Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DJ AM's Beverly Hills House Hits the Market

LOCATION: Anthony Place, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $3,795,000
SIZE: 3,375 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Private and gated mid-century located on a cul-de-sac street with canyon and city views, rich mahogany floors, custom built-in theater, Crestron system and flat screen TV's throughout, two-sided fireplace, office, large kitchen with stainless steel appliances and carrerra marble countertops, four bedrooms and 4 and one-half baths, open floor plan looks out to lushly landscaped backyard with pool and spa.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It was only in late August of 2009 that Adam Goldstein–better known as DJ AM–was found dead of an accidental drug overdose in his New York City apartment. The formerly fat celebrity DJ battled both weight and drug addiction in his youth, but had slimmed down and been sober for well over ten years before slipping down the sad and slippery slope of crack cocaine in the days before his death. Some reports have speculated that AM picked up the pipe because he was all kinds of broken up over his alleged bust up with model Hayley Wood. Other reports speculate that AM was still saddled with the weighty psychological residue of the September 2008 Learjet crash which killed four people and left AM and his friend/collaborator Travis Barker seriously injured. Whatever the reasons, the celebrity spinner was well-liked by all those who knew him, including Your Mama who became friendly–but not friends–with AM after we dished on the purchase of his house in Beverly Hills, CA back in April of 2007.

It is this house, located way up in the Hills of Beverly on Anthony Place we would like to discuss again because it was recently listed–presumably by the executor of his estate–with an asking price of $3,795,000. Property records and a little inside information from a Beverly Hills real estate insider indicates to Your Mama that the single story residence was purchased by AM in June of 2006. This was just before he and Nicole Richie broke up and before he took up with actress Mandy Moore. Property records and information provided to Your Mama by our Beverly Hills real estate insider reveals AM forked over $3,225,000 for the approximately 3,375 square foot residence.

At the time of the purchase, the walled and gated residence had been renovated but it appears to Your Mama that AM made a few aesthetic tweaks to both the interior and the exterior which included some new landscaping at the front of the house and around the swimming pool and wrapping wood around the top portion of the double sided fireplace in the living room.

The glass front door opens to the entrance hall which leads to the main living space, comprised of an open plan living/dining area with gorgeous, shiny mahogany floors, a flat screen tee-vee mounted above the fireplace and wood framed sliding doors that open to the pool terrace. The large eat-in kitchen has a built in breakfast table, mac-daddy appliances including an 6-burner Viking range with a griddle, and sleek, and flat fronted chocolate brown cabinetry topped by Carrara marble counter tops. Not the most practical choice those counter tops, but golly they look nice, don't they?

AM's home office, located off the entrance hall at the front of the house, shares the double sided fireplace with the living room and includes a full wall of book shelves and another wall mounted flat screen tee-vee. The custom built theater has been outfitted with a gigantic movie screen, a chocolate brown coffered ceiling, cocoa colored suede walls and seven very plush looking chocolate brown reclining leather seats.

A long hallway lined with built in bookshelves along one side leads to the bedrooms, each of which appears to have a private pooper. The modestly sized master suite, which has custom fitted closets where AM probably kept at least some of his 600+ pairs of sneakers, has been decorated in various shades of brown and beige and includes more of those amazing mahogany floors and a muscular, clean-lined bed with an upholstered headboard, overhead lighting and a thick cabinet at the foot of the bed out of which glides a flat screen tee-vee at the touch of the button. We don't have any idea what AM watched on his tee-vee while lounging in his bed, but we always think of these sorts of boob-toobs that rise mysteriously from the foot of the bed as being a porn fanatics dream tee-vee.

The back of the house opens to the wee back yard which has a small, multi-sided swimming pool, a spa and long views down the canyons, over the city of Beverly Hills and towards the towers of Century City. More photos of AM's crisp and clean hideaway can be seen here.

With the blessing of AM's family, MTV decided to begin post-humously air the 8-episode Intervention-like reality tee-vee program called Gone Too Far that AM wrapped just days before his death. The program, hosted by AM, began airing on October 12 and focuses on the lives and struggles of young addicts.

Property records reveal that the New York City condo where DJ AM died–located on the 7th floor of a glassy Richard Gluckman designed building on Lafayette Street–was purchased by the super successful scratcher in November of 2007 for $1,995,000. The apartment is not currently listed for sale on the open market, but Your Mama has to assume it won't be long before that place is also put up for sale.



chris said...

Looks nice enough with the exception of that weird threatening headboard in the bedroom. Wonder what would induce someone to live (or sleep) with that?

Anonymous said...

You would think that home staggers would read this blog and know NOT to stage a house with those dreaded orchids.

E.J. said...

I found an old real estate story that said he paid $1,895,000 for the house... wonder what the correct amount was?

Madam Pince said...

A nice home with a sad reason for being on the market. RIP DJ AM.

