Friday, June 19, 2009

Hold on to your britches children...

...turns out Your Mama made a mistake and that house in Palos Verdes Estates that we shredded this morning belongs to some other Deepak Chopra and not the New Age Guru Deepak Chopra. So we took the stuff down. Interesting though because we found a number of sources the fingered the guru Chopra as being connected to the property, but alas...Shit happens.

Stay tuned for something new.


Anonymous said...

The kitchen island still sucks.

Anonymous said...

Both first and last name are common in India, and India is a biiiiig country...

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaat about the ennis house in los feliz for 15 MM ???????

it is a broken down palace and yet they are asking for 15 MM ????????

it will cost 20MM to fix it up if not more

Anonymous said...

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House Up For Sale

don't worry about it, all of the other blogs have it, surprised you missed this one

it is in all the papers, cnn, yahoo, everywhere.

angeleyes said...

Well, I'm glad I got to read today's article before you removed it Mama. Your commentary is always the star anyways, the houses a stage, the backdrop, and today was no exception. You had me rolling :)

Anonymous said...

'it will cost 20MM to fix it up if not more'

uh ... numerous people [who actually know] are estimating $5M - $7M - stop exaggerating.

also, a few people have said $15M is underpriced.

angeleyes said...

re: the Ennis House

Front View

Rear View

The price is a joke though imo, and it's structural damage has more to do with having been built on a lot that can't naturally support it than the earthquakes and rain. Best case scenario I see for it is to be dismantled and rebuilt/restored elsewhere but at the price being asked, fat chance of that happening.

Anonymous said...


Those pics aren't current though ... The rear has been completely redone & the foundation has spent $7M on compulsory structural work.

At the end of the day it's a huge structure that was built 85 years ago ... it's only natural that at some point it's going to need a lot of work, especially if it's been left untouched for decades. I adore it & from a distance it still looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

The Ennis house, while interesting, isn't something I could ever see myself wanting to own. It doesn't look at all like a livable home.

CockSearch2009 said...

Please, Mama, please just put it back up. Just make sure to throw in the disclaimer.

We can't go a day without hearing Mama shred SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...

6:51, the Ennis House is no Falling Water, that's for sure. Regardless of how gifted, no one wins the Oscar every time out, not even Mr. Wright.

Anonymous said...

The ennis house is just a piece of large land that is unbuildable, the land is worth 100k tops, anyone would have to spend another 5MM just to build a large home on there, if at all due to the mudslides, rain, ect

I heard that the foundation is in some way one of the victims of madoff so they have to sell it, I feel bad for all of those suckers that were dumb enough to give them 7MM just so that they could one day attend a cocktail party there

that foundation should get sued for fraud if they sell this place, they were saying all along they know it could cost 30MM to get it to top form and don't worry we will see this through.......... (2005, 2006)

I guess they lied

ha ha

Anonymous said...

when that home was built 85 years ago there were no other homes on the street so there was no weight to push it off the cliff, and now ??????????

the whole street is lined with homes also I think it is a crack den the last time I was up there I heard a mother and her baby in the bushes, the foundation should make it a tax write off

btw if they do get 15MM for it, will they give the money back to the sponsors ? or will they keep the money for themselves and make up a bullshit story on how they gave it away to the LA zoo, while the members of the foundation are buying themselves nice cars, jewelery, smaller homes ? if they do that ?????????

they should all be put in jail,

naughty naughty naughty

Anonymous said...

on the falling water site

more fucking support ???????

you can support the foundation for only a gift of 100 ????????

why don't they just say these homes are the residences of Jesus, Allah and God ??? I mean that is what the jesus freaks, and other religious retards do every day of the week,

For only 20, 50, 100 a month you to can save souls around the world

all these fuckers, preachers, foundation members are scam artists and grifters

maybe I should start up a foundation call it the allah, buddah and jesus are brothers foundation,

yea I will buy that 85MM mansion in beverly hills for 100 MM get a loan from a bank for 130 MM, I will tell the bank they will be paid in full in a year but they have to loan me 100% of the money upfront,

make up a story that the mansion is the sacred home of buddah, jesus and allah, spend 20MM to do that, and get millions of dollars a month in donations, eventually sell the mansion for I don't know 200 MM ???? and if i can't ? declare bankruptcy and use the foundations proceeds to build my next kingdom right here in LA

yea that is the way to do it .....

