Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Michael Jackson on the Move?

According to the good folks at gossip juggernaut TMZ, fallen pop music icon Michael Jackson recently leased a humongous house in the posh Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles for a staggering $100,000 per month.

According to property records, the lavish and exuberantly decorated pile on N. Carolwood Drive is owned by Roxanne Guez who is (or was, we don't know) married to Hubert Guez, a somewhat controversial bizness man who made his millions manufacturing apparel in Mexico for all sorts of recognizable mass market brands. Mister Guez now serves as the CEO of a coterie of clothing brands including Ed Hardy and Christian Audiger.

Listing information we ferreted out shows the 3- story Richard Landry designed "French Chateau" style estate was built in 2002, measures in at a whopping 17,171 square feet and includes 7 bedrooms and an unlucky 13 terlits. Until sometime last week, the fit for a Saudi royal property was listed for sale with a blistering asking price of $38,000,000.

Other amenities of the gated and heavily fortified estate include subterranean garaging, 12 fireplaces, an impress-the-guests style entrance hall with a curving staircase, formal living and dining rooms, a wood paneled den with adjoining library, a theater room, a gore-may kitchen with eating area, family room and, of course, a wine cellar where The White Lady can store his rare collection of Julio and Gallo "Jesus Juice."

The 1.26 acre property includes a heated swimming pool (which we can't imagine Mister Jackson can use due to his various skin conditions) and an adjacent guest house for whatever handlers, minders and sycophants he still has on his payroll.

Of course, Your Mama don't know nuthin' about nuthin' but what we do know is that according to information we received, the house in question was indeed leased for $100,000 per month. But as of early this a.m. we're just not sure if it was (or was not) leased to Mister Jackson.

Although Mister Jackson has leased houses in Los Angeles in the past, including a big tacky thing up on Shadow Hill Way, Your Mama can't imagine why Mister Jackson would leave his relatively incognito digs in Las Vegas and come to Los Angeles, land of marauding paparazzi, can you?


Anonymous said...

I would be more interested to know where Roxanne and Hubert Guez moved to??? Why sell or lease this mansion--while it's WAY over-the-top, it's well done. And did they lease it furnished? Sickens me to think of someone like Michael Jackson living here!

Anonymous said...

it is the case that they hand a long rope to those who think that they can say and do whatever they like. And then to show themselves up for what they are. I say TMZ offers an outstanding public service in the 'celebrity' bating business. For without TMZ who would most of them be?

StPaulSnowman said...

This is clearly one of Landry's better efforts. With modern construction, I bet you can hear any one of the thirteen terlits flushing from anywhere in the house. When you "rent" something like this, are you allowed to hang your photos of Bubbles and Little McCaulay? I am sure it would be fascinating to read the lease agreement on a place like this.

Anonymous said...

miz jackson has done had all the prey in vegas and is movin back to her home jungle.

Anonymous said...

I think it has a little pale spot on it and it isn't very big.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatta dump!

That house is worse than Spelling least Aaron and Candy believed in beautiful landscaping, this pile is just ghastly in that regard.

I just hate this faux French bullshit in are living in Southern California people, you are *NOT* living in Lyon, Biarritz or're living in Holmby Hills so a Spanish style house or a modern structure actually fits. UGH new money is just the worst.

Merry Christmas Mama!

pch said...

I would agree that the main facade of this house is less bad than many Landry designs. That's not saying a lot, though. The proportions are still weird...but at least it has height.

Assuming I have the right house in mind, the side that faces Monovale is, however, horrendous. Sits hard on the road, a cream-colored cliff of busy, ugly articulation. It's an absolute eyesore. Detracts further from a crowded, overbuilt, subdivided block.

StPaulSnowman said...

What a useful revelation it is to have the locals comment upon the settings of these houses which many of us will only know through the cropping lens of the real estate photographer. We are on our way to see Biltmore and my daughter, after seeing an archival photograph, asked if it was all built up around the mansion. I really don't know if it is but I will need a very large nerve pill if there are any other buildings within a half mile. For big houses....with respect to grounds.......more is never less. Merry Christmas to Mama and all the Chillin!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so negative but I really hate this monster. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

My first thought is $100,000/month sounds grossly exorbitant given MJ's massive debt. On the other hand, throwing that much money away on rent each month despite his circumstances sounds right up his dysfunctional alley.

