Monday, November 24, 2008

Lenny Kravitz Slashes Penthouse Price. Again.

Looks like the prodigiously pierced Grammy winning musician Lenny Kravitz might finally be getting serious (or desperate) about selling his downtown Manhattan penthouse apartment that has been for sale for-evah.

Located in the same Crosby Street boo-teek building that curious Courtney Love ladee once called home, the approximately 6,000 square foot triplex now carries an asking price of $14,995,000. A year ago when Your Mama discussed the over-processed penthouse it had an asking price of $19,500,000.

The apartment has been all did up and worked over in the many shades of brown by Mister Kravitz's personal design team and as it turns out, one of Your Mama's well connected confreres, a gal we'll call Misty Mortified, has been inside this penthouse. While sipping a designer beer and sucking on a cancer stick Misty gleefully recounted her visits to the residential extravaganza telling us there are more terlits than she could keep track of (we count nine on the floor plan), a sterile kitchen (plus two more kitchenettes), a shower room that opens right into the damn hallway, "beaver fur couches sprayed with perfume" that got her allergies up and that the only personal item in the entire place is a giant mural of his mother Roxy Roker that greets guests as they step off the elevator.

This is the very same apartment that famously suffered from "blocked, clogged, and congested" terlits that resulted in several lawsuits. Clotted up crappers or not, Mister Kravitz is reported to have previously leased the four bedroom place to several high profile people like Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington and Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman. As far as we know, Mister Kravitz also maintains a long owned but recently rehabbed residence on Biscayne Point Circle in Miami as well as an apartment in gay Paree.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I learned Lenny Kravitz attended Beverly Hills High School. He's so NOT Beverly Hills in any way.... ;)

Come home to Cali, Lenny. Come to the west where it's warmer.... :)

Anonymous said...

Im glad to see that rich people are having a hard time just like us poooooor folks!

Anonymous said...

Perusing the photos from Mama's earlier post this place looks like an indie movie set..........very impressive but impractically cold. It would be very hard for Sveta to get the dingleberries and Depends failures out of those carpeted steps. Too bad we don't get a look at the bedrooms as I am sure that they are "plein d'erotique"

Anonymous said...

here is what happened

"this is from an article in financial news in NY"

A stripper moves to vegas in 2002, she gets her RE lic, then she sold over 200 properties for the next few years driving up the prices in real estate in vegas,

well guess what ?

she and her mortgage broker husband were recently arrested for buying 227 homes for 107MM and the problem was that the buyers where "straw purchasers" some of homes were sold 5 times to different straw buyers"

wall street and the banks bought into the plan or at the very least looked away, (remember barrings bank of england ?)

as you can see, it was folks like her and her hubby that drove prices skyhigh and caused stars like leo and cage to think that real estate is where you could go and make a killing

here are the facts
these fantasy asking prices will be a reality in 30 years not today, not tomorrow

any property that is up now for sale is worth 10% of it's asking price, no more, no less

and that is according to todays news in NY and everyone in the financial sector is in shock

I cannot wait for the lawsuits to start

times that stripper (true story by thousands and you will see why real estate skyrocketed and why it is up for a crash of 1970 prices which will have no effect on wall street as they are quietly removing the stench in the form of these trillion dollar bailouts

Anonymous said...

I am at a bar having some drinks which is a few blocks from ground zero in NY as I am typing this, so excuse the grammer

but you get the point

yes ?

if you could hear what I am hearing here

Anonymous said...

The unit looks rather dated & faded to me, in a word - tired. I'm stunned that he spent a cool million to do it too. Since when do you stage a place for mass appeal based on an African theme of all things? Floor legnth sheers in a kitchen? Oh come on Lenny.

SitDownKaren said...

Did he win or lose the lawsuit??