I can't believe that folks fall for this crap, unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Mama, a certain commenter is in dire need of a nerve pill. Is there a way to install a dispenser on the site?!


Anonymous said...

No I am fine

btw :p

are you one of the scammers on the foundation ?

Anonymous said...

Nah. I have a sense of the point you're trying to make though, and agree with you to an extent. It's hard to reconcile the deterioration this house has experienced under the Foundation that's supposedly been acting as guardian and caretaker, and the price they're asking for it now. Clearly, preserving the Ennis House hasn't been and still isn't their priority, or else they're just plain incompetent.

Anonymous said...


You make yourself so obvious.

Anonymous said...

1. Land value of the Ennis House lot is WAY more than 100k.

2. Ennis House has NEVER been a crack house nor have there been homeless (mother & baby in the bushes).

The last private party to occupy the house, Gus Brown, set up a "foundation" in 1980. Basically it was a scam so that he could write off expenses while living in the house. While he was alive, he controlled when work was done, when the house could be opened to the public, & how fundraising was handled. As he aged, he became increasingly difficult to work around. There were also rumors of mismanagement by his foundation (they denied on basis that his control gave that appearance).

Around 2005, a new foundation was set up in partnership with the Los Angeles Conservancy. This new foundation is responsible for the repairs and restoration work of the past couple of years.

During that process, a new challenge raised it's ugly head. The neighbors. After years of no activity followed by construction, the neighbors have fought tooth & nail to keep the public out of the house. They claim the area can't support the traffic. An easy solution is to stage tours from nearby Barnsdall Park (where FLW's Hollyhouse is located) and use shuttles from the park up to Ennis.

So to Average Joe or his illiterate cousin trolling on Mama's blog, SHUT THE F*CK UP. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

7:33, thanks for the backround. Makes sense, as does your idea to solve the traffic problem. It's unfortunate that you're not in a position to make a difference, because what's really needed is someone who can think outside the box, rather than in terms of lining their pockets.

StPaulSnowman said... the "Hollyhouse" different from the Hollyhock House? I think someone else doesn't know what he or she is talking about. Being so dogmatic about your facts only works if they are accurate.

Anonymous said...

Debate, even heated debate, is fine as long as it stops short of personal attacks. They accomplish nothing except to aggravate a problem, and Mama deserves better than having this blog pooped on, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but this place has been sucking the big one lately. Mama, you need to get your shit straight and write something actually worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but you're the only one who's complaining. If you don't like it you know where the door is..

Anonymous said...

anon 10:09,,,,,,,,,,I don't hate to say it........"here's your hat, what's your hurry?"

Anonymous said...

St. PaulSnowman: the commenter was incorrect, they should have said 'Hollyhock'not HollyHouse. But a number of years ago, when the Frank LLoyd Wright Building Conservancy had their conference in Los Angeles, they did in fact use this system of bringing the persons participating in the tours in small buses from the HollyHock house to the Ennis House. It worked out very well. As for tearing the house down, that would not be possible since it is a protected Landmark.

StPaulSnowman said...

Thanks for the information..........maybe your friends at Disney could build an inconspicuous monorail from a distant site to the Ennis house......I'm sure that the irate neighbors would love that. In my opinion, all of the remaining FLW houses should be saved. We have lost too many great homes all over the US. It is unlikely that a house and property of this size could ever support itself and I can only hope that someone with the big bucks will save it. Times are tough. I was all set to visit the Dana House in Springfield, Illinois only to discover that tours have been discontinued because of the economy.

artoferic said...

my my mama...what a ruckus you have caused this morning! I am loving every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

That posting was not Deepaks house, although you did have the right Deepak. He lives up the road here and is hosting a dinner anyone can attend for a few bucks next month. I'll let you guys sniff that one out.

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt should buy the Ennis House and hire Diane Keaton to do the dirty work.

