Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UPDATE: Nic Cage

Okay children, we too thought we were done discussing Mister Nic Cage and his great real estate sell off, but thanks to a generous and thoughtful source we'll call Mister Wingwang we now have better (and more) photos of and a floor plan for the Olympic Tower apartment that Mister Cage put on the market and then took off as quickly as a hummingbird flaps its little wings

The new photos include a look-see into one of the bedrooms which offers an undeniably spectacular view of the Empire State Building. Mister Cage, or his nice gay decorator, has placed a Frank Gehry designed Power Play armchair in one corner and what appears to be a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona day bed at the foot of the bed. Both solid if obvious choices for a furniture collector. The bathroom appears to have been done up with mirrors and black onyx, which certainly looks, uhm, dramatic.

The rather oddly configured floor plan shows that the two combined apartments on the 48th floor actually have three separate entrances, two kitchens and a wet bar in the playroom. In addition to the two primary bedrooms there is also a "sleep area" where we presume the nanny or Mister Cage's death rocker son is stashed when visiting.

Your Mama is certainly not any kind of authority of New York City condo pricing and certainly each person is entitled to whatever their own vision of real estate heaven but a quick look into the internets proves that for almost ten million clams we could find a much better resolved and far more intriguing apartment. Say this full floor unit at the stunning but not yet built Herzog & de Meuron designed tower in TriBeCa. Or maybe this crazy co-op on Park Avenue that was done by architecture's most famous color queens Stamberg Aferiat. Or, for a lot less money, a posh place at the legendarily dee-voon Dakota where you might have the distinct pleasure of seeing Yoko Ono taking out the trash in her slippers.


Anonymous said...

Love the "dramatic" bathroom with the lighting. Love the fact that it appears one can poop in the sky! Love the views! Thanks for the new photos, Mama... :)

Anonymous said...

I love the decor and the views are breathtaking - but the floor plan is dreadful. It looks like three tiny apartments were combined into one weird one. Walking down a twisting corridor, cutting through the playroom, then squeezing through a two-sided closet just to get from the living room to the den? Excuse me? It'd be easier to go out into the building corridor and enter one of the other doors. Ugh. No amount of stunning views or Design Within Reach furnishings can make up for that.

Anonymous said...

boy i'd love to play me some Bright Lights, Big City in the bath and bedroom!

Anonymous said...

This looks like two studios and a 1bedroom were triplexed, not a duplex as described. Maybe its the old M&A in me but it needs to be either reconfigured or broken up and sold as three pieces. And should go for 6,000 to 6,500k tops

Anonymous said...

Apartment is designed for to have two mistresses

Anonymous said...

What 12:55 said. The ceiling lights in the living/dining area really annoy me. The look is too busy, too artificial, too reminescent of cheap hanging patio lanterns.

Mama's Kiwi Kid said...

The most higgledy piggledy floorplan to infinity and beyond that I've ever laid eyes on. Ugh.

LOVE that bathroom though!

Anonymous said...

Mama, you could have broken this scoop. Had the tools.

SitDownKaren said...

I agree with Anon 12:55, decor is good and the views are great but the floorplan???

Anonymous said...

Mama.....no more please! I am having a "Nic Fit" with all of these Cage blurbs.

Anonymous said...

Love the

70s Building
80s Architecture
90s Interior Design
00s Price!!!

I've seen better apts for $550,000 in NYC!!!!!!!! What a shithole. But it will sell.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 12:55 and the rest of you are right on the money with the floor plan - what a mess. Just shows you - it's rare for combinations to really work.

Funny, 11:30!!!

Now that the market here is frozen, I don't know what this will go for or how long it will take. Yes, there are better apartments for this money elsewhere, but this building/location goes for a premium because it attracts a lot of foreigners and corporations for its prime midtown/Fifth location.

Anonymous said...

Stupid floor plan. Who wants to go through a playroom to get to the den?

Anonymous said...

I suppose you could stash the nanny in the den apartment.

StPaulSnowman said...

Does anyone know who bought that Brooklyn gem previously owned by Jennifer Connolly ? It was so classy when compared to many of the recent properties.

king jagiello said...

Hey Billy, you are right about them being three separate units, but they are not triplexed. They are all on the 48th floor. You can see this on the floor plan and in the blogger's description.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning

Thanks mama!

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Anonymous said...

it is referred to as a sleep area as "official" bedrooms must have windows according to the law in NYC