Anonymous said...

Apparently "Jesus Juice" is hard on the liver. Various gossip channels are reporting Jackson is deathly ill and in severe need of a liver transplant. And that he has gone blind in one eye. If all stories prove true, could be he is relocating for better medical care.

Anonymous said...

5:00PM, I heard something similiar on CNN yesterday, except they said it was a lung transplant he needed. What's up with all the MJ rumours lately? Considering the subject, it wouldn't suprise me if it's all bunk designed by MJ to generate 'buzz'. You know him - the weirder the better. My apologies if he's truly sick, but he's the one responsible for the cynical view I have of him now.

Anonymous said...

It is a lung transplant he supposedly needs. Type - Michael Jackson needs transplant - in Google. There's a ton of articles about it.

Anonymous said...

From the N.Y. Post today:

"MICHAEL JACKSON is battling a genetic disease that has left him half blind and needing a lung transplant, it was claimed last night.

The superstar, 50 - seen in a wheelchair earlier this year - is said to be so frail he can barely speak.

Jacko's secret was revealed by his biographer Ian Halperin, who declared: "He needs a lung transplant, but may be too weak to go through with it. He also has emphysema and chronic gastrointestinal bleeding, which his doctors have had a lot of trouble stopping.

"It's the bleeding that's the most problematic part. It could kill him."

Anonymous said...

Well, the gastrointestinal bleeding explains the thirteen shitters and why Jack can't swim today.

The estate does look like Disney's Beauty and the Beast on ice so I can understand why he'd rent the place. I fully expect that the salt and pepper shakers on either side of door will begin dancing once the oxycodone kicks in.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: Anonymous said...
Sickens me to think of someone like Michael Jackson living here!
December 22, 2008 8:40 AM


We'll you ain't payin his rent, so he could give a rat's ass about you. Cheers!



Anonymous said...

Well Len, Given MJ's financial situation, HE isn't paying the rent either so pretty much likely that he doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone or he wouldn't be asking someone to cough up 100k/mo. Maybe someone knows the end is near and figures it's only a few months at that rate.

Anonymous said...

I hope the lung transplant gossip is inaccurate. Because if it is... then it would make more sense for him to lease a house up in Palo Alto near Stanford. With his kind of money and profile, he'll be put right on top of the list even though he is living without drips.

I think UCLA is more known for heart transplant programs. Lung and heart/lung candidates meet at Stanford. But, hey. Money talks.

About the house... Carolewood, Mapleton, Charing Cross... all those streets are fabulous places to live, north or south of Sunset.

Anonymous said...

The illness that is being reported causes problems with both liver and lungs. It has been rumored for over a year that he needs a liver transplant.

Anonymous said...

Viva! - I totally agree that your digs should somewhat reflect the hemisphere in which they're located.

I'm in Honolulu but to drive around & look at new homes I sometimes think I'ave been transported to SoCal or Phoenix.

This 'chateau' looks like a fun place to host a CLUE party or murder mystery, but it is certainly not a HOME with the current furnishings.

And Sorry Michael, but I've used up most of my liver tissue over the years so help with a transplant isn't an option. Best of luck to you dude.

Anonymous said...

it was built by mohamed hadid who went on to build an even bigger palestinian palace in bel air on nimes (public records say 35,000 sq ft., he say 53,000 sq ft; if so, that's just a liitle under spelling's.)
he has the gig building four seasons hotels.
e.p.s. the house on carolwood is kind of awkwardly shoved up to the property line on the carolwood side with a garage door facing the street.

Anonymous said...

almost forgot; if that's true he's shacking up there it makes that one mile stretch even more mind boggling when it comes to the most popular singers and musically connected people having a history there.
from divas like streisand, cher, and madonna to a beatle (harrison) and a stone (jagger) to the king (presley) and the chairman (sinatra, twice) and from the gershwins on one end to rod stewart at the other...
not to mention the greatest jazz female vocalist ever; ella...
christmas caroling there would be quite a spectacle.
then throw in the benefactors of disney hall and the leo s. bing theatre (yes, those bings)
and the founder of hard rock cafe...
and finally the manager of the eagles and guns and roses right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

The house is next to the four lanes of Sunset Blvd. Not really quite area and the exhaust fumes from the cars won't do any good for Jackos lungs.

Jimmy said...

