve pills in the world to fix me up after all these dollar figures, poopers, has beens and never wases and a private synagogue.......i may never be right again......

Anonymous said...

Maddow is only a lefty liberal in comparison to the extreme right wing crazies who are all over TV in the USA. Objectively she is simply middle of the road sensible.

Anonymous said...

This post was deliciously satisfying.

I'm having a very difficult time believing someone paid more than $225MM for what is essentially a large apartment...

I in a building with other people who paid $5MM...*shrugs*

Anonymous said...

the perez hilton item that you are referencing is really despicable. there is absolutely no evidence that derek is gay, EXCEPT for the fact that he is an amazing dancer and choreographer. creepy (and it would appear increasingly more desperate) perez believes he must be gay. . . given that he's such an amazing dancer and choreographer. Who is the one promulgating stereotypes of gay people here? well, i would say it is actually perez hilton, surprise, surprise. it appears that derek has managed to bed a very large percentage of his dancing ladies precisely because he is an amazing dancer AND he happens to be a hetero! as a not all that common combination, he manages to get every woman that he wants. he also was raised mormon, for what that's worth to the context.

Anonymous said...

8:07 need to stay off these blog comments, boo boo...