Tuesday, April 20, 2010

David Boreanaz Does the Suburban Daddy Thing

BUYER: David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman
LOCATION: Hidden Hills, CA
PRICE: $3,350,000
SIZE: 6,269 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 4 full and 2 half bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Just before the Christmas holidays last year Your Mama discussed Los Angeles house owned and listed by actor David Boreanaz and his former ack-tress wife Jaime Bergman. At that time, their Sunset Strip area ranch house was listed with an asking price of $3,249,000. Since that time, the comely couple chopped the asking price by $100,000 and, in an impressive show of financial fortitude and real estate optimism, laid out $3,350,000 for a new house in the guard gated Hidden Hills community in the northwestern suburbs of Los Angeles. The Chicken Littles and property market Pollyannas may need to duke it out over the fact that the purchase price was slightly more than the $3,299,000 asking price.

Mister Boreanaz is the hunky and baby's butt smooth lead player and producer on a tee-vee program called Bones. His previous showbiz successes include a few years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer that, lucky for him, turned into a spin-off show called Angel. In the late 1990s Mister Boreanaz's blondie baby momma Jaime Bergman worked as a St. Pauli Girl and later bared her boobies and baby maker in the slick pages of Playboy as well as appeared in at least a couple of Playboy videos. Miss Bergman later moved into more mainstream film fare with roles like "Girl #2" in Shasta McNasty and "Buxum Blond" in Soulkeeper before she had a good couple of years playing the suggestively named B.J. Cummings on a program called Son of the Beach, a short-lived parody of Baywatch.

In the fall of 2009 Mister Boreanaz was hounded and pounded and by the press for allegedly doing the dirty with nightclub VIP hostess and alleged ho-wrangler Rachel Uchitel, the gal who was allegedly one of the 14 hussies Tiger was getting bizzy with. She denies being one of Tiger's many extra-marital lovers and Mister Boreanaz repudiates any rumor he got with Miss Uchitel. But that's really another topic for another time. None the less, at about the same time Mister Boreanaz was having to run interference with the tabloids and explain the salacious reports to his wife, Missus Boreanaz pushed out the couple's second baby that arrived in September of 2009. Surely the children know that nothing says "new house" for rich and famous types than the explosive combination of new babies and/or allegations of infidelity.

So a house huntin' the new parents went, settling on a big house in the horsey, family friendly and star studded community of Hidden Hills. According to the folks at Celebrity Address Aerial–who actually slipped Your Mama this information last December 23rd–and confirmed with property records, Mister Boreanaz and Miz Bergman bought a 1.9-acre hilltop estate with a sprawling, single story house. Information that Your Mama managed to wrench out of the interweb indicates the contemporary ranch house–listing information rather generously called it a "French Country home"–measures 6,259 square feet and includes 4 full and 2 powder poopers.

The living room has a fireplace with carved stone surround and large slab limestone floors. The home also includes, according to listing information, a formal dining room with hardwood floors and an eat-in kitchen with all the expected high-grade stainless steel appliances including a Thermador range and Miele dishwasher. The family room has a second fireplace–there are two more in the master suite–vaulted and beamed ceilings, and French doors that open to the swimming pool and and city lights view beyond. That would be the city lights of Calabasas, natch, and not the city lights of Tinseltown.

The grounds include a elementary school playground-sized blacktop motor court–not exactly the most charming material for a positive first real estate impression–a free form swimming pool, wide covered and not covered terraces that surround the house, a flat pad perfect for a $10,000 celebrity style jungle gym for the kiddies, large swathes of green grass, a small orchard, and a fully detached guest house that looks to Your Mama like it may have once been stables for the horses.

Other big name residents and property owners of Hidden Hills estates include Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne, Lisa Marie Presley who's trying to sell her spread–Melissa Etheridge and her soon to be ex-wife Tammy Lynn, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony who recently splashed out on an 17,000 square foot sprawler, LeAnn Rimes who is currently leasing a house in Hidden Hills, Shaun Cassidy, Beverly Mitchell, Nicolette Sheridan who recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer Marc Cherry and, of course, the Jenner/Kardashian clan's homestead is located in Hidden Hills.


Candi Speling said...

Mama, have you seen him shirtless? Two words: YUM MEE. Laughing out loud at the BJ reference. Hugs and kisses as always, Candi with an "i".

Anonymous said...

This house is beautiful. Hopefully they can sell their old one soon.

I'm sure they will update this one as they did their last.

Anonymous said...

beautiful estate, crappy commentary...

this new estate looks alot like the old one (I guess they really loved it) but has a lot more space, which is what an expanded family needs.
who knows, maybe they plan to have more babies so more rooms and playgrounds are required. not to mention the added discretion that the new surroundings bring.

I'm sure they'll make a warm house out of this new non-hollywoodian one. wish them all the best.

Carla Ridge said...

I'd rather live in Silver Lake than Hidden Hills. And lord knows I got no affection for Silverlake.

Anonymous said...

This must be the dumbest comment I read in a long time.....and to make it all even worse your grammar really sucks too.
The house looks nice and really a lot like the old one.
Hopefully they'll be able to escape dumb bloggers like you in their new neighborhood.

Viva! said...

I think this is a truly lovely house and perfect for a family. Lots of green space, mature trees, fabulous pool, covered patios. Just gorgeous.

Guard gated is always the way to go in LA.

Tristan Robin said...

just coming out of lurking to say that I don't know which I enjoy more - your commentary, or the comments from humorless people who take life much too seriously. But together, it's always one of the funniest five minutes of my day!

StPaulSnowman said...

You have to love the feeble attempt to yank Mama's chain.

Anonymous said...

So, I just googled Jaime Bergman because I had no idea who she was, and what do you know, the first photo that came up was a big ol' nekkid booby shot. That will be good when her kids (or their friends) get old enough to google her.

Ashley said...

I wish I was a nightclub hostess!!!!