Interestingly: $100K per month would pay off a mortgage (5.75%% for 30 years) of $21,419,776.23(20%down) -- so on a purely cash flow basis it's cheaper to rent it than buy it at the asking price.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant "Ernest & Julio Gallo" Jesus juice.

Anonymous said...

Rep says Jackson is in fine health

"Michael Jackson's spokesman says the 50-year-old singer is in fine health, contrary to a widely circulated report claiming Jackson needs a lung transplant.

Mr. Jackson is in fine health, and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company and television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances."

Oh joy.

Anonymous said...

1:44 - The Carolwood side is the motorcourt you see in Mama's first photo. The garage entrance is on Monovale.

The side wings of the house do extend pretty close to Monovale on the north and Sunset on the south but they aren't as close as they appear.

Anonymous said...

The exterior and landscaping is fresh. However, the interior is pretty lame and gaudy.

MJ needs to go away and molest some more kids like he "didn't" do b4.

Anonymous said...

If you see a lot of security guards around the property, you can assume who the tennant is.....

Anonymous said...

MJ is a puclicity whore. His house sits on the corner of famed Sunset Blvd/Carolwood/Monovale.

Outside his front gates people sell "Star Maps" "Maps to the stars" He will have plenty of tourist documenting his every move.

He might even buzz open the gates for some pretty young things

gwen2xs said...

ooh stop up you mouth. iz perfect for ms. jackson. all beige and bony and badly lit.

Anonymous said...

this place is flawed. The past owner was kidnnapped from the mansion and held for ransom 14 miles away. The motion dectictors on the sunset side have problems.

lil' gay boy said...

Why is it that every Landry design I've seen here is totally out of scale & awful?

Has the man no sense of proportion? No sense of taste or style? No sense at all?

Anonymous said...

I love this home. Flaws and all. I also love the fact that it is down the street from the fabulous Fleur de Lys estate, which is across the street from David Geffen's huge land-filled estate on Angelo.

Yours truly had parked her car on Carolwood across from Fleur de Lys just to adore the mansion at night with all the lights but was deafened by the loudest cricket noises ever heard. No joke. Crickets are EVERYWHERE at night and one cannot hear oneself think.

I got back in my car and drove down to Sunset and passed MJ's new digs in question. There was an ugly old convertible in the subterranean parking space big enough for ONE car (behind gates). I did not like the fact that this house appeared to be built so close to the sidewalk. No breathing room at all!

I hope the rumors of MJ being sick are false. Despite his delusion of grandeur, MJ is a talented entertainer or at least he was. However, if it turns out to be true that MJ is a child molester, then MJ is reaping what he sowed. No doctor will be able to save him. :(

Anonymous said...

Dispatch, put out a bulletin. We have confirmation that the Ford Festiva has headed back to Fontana.

StPaulSnowman said... have an undisputed eye for design, but you could never, ever accomplish what Mr. Landry does with truckloads of painted and faux finished styrofoam mouldings. I think you have hit on his real weakness. He tries to mask his lack of sense of proportion with innumerable arches, coves and coffers. The clients must like the attempt at making 10,000 sqft look even larger and busier.

Anonymous said...

To Sgt. Schaeffer: Nice try. But you're full of sh*t. You couldn't afford what I drive.

As for Bel Air Patrol, which is their title and not the actual name of the security company that does the service, if I had been a threat in any way, the cops who were parked two cars ahead of me would have done something about it.

Fontana? Ford Festiva? Sgt. Schaffer, or whatever your real name is, get out of your pajamas, get dressed and go find a job. You can't sit on the toilet with your laptop reading comments while dumping crap all day.

Anonymous said...

Seems Sgt. Schaeffer hit a raw nerve by commenting too close to the truth.

BTW, Bel Air Patrol is indeed the "actual name of the security company". It is now a division of ADT but to say it isn't the real name is like saying Blogger isn't the real name of this blog program because it belongs to Google.

Anonymous said...

Did someone forget to flush?

