Monday, July 6, 2009

The Nashville Mansion of Steve McNair (May He Rest In Peace)

SELLER: Steve and Mechelle McNair
LOCATION: Bear Road, Nashville, TN
PRICE: $2,999,990
SIZE: 14,263 square feet, 9 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It's been a ka-ray-zee couple of weeks for famous folks dying off or getting themselves killed under suspicious circumstances. There was, among others, Charlie's Angels' Farrah Fawcett and avant garde choreographer Pina Bausch who were both taken out by cancer as well as Academy Award winning actor Karl Malden and the dee-voon Mollie Sugden who died of being old. Then there was Michael "The White Lady" Jackson who perished for as yet unknown (but fishy sounding) reasons in his rented Holmby Hills mansion and most recently professional pig skinner Steve McNair was found dead of multiple gunshots wounds in a downtown Nashville condominium along with a 20-year of gurl, also dead, who is believed to have been the very married Mister McNair's gal pal.

Of course, Your Mama don't know nuthin' from a dead mackerel about professional football so we took to the internets to suss out some information about Mister McNair. From what we dug up Your Mama thinks it's a real damn pity this man's legacy is going to go down with him being murdered while in the company of his much younger extramarital gurlfriend because by all accounts Mister NcNair, who was oft called Air McNair, was a crack quarterback who spent ten successful seasons with the Tennessee Titans before being shuffled off to the Baltimore Ravens in 2006. Mister McNair used some of his riches to fund a foundation focused on doing good things for young people.

Anyhoo, according to loads of previous reports (and about twelve welcome emails from folks down Tennesee way), Mister McNair and his ladee-wifey Mechelle had previously listed their big ol' Nashville mansion which currently carries an ass-wonky asking price of $2,999,990. Lard children, why do some of these real estate people slap these crazy numbers on properties? Why not just call it three million? Seriously, why? Pleeze.

The McNair's brick built behemoth is what builders and real estate people sometimes call "Transitional" style. "Transitional" homes are meant to be a mixtures of traditional and contemporary styles. However, what that term suggests to Your Mama and a gazillions other architectural dee-zine snobs is a house of no particular architectural style or value. In the McNair's case we get a brick built and hodge-podged unholy hot mess of clickety-clack residential design littered with odd proportions, low ceilings, big bay windows and nearly a dozen dog house dormers that altogether give it a look of a suburban office building where Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter might get our chompers worked on iffin we lived in Arlington, VA. And that's just the exterior.

Let's do the numbers on this one children. Listing information and property records reveal that Mister and Missus McNair paid $1,599,000 for their Bear Road residence which sits on a 1.33 acre corner lot and in an area called the Woodmont Estates measures in at 14,263 square feet. There are, according to listing information, 26 rooms spread across two floors (plus a small basement) with 9 bedrooms and 9.5 poopers which surely kept Missus McNair bizzy bossing the minimum wage gurls charged with keeping the floors Swiffered and the terlits sparkling.

In addition to all the "formal" rooms, the McNair mansion also includes an almost countless number of secondary living and entertaining areas throughout the rambling u-shaped house including a movie thee-ay-ter, family room, recreation room, hobby room, several sitting rooms on the second floor, and a 54-foot long room above the 3-car garage that includes nearly an acre of light beige wall to wall, a peaked and sky lit ceiling, a grand piano and some swoopy faux-Louis-like chairs and sofas.

Listen puppies, it's not that Your Mama does not have anything to say about the disastrous day-core of the McNair mansion. Oh no, we do. We could most certainly go a blue streak about the peacock feathers in the dining room and all the wrought iron this and thats not to mention the obscene white sofa things in the master bedroom that make Your Mama's eyes roll right back in our head. However, although Your Mama's momma and her sister-pal Jennie spent many of the weekends of our rebellious youth nursing a bottomless box of blush wine, we were none the less raised up right. So we know it is not proper to speak ill of the day-core of the recently dead, particularly that of those who left this world under sordid or tragic circumstances.

The property is fully fenced with two drive gates connected by an arched driveway and a couple of parking pads. Due to its location on a corner and no doubt due to required set backs, the property is almost all front yard with just a small-ish back yard tucked into the back of the house where there is a rectangular swimming pool, a raised stone spa and a lot of concrete patio space for grillin' and chillin' with friends and family.

According to previous reports and property records, Mister and Missus McNair also have a big farm on the eponymous Air McNair Road in rural Collins, Mississippi which appears to Your Mama to be about 40 or 50 miles from Jackson, the Magnolia State capital.

In all seriousness, Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter both wish Missus McNair and her children the courage for fortitude to deal with what is clearly a very complicated and calamitous situation.


Anonymous said...

A delicate sitsheation well and tastefully handled, Mama. If you look at the property on Google you can see it doesn't have much surrounding ground. Thus the picture at upper left where it seems to have a vast expanse of broad lawn is somehow phony. How do the fotographers do it, Mama?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mama about the mish-mash of architectural styles. One positive comment: I like the various entertaining areas, e.g., the pool table in a common area where people can drift in and out, visit, play a game, etc. Better than shoved in some "man cave" of a basement.

