Friday, September 4, 2009

UPDATE: Nic Cage and Michael Jackson

...Reports are starting to trickle out that prolific property collector Nic Cage has sold his legendary Bel Air, CA mansion for $14,500,000 in a private deal to the perma-tanned and publicity hungry French fashion designer Christian Audigier. Your Mama smells a rat.

Although the Cage estate on Copa de Oro Road was removed from the open market in late May of 2009, property records we accessed do not yet reflect a transfer of ownership. In an effort to sort out the truth of the matter, we put out some feelers for confirmation and even though it's practically the crack of the damn dawn we heard back instantly from Gary Gabsallthetime who said, "Don't believe it." We don't, and neither should you until some real evidence presents itself.

The children may recall that Mister Audigier, a man who manages to get hundreds of dollars for t-shirts and jeans emblazoned with sparkly things, has cut quite a swath through the gossip glossies lately. Over the summer Mister Audigier was seen humping around the South of France with octodad John Gosselin whose Warholian 15 minutes should have been up a very long time ago.

But it's Mister Audigier's connections to Michael Jackson that is really launching Mister Audigier into the gossip stratosphere. First it was reported that Mister Audigier planned on leasing the Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson was given a lethal dose of Propofol by his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray. His plan, it was reported, was to use the N. Carolwood Drive mansion as his company headquarters. Some reports have said Mister Audigier is actually a co-owner of the Carolwood Drive estate making him Mister Jackson's landlord. We don't find any documents that link Mister Audigier to the property, but that does not mean he does not have a financial stake in the property that official records show is owned by Roxanne and Hubert Guez who also happens to be the CEO of Ed Hardy, one of many labels "designed" by Monsieur Audigier. Coinkydink? You decide.

Ever the publicity opportunist, on the heels of Mister Jackson's death Mister Audigier has launched a line of clothing he claims he worked on with and was approved by Michael Jackson, because every damn fool needs a pair of rhinestone socks.

The newest rumors (and reports) say that Mister Audigier has finalized the purchase of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, CA. We don't know if that's true, and we're skeptical, but in an interview with the Agence France-Presse, Mister Audigier is quoted, "I bought the Michael Jackson house. It's something I'm gonna open just for the birthday (sic) of his death every June, where the media is gonna be able to come in and we'll do exposes, etc."

As far as we know, Mister Audigier, who in a stunning display of narcissism has his every move recorded by a private videographer, still lives in a mansion on S. Muirfield Road in Hancock Park that records reveal he bought in January of 2007 for $4,780,000. Mister Cage's Bel Air behemoth was first listed about 1,000 years ago at a ridiculous $35,000,000 and was last on the open market with a much less insane asking price of $17,500,000. Neverland Ranch is owned by Colony Capital who took possession and control of the massive ranch in 2008 as part of a complicated financial arrangement with Mister Jackson and it's widely believed Colony Capital would like to sell the property to re-coup their investment.


Anonymous said...

He can NOT be called a "designer". He had to come here because nobody in Europe would be seen dead in his atrocious merchandise. He's a joke.

Sandie said...

I heard that Audigier was buying the house that MJ died in. The one on Carolwood of course. Not Neverland even though a death, of sorts, did indeed occur there. According to Audigier, he'll be gettin' the keys in about 2 weeks time ....

Anonymous said...

Read the linked says he bought Cage's place,

another says he's part owner of the house on Carolwood (and moving in to use as his corp. headquarters)

and the same article says, clearly, that audigier is saying he bought neverland and was getting the keys in a few weeks.

I'm not saying any of it's true, I'm just saying, read the articles.

Anonymous said...

Is it just Los Angeles agents that shoot for the stars when putting a price tag on a property - $35m original price!!!

Who's idea is to originally list it at this price - the greedy agent or Cage?

If I had an agent that places a unrealistic price and wastes years trying to sell it, I would sue the prick for starters and blacklist him.

Anonymous said...

How can he afford that when all of his tacky clothes are glogging up the sale racks at TJ Maxx. Since Gosselin put the stink on the brand, I don't know anyone who would be caught dead in Hardy wear.

Sandie said...

From the Huffington Post:

'Michele Elyzabeth, a spokeswoman for the Ed Hardy clothing founder, said Audigier would move into the sprawling Holmby Hills mansion at the end of Jackson's lease on Dec. 15.

He also said that Audigier had no plans to turn the rental property where the King of Pop collapsed and later died into a public space.

The estate is owned by Ed Hardy CEO Hubert Guez.'

I don't know why the AP keep reporting that MJ 'collapsed'. He didn't 'collapse'. He was found dead in bed, attached to a dry IV line by his financially stricken doctor, and had most likely lain there for hours before being found.

As for Audigier's clothing line, it sucks. It is overpriced, gimmicky trash in which I personally would not be seen dead.

Anonymous said...

He was found dead in bed, attached to a dry IV line by his financially stricken doctor, and had most likely lain there for hours before being found.

Why didn't they just say "he died peacefully in his sleep?" Then there would not have been all this mess and fuss.

Anonymous said...

Ed Hardy is going the way of Von Dutch really quick... Oh wait, they are both designed by the same idiot!!! Why do people keep buying Christian Audigier's crappy designs? Why do you think he doesn't design in his native France? Because no European would be caught dead wearing that crap!! Every Ed Hardy shirt has the same stupid design on it with different colors. How creative. He isn't a real designer, he's a hack, even Michael didn't wear his clothes!