Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kate Moss Has a Basement Full of Crap

Catwalker Kate Moss is having a bad month.

Last week a gang of thieves broke into her house in London's well heeled St. John's Wood area and absconded with a trio of art pieces including a portrait by the somewhat mysterious graffiti artist Banksy reported to be worth over $115,000. Miss Moss, her daughter, her mother, and her musician man-friend Jamie Hince were all in the house sleeping when the burglary occurred but no one, as far and Your Mama knows, was bothered or busted up by the burglars. Fortunately for her, a 24 year old believed to be connected to the break in has been arrested.

The next bedevilment to befall the manikin was a malfunctioning basement pump that flooded the lower level of her home with raw sewage, untreated liquid waste that can contain so many unsavory things we can't bear to mention them. Lo-ward have mercy children, just the thought of that much terlit waste sloshing around the house is enough to make Your Mama gag and grab a nerve pill.

In addition to some household appliances and pricey rugs, the severely unsanitary and often hazardous material reportedly wrecked and ruined some furniture, a few photographs by legendary lens man Mario Testino, and Miss Moss's shoe collection, which you know was extensive, valuable, and fa-bew-lus.

Just to add insult to Miss Moss's month of vexation and exasperation, no one was willing to cough up the minimum bid for a group of nekkid portraits of the celery stalk thin model by photographer Albert Watson that recently came up for auction at Christie's. The enlarged contact sheet was expected to sell for between $29,000 and $43,000. But alas....


Jenna said...

I hope she has a good home insurance!

Anonymous said...

Should I know who Moss is? I think I have heard the name, but beyond that she is a fuzzy blur. Female I presume, and a model of some sort. Vague recollection of her doing drugs? But then that's de rigueur for models, is it not? Not really at the top of anything these days I would guess.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a string of back luck, and it came in the proverbial group of three too. I saw a photo of Kate with a swept off her forehead hairstyle at some celeb function last weekend, and was struck by how much she resembles Faye Dunaway now that she's maturing.

chris said...

Hmmm...quite a bit of info about her at Wikipedia. Not born very bright it seems, has made millions from her looks, probably does (or did) drugs, career seems on the decline. Could all that sewage and liquid waste be symbolic, sorta, of her past life, coming up to mock her?

Anonymous said...

Don't hate, people.

Kate Moss, for those 12 people who don't know, is (or was) one of the most highly paid and well known supermodels ever. For better or worse (and there's plenty of bad to say about the waif look), she redefined modeling.

Most models who are in their 30s have declining careers so it's not like she's some sort of failure. She's rich. She doesn't need to take another picture her entire life and she'll still be rich.

She's a bit of a hot mess with her personal life and she may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but bitch knows how to make money.

If I could make the massive amount of money she made from my (not pretty) face, you know I'd be a vapid model too. And I suspect most of you would too.

We all have our talents and what God gave us, she's just making the best (or at least the most lucrative) use of hers.

Some of you people just seem to like to hate on famous people. Which is strange since you're reading a blog about famous people.

Anonymous said...

"Some of you people just seem to like to hate on famous people. Which is strange since you're reading a blog about famous people."

My dear, one of the reasons we read it is precisely so we can hate them. Mama chooses them and then we throw daggers at them.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why she bought this place. It is surrounded by council highrise blocks (Project Housing)and this sewage problem was going on before she bought it. I mean would you pay 3.5 million pounds when you have to have an electric bilge pump keeping your basement dry.

Anonymous said...

Talk about hate. No comment here can match the one on Celebuzz:

Do you think Kate even cares about the loss of her expensive rugs, photos, and shoes? Of course not. As long as her coke stash stayed dry, that's probably all she really cared about. Besides, dumping a bunch of rotting/stinking sewage into the house of a supermodel like Kate Moss is probably a dream come true for her -- now she won't have to rely on just her finger to help induce vomiting

Pablo Diablo said...

paw paw Kate
having yer prized possession covered in poop
that house is in Kilburn NW6 though..thats like "kill" and "burn".. not rilly St Johns wood NW8 - unless you are an estate agent - and more to the point it is SURROUNDED by stinky council estates which are full of poop - she could afford better especially if she doesnt want to get broken in to

Anonymous said...

" I mean would you pay 3.5 million pounds"

It was £7.5M ... get your facts straight.

"that house is in Kilburn NW6 though"

This part of NW6 is still considered St Johns Wood. It's on the boundary of NW6/NW8 - a 1 min walk from her house & you're in NW8.

As for all the hating, you all need to get a life! The model stereotypes posted here are so ridiculous, but I guess it's the only way you can attack someone who is way more beautiful & successful than you'll ever be & has amassed a cool $80M personal fortune. As for her intelligence, she literally has done no interviews in a 20+ year career. She's the most private, mysterious celebrity on the planet so how you come to that conclusion is beyond me when you probably have never actually heard her speak.

sunil said...

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shellbelle said...

"Some of you people just seem to like to hate on famous people. Which is strange since you're reading a blog about famous people."...