Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jamie Lynn Spears Lists in Liberty

SELLER: Jamie Lynn Spears
PRICE: $250,000
SIZE: 2,528 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Yes, children, it really has come to this. Buckle your safety belts and strap on your wind goggles while Your Mama dons our cloak of celebrity real estate shame because we really are going to discuss the home of a formerly quasi famous younger sister of a pop super star.

From 2005 to 2008, Jamie Lynn Spears–that would be Britney's baby sister y'all–had a budding career starring on a boob-toob program for teens and tweens called Zoey 101. In late 2007, at the newly bloomed age of 16, the wee lassie turned up preggers. Shortly after the world learned there was a bun in Miss Spears's teenage oven, she severed ties with Nickolodeon. Or they severed them with her. Or it was mutual. Or it was whatever, who cares?

It wasn't long before she and her boy-beau cum baby daddy Casey Aldridge did the inevitable, they got engaged and went hunting for a house where they could bring up baby. In the early summer of 2008 they settled on a rural 5+ acre spread in Liberty, MS, not far from Baby Daddy's parent's and just up the road a piece from Grandma Spears' estate in Kentwood, LA.

But alas, as so often happens with teenage parents, in March of 2009 gossip glossy and tabloid readers around the world learned that Teen Mom and Baby Daddy went splitsville but remained shacked up together for the sake of their toddler tot. Not surprisingly, in February of 2010 it was reported that Miss Spears and her baby moved out of the former couple's crib in Liberty and back to Grandma Spear's place in Kentwood. It was also reported that the barely legal single mommy is now dating a 28 year old bidnessman named James Watson, which is just ugly and dee-pressing on so many levels. But that's another cradle robbing beef for another day.

Now, thanks to a covert communique from Loozeeanna Lenny Your Mama has learned Miss Spears has put her former home and love nest in Liberty on the market with an asking price of $250,000.

A long, bucolic driveway passes through a thick stand of trees and leads from the over-grown front gates to the house where a wide front porch spans the width of the house and looks out over the featureless and landscaping free front yard. Listing information for Miss Spears' gated spread indicates the 2,528 square foot Acadian style house has 3 bedrooms–4 if you count the room tucked up in the eaves of the attic–and 2.5 poopers.

The red front door opens directly into the main living space, a wood beamed, open plan sort of thing the stretches from the front to the back of the house. The living area has hardwood floors, 8-paned windows that dip all the way to the floor and a fireplace. The kitchen/dining area has beige tile floors, large windows that look out towards the barns in the back yard, custom cabinetry, granite counter tops and what appears to be the same color red walls as in the master pooper.

About as much care and attention as went into the landscaping in front yard went into doing up the backyard where there is a shop/office with a half pooper attached to the house by a breeze way as well as a corral or two and a couple of additional outbuildings including a 40' x 40' horse barn and a 20' x 30' workshop.

What the future holds for these two teenagers who could not keep it in their pants or wear a damn condom is anyone's guess but as our hard and loose living bestie Fiona Trambeau from Frisco frequently says, "It can only end in tears, it can only end in tears."

photos: Zillow


StPaulSnowman said...

Mama, as much as I savor your machete attacks on expensive trashy celebrity mansions, I have to say that this property is beneath your attention. Please turn your laser on something that merits your brambly gaze....................maybe something Nic Cage's second cousin is trying to unload.

Grrrowler said...

The only thing missing from the house is the coon dog on a chain in the front yard, and of course banjo music. I can get half as much house for twice the price in Seattle, but now I see why.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, what a shame. Miss Spears as well as this place. No doubt, she'll br trying to claw her way back up the ladder in Hollwood soon!

Anonymous said... thinks the gates are fancier than the house...

Anonymous said...

What, she wasn't getting paid all those years for Zoey 101??? Or perhaps her parents knew that the "let's pretend we're all growd up" stage wouldn't last and made sure that the shack-up house was modest.

medyum said... thinks the gates are fancier than the house...

Mr T said...

I actually applaud Ms Spears for NOT buying a $4M house that she cant afford. Good for her!! Other young stars should pay attention.

TheVinylvillager said...

I always thought her babydaddy was a humpy little piece of jailbait. Thats neither here nor there I suppose.

Its a surprisingly unoffensive piece of everyman real estate. It could do with the eye of a nice lesbian landscape architect, but the house itself is better than I expected of lil Mizz Spears.

Granny Schwimmer said...

a lot for the money! how far from a starbucks?

Unknown said...

Clearly, this is what she could afford without going to the bank of Britney. Jamie seems to have some pride about not spending her sister's money unlike her 2 parent's who spend it like they were the ones releasing albums every year or going on tour.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that alot of people are talking about how inexpensive and low class her house looks. Lets see, did YOU own your own house you made with your own money at 17 years old? NO. I didnt think so. So dont go trash talking other peoples homes when you are not even on her level.

medyum said...

Wooowww.. Great house I want it!