Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mel and Robyn Gibson List Family Compound

SELLER: Mel Gibson
PRICE: $14,500,000
SIZE: 5,403 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to Malibu Mary Your Mama has learned that two-time Oscar winning actor Mel Gibson recently listed Lavender Hill Farm, his long-time family compound in Malee-boo's guard-gated Serra Retreat community with an asking price of $14,500,000.

Back in the 1980s and 90s, mouthy Mister Gibson earned mammoth mountains of money for making movies like Braveheart, Ransom, Payback and, of course, the Lethal Weapon franchise. In 1985 he was named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive and he landed on the publication's high-sterically schmaltzy 50 Most Beautiful People in the World list in 1990, 1991 and 1996. During those salad years, when just the mere mention of his name would cause a certain sort of woman to quiver and pant with sexual desire, his long time wife Robyn was popping out babies at an almost alarming rate. By 1999 their brood numbered seven with six boys and one gurl.

Mister Gibson's career as a brooding and quintessentially masculine film stud roared into the 2000s. He was paid a staggering $25,000,000 to star in The Patriot (2000) and ranked in the top 20 of Premiere magazine's Power 100 list in both 2002 and 2003. In 2004 Mister Gibson wrote, produced and directed The Passion of the Christ–a religiously themed and highly controversial film that did over $600,000,000 in box office worldwide and pushed the already wickedly rich Mister Gibson's net worth to nearly a billion bucks. Then came Apocalypto in 2006, which he also wrote, produced and directed and which took in another $120,000,000+ in world wide box office receipts. Although he was making epic and epically quirky films in which the actors spoke languages only about 57 people in the world can actually understand, he was officially a Tinseltown tycoon, a Hollywood hotshot, box office catnip that could write his own ticket.

Then came the almost inevitable fall from grace. In 2006, his marriage unraveling, Mister Gibson was arrested in Malee-boo for speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and having an open container of booze in his vehicle. He admitted to making anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest. He apologized, natch, for his "despicable" behavior but unlike times in the past when he'd said offensive things about gays and Jews, the public has not been quite so willing to let this one go.

In a recent television interview to promote his new film Edge of Darkness, Mister Gibson visibly bristled when questioned about whether his struggles with booze and accusations of anti-Semitism had affected his career. Gibson deflected. The interviewer continued to prod. Gibson became more agitated saying he'd moved on from these events that happened four years ago. At the end of the interview, a clearly agitated Mister Gibson is heard calling the interviewer an "asshole." His P.R. person claims Mister Gibson was not calling the interviewer an asshole but rather calling him–his pr person–an asshole because he'd irritated Mister Gibson by "pulling faces" during the interview. Oh. Uhm. Okay. Whatever you say Mister P.R. man.

Anyhoo and none the less, Mister Gibson has moved on. His wife filed for dee-vorce in 2009 and he has turned over a somewhat surprising new romantic leaf with a new ladee-friend–and baby momma–former panty model and musician of some sort Oksana Grigorieva. We're not sure how Mister Gibson squares his impending dee-vorce and having a baby outside of wedlock with his quite conservative religious beliefs but however he does it would probably cause Your Mama and any number of other people to roll their eyes and purse their lips.

Property records show the Mister and soon to be ex-Missus Gibson purchased their compound in the Serra Retreat in January of 1993 for an undisclosed amount of money. Listing information show the recently renovated Spanish hacienda style house, nestled up against the foothills, sits on 2.57 flat acres and measures 5,403 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 6 poopers including a privately situated second floor master suite with a separate sitting room warmed by a kiva style fireplace, two walk-in closets, and a private pooper with a yellow, black and white tiled floor, a couple of built in corner cabinets for lotions, potions and other terlitries, and twin pedestal sinks above which is a mirror that's far to small for the space. The five other family bedrooms are not enough for each of the Gibson children to have their own room so presumably they doubled up some of the six boys.

Listing information indicates that in addition to the formal living and dining rooms that have tiled floors and heavy, rough hewn beamed ceilings, the main house includes a large kitchen that is open to the breakfast room and family room, a small library lined with built in book shelves that don't seem to have very many books on them, a media/music room, office, exercise room and sun room. There are three fireplaces–in the living room, library and master bedroom–for taking the edge of the nippy coastal air.

