Thursday, June 4, 2009

UPDATE: Victoria Gotti

Looks like ol' Victoria Gotti just might have pulled a real estate rabbit out of a hat having reportedly come to a tentative agreement to save her mawkish mansion in Old Westbury, NY from the jaws of foreclosure.

Back in mid-May of 2009 it was widely reported that the lavishly be-weaved blond was days away from losing her long time Long Island home because she was arrears to her lender to the tune of $650,000. As a result of the default a court of law ruled that JP Morgan Chase could foreclose on the 4+ acre estate where Miz Gotti and her three grunting and virtually inarticulate sons filmed their depressing and difficult to watch reality program Growing Up Gotti.

At the time, Miz Gotti gave the rather bizarre and far-fetched sounding explanation that her ex-huzband Carmine Agnello–who, incidentally, was fined $10,000,000 after pleading guilty to racketeering charges in 2001–was to blame because he took out a secret mortgage on her manse after fooling the bank into believing that Miz Gotti had granted him power of attorney to do so. Turns out her explanation was true...or at least true enough that the bank decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and work out some sort of agreement that would allow Miz Gotti and her Rapunzel worthy wig to stay in the mansion.

Sounds to me like someone at the bank has some splainin' to do. Either that or Mister Agnello may be looking at addition appearances in front of a judge who may not look kindly on his fraudulent mortgage activities as they relate to Miz Gotti's house of architectural horrors.

The children will recall that Miz Gotti has been trying to sell her real estate white for years with asking prices as high as $4,800,000 and as low as its latest asking price of $2,300,000. Your Mama isn't sure if the Miz Gotti's big house is still on the market, but we did find a possibly outdated listing that shows a wonky asking price of $2,959,000.


Jimmy said...

Interest problem for the bank. A "mortgage" consists of TWO documents: 1) a promissory note; and 2) and indenture which promises the property as security for the note.

Now if the promissory note was obtained via fraud, then it may be null and void; and therefore the indenture has no validity.

Humm...the whole "mortgage" on the property just might be null and void. Call in the Lawyers!!!

Anonymous said...

never have a house and a person deserved each other more

Carmela Soprano said...

Thank Christ! I was so worried that strega and her three jadrools were gonna ask to come stay with me!

HouseOfBeautyAndCulture said...

hey 2:39...I saw that's true you CAN polish shit! In the case of Vicky Gotti's house, I think a bulldozer might me more in order! That is a piece of shit that deserves to be razed!! (I do mean the house, but put her wig on the waiting list)

Starck Mad said...

I never thought I'd think this, but I do believe the "Real Housewives of New Jersey' have replaced Vicky, in the how can I outshine Louis the 45th race.
UGH, and double ugh.