Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rent Misha's Cottage

OWNER: Mikhail Baryshnikov
LOCATION: Lawrence Lane, Palisades, NY
PRICE: $4,500/month
SIZE: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Private road leads to Adirondack style dwelling with wrap-around porch, surrounded by quiet woodland with trickling stream. Explore sky-lit, great room with cedar beamed ceiling, pine floors, open chef kitchen, dining area, living area with wood burning fireplace, study/guest room with full bath. Above are a full bath and 2 soaring bedrooms one with a wood burning fireplace. Rental is pet friendly with owner's approval. Avail this summer.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In late August of 2009, Your Mama discussed the Palisades/Snedens Landing, NY property that pixyish Icelandic musical innovator Björk listed for sale with a price tag of $1,800,000 or for lease at $7,000/month. Thanks to the efforts of our plucky part-time researcher B.S. Beaverman we've learned that one of Miz Gudmundsdottir's more famous neighbors has been trying to lease one of his several Palisades properties as well.

No puppies, it's not nearby neighbors Chuck Barris or Al Pacino, but rather Mikhail Baryshnikov, otherwise known as one of the greatest danseurs to ever jeté, fouetté and pas de bourreé across the stage in a pair of tights so revealing they even made 60 year old hookers blush.

Property records show that Mister Baryshnikov owns four contiguous properties in Palisades giving him quite the compound overlooking the mighty Hudson River. It's unclear when ol' Twinkle Toes picked up his quartet of parcels or how much he paid for any single one of them. However, Your Mama does know that all summer long he's been trying to lease out an Adirondack style cottage on his property f0r $4,500 per month.

According to listing information B.S. Beaverman dug up, the 2 bedroom and 2 pooper house has a wide, wrap around front porch perfect for knitting, reading and swilling booze in the early afternoon like Your Mama likes to do. The somewhat deconstructed interior spaces include a open plan great room with wide plank pine floors, a ceiling of exposed floor joists, a well lit kitchen with cornflower blue cabinets (blech!), a living room with fireplace, and a dining area with a farmhouse table surrounded by six, contemporary white chairs. A grand pie-ana in the corner encourages show tune sing-alongs with all your Broadway queen friends who come up for a weekend in the woods. The main floor is completed by a study/guest room and full pooper. Upstairs two bedrooms with high peaked wooden ceilings share a private pooper.

Listing information indicates the property is pet friendly with owner's approval. Would Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter be in the market for a $4,500 per month summer rental in Rockland County–which we are not–we would not hesitate to introduce Misha to our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly. Our sour pussy Sugar, on the other hand, hisses and claws crazily at the slightest touch would not likely not pass muster. Hell, we don't even like the damn cat, so we certainly would not expect Misha to like her.

Property records confirm what B.S. Beaverman told us which is that in early August of 2009 Mister Baryshnikov and his ladee-friend Lisa Rinehart forked over $912,500 for a 2 bedroom and 1.5 pooper cooperative apartment on West 104th Street. Misha also reportedly owns a house in the Dominican Republic and place on Central Park West, but honestly chickens, we didn't find any records to confirm that.


Ykaterina Novitskaya said...

Mama's Mischa! Misha is something that goes with Masha.

Madam Pince said...

Lawd, Mama, those blue cabinets are making me positively ill. But otherwise, the five chirren and I could be quite happy here. I'm sure Misha would enjoy meeting my ragtag four-footed entourage.

pudenda shenanigans said...

Headline alone? I thought Misha Barton.

PoshLady said...

The cottage is gorgeous! I would be my dream to live in a place like that one day.

Anonymous said...

There's something very charming about the fact that this structure has not been leveled; rather, allowed to be what it is, a somewhat funky yet sweet and homey little farmhouse surrounded by serious estates.

Anonymous said...

The great tragedy about Mischa or Misha is not his taste in houses but the fact that there are so few (next to none) full ballets preserved on DVD of his dancing. Most of his DVDs are trivial ballets, not the great classics, and compilations of bits and pieces. Now he is too old to remedy the situation. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Katya, dorogaya, Mama is correct on the spelling, and you know it.

Ykaterina Novitskaya said...

Anon 11:45; You are so right..........ever since my recording of Prokofiev's "Visions Fugitives" my career has been in the toilet and I simply wanted to be part of something big and important so I thought I would post on this magnificent site..........I could think of nothing else to say.......mea culpa

jerzeyguy said...

That blue kitchen is just Gawd-awful!

Cindy said...

Ugly blue cabinets aside, I think this house is adorable and I would kill to stay in *any* house he owns. ::swoon::