I feel really bad for his wife. Supposedly they were shopping for a new home together, so they weren't selling this off as part of divorce proceedings, as some have speculated.

Anonymous said...

I hope as details are made public, it will NOT overshadow all the GREAT and WONDERFUL things Steve McNair did on/off the field ... he was an amazing athlete with an enormous heart for giving to others.

He'll be missed here in Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Good post, mama. I am no big fan of football, but it does look like a really tough situation for his family, which does not appear to be particularly deserved.

The house, however, is particularly uninspired. Looks like a bunch of cheapy houses merged into one. The coffered ceilings look particualrly bad when done low.

Anonymous said...

July 7, 2009

Steve McNair's four sons deserve our sympathy

Commentary by Joe Biddle

Three days later, the tragic death of Titans legend Steve McNair still hangs heavy in the air.

I've gone past the numbing denial that it really happened, through the shock stage and the sadness. I imagine many of you have been affected in similar ways.

But there is one thought that keeps popping up, something I can't get out of my mind.

That would be the innocent victims in this crime — Steve McNair's four young sons. McNair was not only their father. He was also their rock. It didn't matter if he was playing with them at home or letting them tag along with him after Titans home games.

McNair was a tough teddy bear of a man, helping guide them toward manhood. It was an experience to which few children have access.

McNair will no longer be there to hold their hand or hoist them on his broad shoulders. He won't be able to go fishing with them or watch them grow up.

McNair loved being around kids. You see video of his football camps in which he is throwing a football to young kids who would catch it and throw it back to McNair. Their eyes said it all. They were playing pitch and catch with their larger than life hero. Priceless moments for them.

Those kids, and others like them, will never get that chance again.

While I deeply admire Steve McNair the football player as well as the graciously giving man in this community and beyond, circumstances would indicate that he was flawed in his personal life.

Temptation is a powerful magnet that has been around since Adam and Eve. Many men have fallen prey to temptation, one reason approximately one of every two marriages ends in divorce.

McNair had Titans teammates whose marriages ended because of other women in their lives.

Recently we have read about the romantic escapades of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who is married and, like McNair, has four sons. History is littered with names of prominent men who have strayed outside the marriage vows.

From presidents to preachers. From attorneys to athletes. From soldiers to sports writers. No one is immune.

Bad decisions come with consequences. Lives are ruined. Marriages are blown apart.

McNair's sons are now going through the worst time of their lives. Their father is no longer a physical presence in their lives. Steve McNair made the choices that led to that scenario, and he is not here to defend or apologize for those choices.

We tend to put star athletes such as McNair on pedestals and then criticize them when their faults and failures become public. In reality, we are also pointing fingers at ourselves.

McNair's sons should concentrate on all the good times and things their father did for them and others. But they should never forget the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Of course the girl friend is another tragic victim. She was obviously grossly misused by McNair for his selfish pleasure. Doing good deeds doesn't cover up for that. Since she got her revenge (at the cost of her own life let us add) she probably won't be mourned much, but I think she as well as his children (and wife) are the real victims here of a selfish guy who took his pleasure where he could find it, heedless of others.

Anonymous said...

Let's just establish that even if he was the worst cheating a$$ on earth, he did not deserve to be shot four times for that. To me, he was a pro player, who got really unlucky. Let's not judge him (yeah, like you would have kept it in your pants if you had the same opportunities) or his wife, who likely made her decisions with her eyes open. Bottom line, it's horrible way to go, and it was not deserved.

Anonymous said...

Interior photos are odd - camera seems to be about 36" above the floor in each - very low and strange. Perhaps it's supposed to make the ceilings look taller? It's not working...

StPaulSnowman said...

Vern Troyer is now working with the real estate crew........times is tough!

Anonymous said...

Air McNair.
So sad.
It is unfortunate that you had to make a bad decision in an otherwise exemplary life.

SID DELUCA said...

done in very good taste, Mama. But I'm thinking "Day-Core of the Dead" has reality show potential.

Anonymous said...

It was not a bad decision, it was several bad decisions.

Now let's get back to the real estate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snowman - Vern Troyer? As in "Mini Me"???? Who knew?

StPaulSnowman said...

I think anon 11:55 nailed it......the photos do look like they were shot from Mr. Troyers angle but even from this viewpoint, the coffered ceilings look cheesy, as anon 9:06 has suggested. Let's have some names, people, all the anon + numbers makes me feel like I am in an episode of "The Prisoner", if any of you remember that! I shudder to think what Mama might say about the decor in that series.

Anonymous said...

You are right: The day-core is atrocious. The most glaring offense to me is the woefully too small rug under the dining room table. Those pics make me feel happy about my own day-core.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are such terrible human beings. You pass judgement and state your thoughts and oppinions about people in such atroscious manners. In case you never read or heard, its not your place to judge anyone. Perhaps worry about yourself... as MJ says... if you want to make the world a better place start with yourself.

Mr McNair made bad choices, but if you don't live under a rock you'd know well over HALF of marriages throughout the marriage at one time one or both partners cheat. We are human, I am not saying its good or even acceptable, it's not... but most definately is not your place to pass judgement and says taudy things like he had it coming or deserved to be shot to death. If shooting someone to death is acceptable for that, I hate to think what else it is.. and how many of you therefore probably would have been shot long ago.