According to listing information, the property also includes staff quarters, 3 guest houses, 2 offices, a detached gym, and a rustic, open air garden cabana/entertainment pavilion with horizontally installed paneled walls, high ceiling, fireplace and built in barbecue center. We recall reading somewhere–but do not remember where–that Mister Gibson has a private chapel on the property where he took mass daily, which means that Mister Gibson must have had a priest on retainer. How else does one get a man of the cloth to make daily house calls?

The park-like, celebrity style grounds include vast expanses of green lawn, mature shade trees, fruit orchards, organic gardens, a large swimming pool and spa with and adjacent pavilion, shaded terraces, a lighted north/south tennis court, and a very Alice in Wonderland-ish, over-sized chess board in the lawn. Naturally, the entire property is wrapped in state of the art security. So any of you people who manage to slither by the guards at the gates to the Serra Retreat should expect to be video taped and watched by snipers as you roll by this house. Okay, we don't know if there are snipers, but who'd be surprised if there were in fact armed guards patrolling the property?

The Serra Retreat is where, the children may recall, pop star Britney Spears and her ex-huzband Kevin Federline lived next door to Olivia Newton John. Spears, Federline and Newton John have all moved out of the neighborhood but current big name property owners in the exclusive enclave include Kelsey Grammar and his busty blond wife Camille, and super producer James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) who owns two adjacent houses on the same cul-de-sac where Spears, Federline and Newton John all lived.

From what Your Mama hears through the Malee-boo real estate gossip grapevine, the Serra Retreat estate is occupied by soon to be ex-Missus Gibson and Mister Gibson roams around to the many other properties he owns in Malibu including a couple of adjacent ocean front houses on star-studded Broad Beach Road and the Carbon Mesa Road residence he–or possibly soon to be ex-Missus Gibson–snatched up to the tune of $11,500,000 in June of 2008 from Californication's David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leoni who have since hightailed it back to New York City.

As for Mister Gibson's baby momma, Your Mama hears from two sources in the position to know that she and the baby are squired away in a 4 bedroom and 3 pooper Frank Lloyd Wright inspired residenc on a quiet cul-de-sac in the hills of Sherman Oaks, CA. Of course, we don't know a wool blanket from glue gun but Your Mama can certainly imagine that soon to be ex-Missus Gibson told Mister Gibson to keep his baby momma outta The Bu. Whatever happened or didn't happen, baby momma is bringing up baby in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

Mister Gibson owns a slew of other properties including Old Mill Farm, a 75+ acre estate in hoity toity Greenwich, CT, that includes a massive mansion iwith 15 bedrooms and 11 full and 6 half poopers. That's 17 damn terlits, a huge number of bowls that would cause our house gurl Svetlana to fly into uncontrollable conniption fits and demand that Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter hire her a team of assistants. Mister Gibson has been trying to sell his Connecticut estate for years, first listing it at $39,500,000 and eventually slicing and dicing the asking price to its current $29,750,000.

It was widely reported back in 2005 that Mister Gibson forked over around $15,000,000–or $9,000,000 depending on where you look–to purchase and private island in Fiji. We have no way of confirming whether this purchase did in fact occur.

The somewhat ironically devoutly religious Mister Gibson also owns a bunch of land on the Mulholland Highway in Agoura Hills, CA where he's dumped millions building a church complex where he and a few dozen other folks follow a particular brand of Catholicism that is unaffiliated with the Roman Catholic archdiocese and adheres to a strict, pre-Second Vatican Council regimen that includes the priest giving mass in Latin with his back to the parishioners.

photo: Pacific Coast News


Anonymous said...

It seems all rather small for such a big star and such a big family. Does this development connect to the beach, or do you have to cross the highway?

Sugar Tits said...

today's work verification was 'pokes'. No joke.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that live-in priest should be fired for failing to keep his communicant on the straight and narrow. If he can't do that, what good is he?

Anonymous said...

He won't be leaving Malibu anytime soon.

He has to much invested in the area.

His 37 million dollar Agoura Hills church and his Night of the Living Dead followers.

The large donations to Malibu police to keep them at bay.

And, the many multimillion dollar homes, soon to be million dollar homes in this economy.

StPaulSnowman said...

Mama........I don't understand. "for an undisclosed amount." aren't all the residential real estate transactions a matter of public record in California? It can take forever here but a good sleuth can always ferret out a sales price.

Carla Ridge said...

Readers de une certain age may remember the more notable palazzo on the hillock to the south: the original Serra Retreat. The long view of which served to depict the fictional Convent St. Tanco, home to Sister Bertrille and co-horts on the 60's TV sex romp, "The Flying Nun".