No - - Just Carla.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jackson is making his moves carefully and correctly. He is super intelligent and worth $$$billions. Yes he is paying the rent. Just look up who is 50% of SONY/ATV(600000 songs rights) valued as of 2008 at 6-8 billion dollars.According to Forbes magazine he earns about 75 million a year from this one entity. The programmed sheep whom "hate" him always obeying the medias biased BULLSHIT; never investigate to see if he could be innocent.They never talk about Woody Allen(child molester accusation) Roman Polanski (child molester who may be pardoned by Bush)Kelsey Grammer(child molester accusation) or David Copperfield(rape accusation)or Phil Specter(rape and murder charges-"hung jury waiting for re-trial). BECAUSE THE MEDIA IGNORES THESE CASES. But because of an agenda ERASE his record breaking career(to once again place an "elvis" or "madonna" as the greatest entertainer ever and to STEAL the massive share of his publishing interest they continue to smear him at every turn. If you bunch of sheep really cared about injustice you would also remember the others whom have also been accused. Michael Jackson is the only person of all I have mentioned to go to trial and win on all counts(this includes the previous allegations from 1993-law 1108)
Yes he is rich yes he is innocent and yes he will have a mega-comeback soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Someone really drank the kool-aid, or in this case the Jesus Juice.

Listen, you are so deluded by your obsessive fandom that you can't see the forest thru the trees.

No one HERE is talking about Roman Polanski or any of those other people you mentioned because the blog post HERE is about Michael fucking Jackson and not David Copperfield.

Plus, if you did not see all the media coverage about David Copperfield and etc. then you're simply not paying attention to the media. I read about all of those things in the media just like you did.

Also, if you know anything about child molestation charges and accusations, you'd know they are very, very difficult to prosecute largely because the alleged malfeasance usually happens behind closed doors and quickly becomes a case of he said/she said (or he said he said etc.) and evidence is seldom traceable. These are not crimes that have witnesses. Do you understand how important that is to prosecuting a child molester?

Also, MJ was not convicted of the molestation in a court of law, but that does not mean he is innocent. Guilty people get away with crimes every day.

Something to consider perhaps is that MJ paid the Jordy Chandler family tens of millions of dollars. Why was that? Why would an innocent man fork over a reported 40 or 60 million dollars to a family to which he did nothing wrong?

What about Wade Robeson, one of his maid's son. that was paid a million or more. Why? Beneficent largesse? I don't think so.

If you dig into Google, you'll find there was at least one other not well publicized allegation against MJ by a very famous producer's son who was also paid a considerable sum of money.

Here's the last thing I'll tell you...even tho I'm 100% sure you will not believe me.

I'm from the area where Neverland is located. I know several people who worked for the ranch. One testified at the Grand Jury over the Jordy Chandler accusations. All three were once die-hard MJ fans and fiercely protective of him. Until the Jordy Chandler situation.

One of my friends told me, unequivacably told me that based on her experience working AT THE RANCH AND IN THE HOUSE that something untoward was going on with Michael and his "favored" children. This person could not say with any certainty exactly what had transpired because she was not in his bedroom at night, BUT she was convinced based on what she saw that something was not quite right...

And let's be reasonable...pretend this isn't MJ. Do you think any 40 year old men should be spending the night behind closed doors with pre-teen children who are not his? If this were not MJ, my guess is you'd be outraged that a 40 year old man had a open predilection for inviting children that are not his into his bedroom for sleepovers while the child's parents slept in another building on the property.

Listen MJ fanatic, 40 year old men do NOT EVER sleep in a locked and secured room with children who are not their own children. EVER. There is NEVER, EVER any reason for that to happen. EVER. I don't care if your Michael Jackson, the King of England or anyone's 100% inappropriate 100% of the time...and MJ is on camera, got that, ON CAMERA, talking about "sharing a bed" and having sleep overs with his pre-teen "friends."

Now then, I'll give you that MJ is one of the greatest entertainers ever and he deserves those profession accolades (even though he's not had anything new to cheer about in 15 or 20 years). However, his professional success and musical genius does not in any way mean that he does not or can not have a dark side. Successful and smart people commit all kinds of crimes every day. Just look at Bernie Madoff.

However, if you can't see that his self professed behavior with children is, at best, suspicious you're just wearing rose tinted Michael Jackson glasses.

How about this, why don't you let YOUR 9 or 11 year old son have sleep overs in his underwear with MJ in a room that is locked and secured while you are sleeping somewhere where you can not see, hear or get out your child. Remember too that room where you're going to let your 11 your old son have pillow fight with a MJ while in their PJs and underwear is (according to police reports) full of photographic images of naked and near naked children, male children, that could ONLY be described as suggestive and/or soft core.)