He did a bad thing... but he didn't kill someone... he didn't maliciously go out and try to hurt people to vilify him for something so many do is ridiculous.

And no, I honestly don't even have a clue who this guy is so I'm not some crazy fan... I don't do sports... just tired of reading the vulgar oppinions onhere.

Anonymous said...

I know not who McNair is...a sports fan I will never be.

As the homes of recently-rich sports celebs go, this one is tasteful compared to his peers.

May his family find some sort of solace.

Anonymous said...

So some people think the comments here are vicious? Really? We're terrible human beings? Have you ever read comments people leave on newspaper sites and on sites like TMZ? The comments on this post so far are pretty tame, imo. This is a snarky real estate blog. Also, people can say/write whatever the fuck they want. Mama patrols the boards and deletes the posts she feels need to go. why are you out trolling for reasons to be enraged? STFU and go out and engage in some of that philanthropy McNair was so famous for.

Anonymous said...

Another ugly McMansion.

5' & too tall for those ceilings said...

6:37 - I can't think of anyone that would feel more 'entitled' than a pro NFL'er with millions of adoring fans and a multi-million dollar salary.

And after re-reading all of the comments above, I don't see anyone saying he deserved to be shot (though obviously his girlfriend though he deserved it).

It's a sad event, but it was also 100% preventable.

McNair may have not killed anyone, but it's a safe bet that his girlfriend would be alive today if he hadn't started fooling around with her, and the futures of his wife & kids would be much different had he chosen to remain to his wife.

Anonymous said...

It's all about choices peeps. Some are smart, some are downright foolish. Like sticking it in a 20 year old drug addict with a new gun. Or inviting the underaged hotel concierge to your suite for a little anal nookiee. Play with fire, you will get burned one day. There are cliches in the world because of truth.

Still, the man didn't deserve to get shot and may his family recover to the best of their ability. They are the true victims here.

As far as choices, those coffers are fucking claustrophobic.

Anonymous said...

oh no...Mrs. Slokum is gone too!!!!

John Recontres said...

The comments above shocked me !
Guys are you crazy ? Have your parents thought you not insulting the dead people ?

Anonymous said... usual, you negotiated your way through that potential minefield of a post with you grace and tact. Bravo!

The house feels sterile, despite the passementerie. It's almost as if someone walked through a one of those "ready-to-go" furniture stores and bought entire vignettes.

As for the more personal elements of the story - it never ceases to amaze me how Americans never even consider that many affluent married couples negotiate "arrangements." That being said, the cardinal sin under such an arrangement would be public scandal.

One final note... I hope those above who found their ever-so-delicate sensibilities to be offended by the discussion among Mama's children will do something constructive to channel all that dubious outrage. Something know, like sitting down right now and writing a big, outrageous, and sacrificial check to the deceased's foundation. The contact info can be found here:

Philanthropy separates the righteous from the self-righteous, I always say.

Ayn Rand said...

Selfishness is a virtue.........I always say

Anonymous said...

to Ayn @10:49am: THAT'S f-ing funny!

Anonymous said...

Seems that mama started with the name calling and disrespecting the dead...Michael "the white lady" jackson, "day-core of the dead". Come on mama, I love your usually hilarious and to-the-point banter, but that was unnecessary and tasteless.

Mortitia said...

Anon 12:36. The phenomenally talented perv is dead.........move on, get over it. He doesn't mind Mama's riotously funny comments.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I don't think what Mama did was crossing the line. What's wrong with day-core of the dead? How is that unnecessary or tasteless?

Anonymous said...

White Chocolate has it right - "Day-Core of the Dead" - I'll be watching for it on Bravo.

Anonymous said...

The most recent (and final) summation of the case and the reasons why:

The girl doubtless felt her life or what she expected to be her life was gone. So she ended the pain and that included him. I sympathize with her.

Anonymous said...

You're sympathizing with a 20 year old woman who put 4 bullets in her lover and then positioned herself on the sofa so she would fall into his lap when she blew her own brains out?

Please step away from the computer and call someone. Right. Now. Anyone. Family. Friend. A pizza delivery guy.

Anonymous said...

5:32 yeah I have some compassion for women abused and misused by men who think they are toys to play with. If she had shot him and them gone off and tried to disappear I would have less sympathy for her. Try to have some compassion for "small people" who are the playthings of "big people". Oh but since you are probably a very big person (with a very small heart) I suspect that would be difficult.

Anita said...


tom d. said...

Oh Nidja.

Even people close to Michael Jackson, people like Quincy Jones, have recently talked about MJ tampering with and lightening his skin. On purpose.

MJ had vitiligo. He had lupus. Both not nice things to deal with I'm sure, but that has nothing to do with whether he bleached/lightened his skin or not.

Stylecoach said...

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Anonymous said...

HIs wife his crying all the way to the bank.

Ariel said...

Hey Snowman - Vern Troyer? As in "Mini Me"???? Who knew?