Carla Ridge said...

PS: I wonder if Svetlana and Oksana might know each other from old country?

StPaulSnowman said...

I think that this is the only truly "wooded lot" that I have ever seen in a Real Estalker California post. This would be self-maintining in many places........but it has to suck up a lot of water. It doesn't look like native plant landscaping but is more impressive than the house itself.

Anonymous said...

Mel went from respected actor/director, gorgeously handsome, devoted family man to bigoted, alcohol-ravaged, married with girlfriend and out of wedlock child, persona non grata in less than five years. If he was smart he would move to that Fiji Island and disappear. As for his Greenwich property, it is way overpriced. Add deluded to his list of shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

That's not a bad price for Malibu.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanna know who it was that stalked the ol Melabu at the Moonshadows so as to tip off the sheriff?????

Anonymous said...

I love Momma, but I'm on same wavelength with StPaulSnowman: what the heck does "undisclosed amount" mean? Better to say: "I don't know what Mr. Gibson paid for his house, however..."

We've come to expect lot of Momma, but we always read with compassion and profound appreciation; no need for euphemisms OR apologies.

James said...

Wow, what a property. That is a hefty price tag, but it is a beautiful area.

Look2See1 said...

Hi StPaulSnowman, re: the woodland & a bit 'o' botany.
All the trees on-site/in neighborhood are drought tolerant (survive no irrigation.) Also he's next to Malibu Creek so a higher water table - aka: The Easy Bar for roots needing a drink. On 'The L. Farm' a few native Oaks & Sycamores,Indian Laurel Figs (live on spit in Downtown L.A. & Mexico D.F.) The surrounding ranchettes got lots of Australian Eucalyptus (aka: Tiki-Torches in brushfires.) His auto entry and rear area are cloaked in Brazilian 'California Peppers' (sounds like a Lady Gaga outfit.) Mel's water slut is that front lawn. The only indigenous woodland is yonder 'cross' the Lane up Serra Retreat Hill's northern exposure, a Coast Live Oaks coven. We got real big woods here, they just be elsewhere.

NewYorkQueer said...

I understood the wifey number one was always down-under awaiting the next breeding visit from old Mel while he cavorted with anything back in Hollywoodland. What the world needs now are more religious leaders like Miss Mel and her Holiness the Pope to guide us on that straight and narrow path... Oh wait, I'm queer...nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Could be an interesting dialogue if Mel Gibson and Mike Ovitz ever got together for cocktails.

commentator said...

My feelings about Mel and his views on "religious morality" aside, this is an impressively understated home for somebody who not only has seven children, but is worth nearly a billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

i was a former neighbor of the family. It's very sad to watch a family destroyed by a Russian woman who has no decent vein at all. She used up a bad situation to gain fame and money for herself.
Knowing that he is an alcoholic and LOVES women she used it ALL up to promote some kinda cat-singing voice and shoved it up on TV and magazine.
This people had a FAMILY and kids and aren't even divorced yet....If the Russian had any kind of humility she would have WAITED. No respect for FAMILY AND KIDS at all. She and Mel HAVE to answer to GOD soon.

Anonymous said...

MEL GIBSON IS A COWARD. He fucked up so many people. Including his INNER CIRCLE. People who stood by his side and held his hands. He promised to buy them a better situation and didn't deliver. So he changed and REPLACED them ALL with ASS kissers such as the wanna be singer who has used MEN all the time to get A'HEAD. Or is it to GIVE A HEAD....
Mel go back to the people who ACTUALLY care about YOU.

Prince of Bel-Air said...

Here is the listing with pics:

Anonymous said...

Mama, Did you see the Maxfield Parrish on the bathroom wall? Yummy. Love the landscaping and furnishings; all very tasteful and comfy. Wasted on the pig Mel: I haven't respected him since "Patriot" -- that load of Bushian nationalism.

COCOCOZY said...

Poor Mel. :-)


Anonymous said...

Poor Mel?..............hardly. Great looks, pots of money and the power to do whatever he may detest him but........poor?.....nothinkeeso.

The Shitty Astrologer said...

I wonder who's gonna be the taker? Is Mel also selling his crazy church property?

Anonymous said...

"We're not sure how Mister Gibson squares his impending dee-vorce and having a baby outside of wedlock with his quite conservative religious beliefs..."