Again, that collection of MJs is on record with police reports and court makes no sense to say that isn't true because whether you like it or not or whether you want to believe it or not, it's true.

But your entitled to your opinion. But keep in mind, it was parents who thought like you whose children later accused MJ of making inappropriate sexual advances.

If you're willing to take the risk of letting MJ have sleepovers with YOUR children, then that's a risk you're free to take.

But I guarantee that if we weren't talking about MJ but say, your single, childless 40 year old male neighbor you're friendly with who keeps a lot of children's toys and video games around that you'd never, EVER (EVER!!!) even consider letting your 11 year old boy over there to have a sleepover in his bed.

Or would you?

Anonymous said...

I dont know why your used this blod about realestate to make you soapbox to attack Michael's character and his fans_ Thats weird in itself _ but I will disagree and state my opinion and what I know of the facts. so others have both sides and not just your opinion.

"full of photographic images of naked and near naked children, male children, that could ONLY be described as suggestive and/or soft core"

Sorry but the above statement is NOT true _ there were no such pictures in Michaels room - that is a malicious lie - Nothing of that nature was found - and it was proven in court that no such pictures were found _ There was a book from back in 93 that had pics of children and some were skinny dipping it was a gift from a fan and can be found in many libraries it is artsitic pics of children and nothing innapropriate like they TRIED to make it .. and it was locked away not out in the open.

MJ is not your average 40 yr old man and to comapre him to one is also taking to much leverage _ He is very unique in that he was NEVER allowed to live in out world so he created his own world with things he enjoys and never got to enjoy as a child _ his interactions with chidren are not innapropriate - even the sleepovers _ There is no law against that _ WHY?? _ If it was so sinister surly there would be a law to stop it_ there was no evidence presented at the trial to show his actions were innapropriate _ All the former employees recanted the stories they sold to the tabloids and stated they saw nothing .. when they had to testify - The family that accused Mj was proven to be liers and shysters who had accused others before Michael and the children admitted lying about the other case and the Mother was prosecuted for false accusations in that other case - there testimony didnt add up and they all told different stories and were caught in several lies _ the boy also made s statement earlier to authorities that NOTHING innapropriate had ever happened.
all other children interviewed in the case also said NOTHING happened .. There was no credible evidence, In fact the Jury stated they didnt know why is was even brought to trial becuase they couldnt find any evidence to convict Michael of any crime. Including the misdemenor charges.

Michaels character througout the years is also a testimony to his innocense. Yes he openly admitted to having innocent sleepovers becuase he has nothing to be ashamed of - He openly stated he saw nothing wrong with it - He never tired to hide the fact - WHY - becuase he is NOT a pedophile or molestor - he genuinely has a heart and calling to minister and help children in this world and has done that throgh out his career - very generously -

Michael was found innocent of all charges becuase he is Innocent _

I hope he and his beautiful children are happy in their new home

May God bless them :)

Stop with the attacks and hate
no one deserves all that ish.
especially Michael Jackson

Osomuns BinJerkin said...

I heard Michael has moved out, I think I'll hide out here for awhile.

Blur said...

How can they even let him rent this shit and homes in London when hes so far in debt?

Anonymous said...

he never bankrupt himself. That is a media wishfull thinking. he owns 1/2 of Sony/ATV, which is the most prolific of the music industry. Sony quarantees to buy half of that company for a mere $1.3bil, if Mj ever wants to sell. his company is worth over $3billion.
The media will never speak of it because, just like they never told the public that Mj was innocent, they do not want the public to know that MJ is rich.

teddy bear said...

oh please billie jean. you pulled those numbers out of a hat. where did you find that sony would pay $1.3B. Where did you read his company is worth $3B?

and what use does the media have for not being truthful about jackson's finances?

honestly, some of you MJ fanatics are delusional and wouldn't know a forest from a tree.

Anonymous said...

Now, the AP is reporting that the company is worth $2 billion!

Anonymous said...

Tom Mesereau stated during the trial the Catalog was worth $2 - $4 billion dollars back in 2005.

Anonymous said...

You all talk about an other what about all the bad things about your selves. You are all no one to talk your a miserable crowd of haters and your all jealous because you fail at your dreams. No one cares about the homeless walking into our restaurants with pee in their pants and sleeping on the streets. You just drive by and for get it. You spend so much time in mr Jackson business. What about the missing part where those boys were pulling michaels pants down for fun on neverland ranch and pushing michael into the pool dressed. You a bunch of low life americans with out honor or a life no education or class. and not well traveled narrow minds tunnel vision never had money to buy any thing good.

