Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Former cab driver turned multi-billionaire Tamir Sapir got struck with the real estate luck stick and sold his famous Beaux Arts style Duke-Semans mansion on New York City's Fifth Avenue for a stroke inducing $44,000,000 to Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim who, among other fingers in pies, owns a substantial portion of the New York Times.

Lady Gaga is still going goo-goo for high priced real estate. Although she's been mostly seen looking around at rental cribs in the $20-25,000 per month range she was recently spotted checking out a 4 bedroom and 4.5 pooper penthouse apartment at the SohoMews that's listed at $9,975,000.

Sex and the City's Sara Jessica Parker continues her hunt for a hideously expensive house in Manhattan. A few weeks ago she toured the penthouse at the Bouwerie Lane building on The Bowery and more recently she's toured clothing designer David Chu's triplex penthouse on Park Avenue listed at $29,800,000 (reduced from $32,800,000) as well as a couple of townhouses on the Upper East Side including the 6 bedroom and 6.5 pooper former Woolworth mansion listed at $20,000,000.

In 2007 Bianca Jagger was booted from her 18th floor rent-controlled Park Avenue apartment and now the courts have ordered that she fork over $708,600 in back rent, interest, and attorneys fees.

The one time high-livin' hip hop mogul Damon Dash recently lost two condos in New York City to foreclosue. One of Jay-Z's former partner's condos–a 5,200 square foot doo-plex at the Atalanta building in TriBeCa–was sold at auction for $5,500,000 and the other–a smaller 2,888 square foot triplex at The Sugar Warehouse building also in TriBeCa–failed to meet the lender's upset price.

Even though they both seem to be unemployed and they already have a huge house in the Beverly Hills Post Office, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are reportedly building a new house in Hollywood.

It's baaaaaccckkk. After trying unsuccessfully attempting to sell it in 2008 in order to keep it from slipping into the jaws of foreclosure, Ed McMahon's mansion in the guard gated Summit community is back on the market with an asking price of $4,600,000. Mister McMahon has since gone on to meet the great announcer in the sky and the property and at it appears that the property remains in a trust controlled by Mister McMahon's estate although we imagine there are still creditors who still want their money.


Sassafras Winston said...

SJP has gone insane. And what might the monthlies be on those pads? It amazes me that while we all watch even the biggest paid celebs going into foreclosure right and left that anybody in their right mind would live so high.
How many more SITC's might there be, darlings?

Sylvia Fowler said...

Tamir made 4 million minus fees. Not too shabby.

Anonymous said...

I used to live on 80th St. and the home at 2 E 80th belonged to fashion designer Norma Kamali and her 5 or 6 Dachshunds. One of the nicest on the upper east side. I believe I read she sold it/or is she selling it(?) to move downtow.

Anonymous said...

Re #6. It amazes me how much these people seem to make even when they haven't done a movie or anything else for years, or does money just appear from nowhere when they decide to buy a palace or two, sorta by magic?

Anonymous said...

Regarding #3, Does Norma Kamali still own the place? I Love Her.

Madam Pince said...

I thought SJP was so in love with her Village townhouse that she refused to think about moving elsewhere? Ferris Bueller is obviously behind this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the many tidbits for weekend wrap-up. Thanks, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Mama, Damon Dash was Jay Z's former partner (in music, clothing, etc).