I'm not sure either, but I have to ask, what do you people care? We just talking straight up schadenfreude, here?

So complete slimeballs (and there are many with properties featured on this here webbylog) that don't espouse any particular religious belief get a pass?

Anonymous said...

Why do they call a Spanish style house, Lavender Hill Farm? According to the listing it doesn't have air conditioning.

What a neighborhood. Mel, his dozen kids, Britney, Kevin, James Cameron and his assorted wives

Anonymous said...

Here's the property website.

Anonymous said...

I care when someone uses religion as a battering ram and then, as it turns out, they lead hypocritical lives that are in total opposition to their professed beliefs.

If religious people–and not all religious people do it of course–but if religious people didn't so often through stones at "sinners" then maybe people wouldn't take such glee in seeing their glass houses come crashing down.

because it really is delicious to see a person who uses Jesus and God to condemn others stumble and fall. It just is.

so yes, schadenfreude.

Danny Handschuher said...

Please stop! Mel is a wonderful person and since this post he can't sleep and is up to two packs a day. Why can't you just leave us rich and famous people alone.......jealous haters, that's all you cake!

Hot Sauce said...

Mama's been missing since thursday, y'all. I am putting out an APB. Maybe she's passed at at one of them Oscar awards parties!

neil in toronto said...

no offense, but why blame the russian broad for the divorce?? It's Mel that made a sacred promise to his lord, not this Oksana chick. He's a drunken sot who is getting everything he deserves and then some!

It is truly delicious.

Also, its karmic retribution for destroying a copy of Lautner's Garcia residence in one of those gawd awful Lethal Weapon movies. Sins against architecture are the greatest of all!

Anonymous said...

yes he will get what he has coming to him. The NEW woman was sent by SATAN.
She has made a "career " of getting what SHE wants.
And Robyn was right to check out the bitch and her past.
Hope Robyn got all the REAL dirt on her. Mel is crazy and a drunk. He'll never figure it out.
And we thought he was smart. I guess not so much.
The NEW woman has out smarted them all but not ALL the family cares for that fugly face.

Anonymous said...

yeap. He is sleeping with the ENEMY.
She popped out that baby so fast he couldn't even fucking enjoy himself.
She is exactly what he deserves.
Wouldn't surprise me if his crazy sister Moira who
has fucked up HIS life and Robyn's is behind the whole thing with her satanic friends who used to come in to this other church that I am with.
They are a crazy bunch.

Anonymous said...

Are ya'll Mel's children fightin' back and forth?

Anonymous said...


Dave Blake said...

Really a nice place to live..........

Anonymous said...

I love the tile work on this house. Totally Beautiful! This area of Malibu is famous for it's historic hand-made California tile. There is a famous museum on the beach below this house by Malibu Lagoon that has beautiful hand made tile -

And this house is built in one of the nicest areas of Serra Retreat. It is in the back flat area where the houses are on larger non-sloping lots. I also like the native plants, agaves, and trees that they saved and planted.

The negatives of this area are -

1. Santa Ana wind driven brush fires hit this area hard every few years. These houses were almost lost in the 1993 Old Topanga Wild Fire. And this house is backed right up to the dry brushy hills. That fire burnt the edges of most of the property in the retreat including this one.

2. This area is packed with eucalyptus trees. They are planted EVERYWHERE up here along the roads and are a HUGE fire hazard. I'm allergic to them and they have a strong smell and are a mess to clean-up after winds. If you are from Australia or like eucalyptus trees, than you will love this area.

3. Lower Malibu Creek is now crawling with illegals and homeless people. They camp in the creek side willows and bamboo and fish for Tilapia and wash their bodies, clothes, babies, and diapers in the creek. You can see them everyday driving across Cross Creek bridge or from many of the creek lined homes.

4. Gets VERY hot in the summer in the back canyon area.

5. No ocean views from this area, but this is more a horsey canyon area.

I think the house is worth the steep price, but Mel could sell it for way less and still make money on it. Private homes with large lots like this are becoming rare in Malibu. The house fits in with it's surroundings, unlike most monster flipper homes being built on small steep lots now.

midTN said...

Oh Mel...saw the girlfriend try to "sing" one day on a daytime t.v. show..can't remember which one, they are all the same drivel, but....


p.s....good luck with the house. With your current distractions, you are going to need the dough sooner than later me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Where do they park the 15 plus family cars?

I see only a small driveway and no garage.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.