Roberto said...

Mr. Jackson's music is selling so well, it is forecasted that his entire debt will be paid off by the end of the year from the sales proceeds alone. I guess we can all stop worrying now whether or not Mr. Jackson died insolvent. He didn't. His estate is worth at least $200 million AFTER all debt is accounted for. Now that his records are once again selling in the thousands, his estate is going to be worth a heck of a lot more by year's end.

A cruel comment was made in some article or other that MJ's dying was a smart career move.

In other news, it is my belief that MJ placed his trust in all the wrong people and was murdered. Dr. Conrad Murray is almost $1 million in debt and in pre-foreclosure on his multi million dollar pile of stucco in Las Vegas. Murray was at a point in his financial life where he would do ANYTHING to get out of the massive hole he has dug for himself. Did he act on orders from the mob perhaps? MJ's connection with the mob worry me - he was afraid that he was going to be murdered, he said as much time after time. He had strong ties to the mob in Florida via financial 'advisors'. Why oh why did MJ surround himself with so many damn shady people including doctors who weren't doctors at all (Tohme Tohme), doctors who turn up every fireplace and furnace on the top floor of the house to create a sweltering environment so hot that a body that's been dead for hours wouldn't turn into a stiff as quickly, mobsters who masquerade as financial advisors ... the list goes on. No wonder MJ burned through money - there's a colossal back story to all of this that no one can even begin to know ANYTHING about. MJ was being bled dry but he was either too out of it, too scared or too tired of it all to do anything about it.

The whole situation could conceivably be a murderous one. It could also be a suicide as well. Either way, it wasn't a natural death and you know something? MJ deserved so much more than that just based on what he gave to the world in terms of entertainment value. He was just so battle scarred from years of dealing with an unscrupulous media that it took every ounce of strength he had to draw breath, I'm sure.

As one who has had the unfortunate experience of being on the receiving end of relentless media curiosity regarding an event and accompanying court trial that I was regretfully a part of, I can honestly say that those ambulance chaser types who call themselves 'journalists', who wander around with a notebook and pencil and a camera hung about their persons, are DANGEROUS.

RIP MJ. The world is a far less interesting place without you in it.

Anonymous said...

Hasta cuando tanta critica y falta de respeto,sinceramente el sr. Jackson fue bastante cuestionado. Busquen a quien molestar,bastantes artistas drogrados y delincuentes hay en Hollywoood,que muestran sus casas en canales de tv y compiten entre ellos, son envidiosos y la gentes estupida de este mundo vive comprando sus rídiculos discos y observando sus pateticas peliculas para hacerlos mas ricos en su fortuna y su ego. QUE TRISTEZA Y LASTIMA DA ESTA POBRE HUMANIDAD

Anonymous said...

Roxanne guez and her estranged husband the lady that owns ed hardy clothing , you know that cheap overpriced crap. she also overcharged michael. she bought this home for 18 million and now wants almost 30 million. she is a weirdo who is connected to the illumanti. now that she cant bank off michaels death she is going after the little guys and suing the Star maps Lady Linda Welton , claming that she cannot enjoy her home due to the fact that star maps are being sold by her house. she is suing the map lady for $25,000. Ms welton comes from the legacy family that invented star maps in 1936 .los angeles is and will always be a place for hollwood tours and star maps! her husband cannot even stand her , she even grips to those around her that she need s to have a face lift, once she stood ooutside her gates and yelled at the tour busses that pass by her home and yelled to the map lady " you are all fucking done" she is bi polar, and wont accept that fact that nobody wants to buy a home where someone has died or possibal murdered or committed sucide! she has now put up 10 different camera's all keping a close eye on the map lady who for roxanne is now her biggest problem.... mj vigil anyone?

Unknown said...

Well, $100,000 for such a humongous mansion is definitely worth the deal. But yes, we all do wonder what Mister Jackson would do with that many rooms and facilities such as the heated pool for one. Either he needs all the extra space for the storage of all his massive wardrobe collections or perhaps just a huge playground for all the kids that he once knew. Whatever it all was for, he is still my idol and a one true legend who will be greatly missed by people from all around the world.