Anon 7:33 said...

SPS - In my frustration, I typed too fast. So sue me. Normally I like and agree with you but you were being dick with that comment.

StPaulSnowman said...

Sorry..........don't need cyber-enemies. I apologize for offending.

Anonymous said...

Do you think someone wanted this mansion for a lower price ?

remember that term "over my dead body ?"

or was this guy about to go belly up and some investors took matters into their own hands ?

how many more of these mansion estate owners are going to meet the big guy in the sky, all because they are asking wayyyyyyyyy to much for their priceless properties ?

SCOTIA — An Amsterdam doctor, a hotel group owner and an 11-year-old boy were identified Monday as the victims in the weekend plane crash into the Mohawk River.

Mathai Kolath George, 41, of Rexford, his son George Kolath, 11, and St. Mary’s Hospital doctor Krishnan Raghavan, 52, of West Glenville, were killed when their small plane crashed just after takeoff Sunday afternoon.

George was licensed as a student pilot by the Federal Aviation Administration, records show. George also owned the plane. With him was Raghavan, a certified commercial pilot and certified instructor, records show.

Who was in control of the plane, however, remained unclear Monday.
Photo Gallery
Mohawk River plane crash
State Police Capt. Michael McCarthy, Jr., right, answers questions at a news conference in front of Mohawk Valley Skydiving in Glenville. At left is Glenville Police Sgt. Stephen V. Janik.
Enlarge photos
View thumbnails

A state police spokesman said they believe it was George, based on a photo taken just prior to takeoff. A Federal Aviation Administration official, however, cautioned against reaching such a conclusion based on a photograph, noting the plane can be piloted from both front seats.

The investigation into why the plane went down continued Monday morning with the recovery of the single-engine Piper Cherokee from the river. Recovered inside was the body of George, the last of the three victims to be found. The bodies of young Kolath and Raghavan were pulled from the plane Sunday evening.

The plane was taken to the Schenectady County Airport for further investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board is heading the investigation.
An eyewitness describes Sunday's plane crash.
An eyewitness describes Sunday's plane crash.
Watch Video»

Autopsies on the victims were scheduled for Monday evening, state police said. Results were not expected until today.

George family members were near the site when the plane was removed. Brother-in-law Anil Paulose left the scene just before noon.

“We are here to know the details,” Paulose told The Daily Gazette as he and another man left. “We’re totally devastated.”

Regarding the child, one of six George children, Paulose said, “He was a good boy. He was good at everything — sports, academics.”

George, under the name George M. Kolath, was also the president and CEO of Kolath Hospitality Group. He founded the group in 1994 as a real estate private equity fund, according to its Web site.

George also owned the palatial Llenroc estate on the banks of the Mohawk River. The estate was constructed in 1992 by insurance magnates Albert and Barbara Lawrence. The home was up for sale for $30 million, according to a Kolath Hospitality Web site.

Anonymous said...

7:21, we engage in discussion because we can, and leave the criticism for those who can't. Silly rabbit.

Anonymous said...

hey 7:39, how about just posting the link next time instead of taking up a foot and a half of space.

Anonymous said...

sorry my mistake

Anonymous said...

So 12:18 AM

what is right ????????

if we are so wrong ??????????

just wondering.......

also check out this link

they are still living in 2005, no discounts and everything is sky high in the listing prices, I mean 1MM for a mercedes ? a regular 500 mercedes ? but it was owned by the Sir Henry of the House of Lords in the UK

StPaulSnowman said...

PROFANITY IS THE EFFORT OF A FEEBLE MIND TRYING TO EXPRESS ITSELF FORCFULLY. I read this on a bathroom wall years ago and it still rings true.

Anonymous said...

re 12:18...I would expect that kind of language on Perez H, but not here, my pet. MAMA...we need your help!

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to the caregivers of both kids and furkids (pets) alike!

Anonymous said...

I hate father's day. My dad abandoned me before I was even born. Never met him once. Never spoke to him before and most likely never will. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry 9:33. I sense the void you feel and am giving you a big warm cyber hug and smile :)

I know it's not much, but I care, and my very best wishes go out to you.