Anonymous said...

I expected more from him. This house is kind of drab, though I'm very much not a fan of the mid-century poured concrete look that scars up LA's landscapes.

Anonymous said...

I don't see no orchids.

Anonymous said...

I love this house. One of the best I have seen on this site.
Found the realtor's video much too boring to sit through however.

Anonymous said...

Nice home. Needs some redecorating and a complete redo in the master bedroom but I'm ready to move in.

Anonymous said...

I like DJ AM don't get me wrong but there is something seriously wrong when a freaking DJ can afford a $4 million house and most doctors can't.
This country is jacked.

Anonymous said...

So sad! A person with so many things that most other people yearn to have and none of it was enough. The house is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this place is in LA?

I live in the LA area, and wow, it looks more like a house in North Hollywood. And not, that's not good.

No there's nothing spectacular.

And agree with one someone said, a DJ can afford a house this expensive?????

lil' gay boy said...

An exquisite, well-sited mid-century; good bones, so-so skin, but amazing potential, albeit a tad pricey.

A surprising number of flag lots in the 'hood, and the ocher neo-Mediterranean at the end of the block is heinous enough to keep the looky loos away.

Were my overdraft to cover it, I'd write the check now.

anon said...

He came from a super uber rich family, I am sure that is how he was able to get out there and buy these homes

MONEY TALKS !!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hayley Wood, a model? Give me a couple beers and I'd do her.

Ok, fine, guess I'd do her for free.

B to the...

luke220 said...

His father was a convicted felon and served time for bank fraud. AM made money on his own, a very smart business man.

I'm sure that AM wasn't pining over Hayley Wood. He had much better looking women to choose from.

I've seen a few segments of Gone Too Far. It is better and more hard hitting than Intervention. Perhaps it brought Adam too close to the edge. It is a big loss. RIP.

BloggerBitch said...

well of course he can afford a house like this... first of all, most people pay the down payment and pay mortgage payments... but even if he did buy it outright, he can totally afford that... he's not a dj you'd have at ur wedding... he's a dj who has made a pretty penny in not only appearances and club gigs (can range from $90k to $500k per show depending on his popularity at the time) but from investments he's made with his money... like opening his club at caesars palace, collaborating and producing... open up ur eyes, hoe-dunk, iowa... there really is a dj that can make this money! prolly more!

Anonymous said...


If people think it is acceptable for DJs to make this kind of money then I think doctors are not charging enough.
If you disagree, then when you need a heart replaced, a tumor removed, etc etc, then have a DJ handle it, not a physician. This is disgusting.

RIpley said...

Love the house! Would love to be nursing my hangover by the pool today.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear you lost a friend, Mama.

It's a masculine house. Sexy.

marisa said...

I think this house has good bones -- love the view, the backyard/pool, and general layout. The interior decoration can be removed -- it all looks very 'hotel'y. (That dining room table & chairs screams Hyatt conference room!)

It is really sad that the demons DJ AM seemed to overcome in his past came back once again. And for those who like to get up on the soapbox and ask why someone who does [fill-in-the-blank-celebrity-"job"] gets paid more than a doctor, please do us all a favour and cancel your Us Weekly subscription, turn off the boob tube (you know you don't have a tv to watch the news) and stop reading this blog that FOCUSES on celebrity digs -- all of which drives up the 'value' of celebrities and allows them to charge large amounts of money for appearances and their work (dj-ing, acting, whatever). I'm bored with your comments.

One more thing, Mama, I think the 'bookshelves' that line the hallway are for his 600+ collection of sneakers -- the shelves are angled, as if to display shoes. Hopefully the next owner has a sweet collection of Manolos ... or is Jerry Seinfeld.

Anonymous said...

Love you DJ AM!!! Rest in peace!!

Joy said...

This is a verrrry appropriate home... It has a resonable floor plan and it is decorated with some Kreiss pieces... I have the same couch in one of my great rooms.

I can't believe that the simple people are challenging the orchids and DJ AM's earnings... I CANT STAND SIMPLE.. MISERABLE ... LITTLE PEPOLE... SOOO annoying...

Anonymous said...

I seriously think that there are a lot of ignorant people posting on this article.

I'm in the medical field myself - more specifically, I am a doctor, and I strongly believe that DJ AM deserves his money as well as anyone else who has proved exceptional in their field of work.

With a strong background in classical music training (meaning over a quarter of a century), and having spent years DJing as a hobby, I can say that it takes just as much time to build musical skills as it is to study in the medical field. The unfortunate thing is that most people have not had the opportunity nor understand the difficulty involved with music especially in terms of technicality.

If anyone who has posted negative comments has seen any of DJ AM's videos - especially the ones with him scratching, the reason why he is paid the amount he does will be more clear. He has spent a lifetime learning a skill that might not have practical applications, but is something that should be appreciated and respected.