Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Former Packer Brett Favre Lists WIsconsin House

SELLER: Brett Favre
LOCATION: Shady Lane, Ashwaubenon, WI
PRICE: $475,000
SIZE: 3,000 square feet (approx.), 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Outstanding spacious ranch home on a beautiful landscaped lot. 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 1st floor laundry. Enjoy the formal dining room w/ FP & wet bar. Large 3+ stall garage.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: When we first received word from the Wisconsin Whisperer about some person named Brett Favre listing his house in some place called Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin for $475,000 we asked, "Who?" and, "Where" and, "How in the devil's name does one pronounce that?"

Fortunately Your Mama has unfettered access to the world wide interweb where we learned that Mister Favre is a professional pigskinner who currently quarterbacks for the New York Jets. However, from 1992-2007 he strapped on a helmet and slipped into those practically see through petal pushers that football dudes wear while working for the Green Bay Packers. That explains both why Mister Favre both owns and is selling a house in suburban Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In addition to the covert communications of the Wisconsin Whisperer, we also located a recent article on the website for local boob-toob channel WISN that announced the listing of Mister and Missus Favre's approximately 3,000 square foot house.

Property records show that Mister and Missus Favre purchased their rather ordinary ranch style residence in a development of like-minded homes in August of 2005 for $416,000.

Listing information shows the brick-faced house includes 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a concrete driveway leading to the generously sized 3+ car garage. Adjacent to the columned entrance hall are a formal living room that looks like it's never been sat in and a pink painted dining room with a wet bar conveniently located for keeping the dinner guests all boozed up.

The decent sized kitchen includes a small prep island, double ovens and four stools for the kiddies. In addition to the beige and burgundy family room, the basement has been finished and converted into a windowless beige and blue television lounge. The master bedroom, with it's beige carpeting, has been all done up and did over in brown and a silvery satin blue color and the master bath has a separate shower and spa tub.

The backyard has a large stretch of green lawn and a small pavered patio tucked up into the corner of the house. There does not appear to be any fencing between the properties, a very un-private situation we've noticed in the mid-west before, but one Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter do not care for. Who wants their neighbors being able to watch as you flip burgers and pick your bathing suit out of your butt? Not us.

Normally we live and breath by our beloved Aunt Jennie's signature statement, "If you don't have anything nice to say, well then, set next to me hunny." And in this case we could certainly blather on about the avocado colored fabric on the faux-Louis' in the formal living room and we could whine until we're hoarse about that acid green faux finish paint treatment in the kitchen. We could also piss and moan about the Home Despot-style brass fixtures in the master bathroom and we could wonder why that silver chest at the foot of the bed appears to be set on a bunch of damn bricks. And we could go a blue streak until next week about how mortified and terrified we are of finished basement spaces. But, we're not going to. Why? Well children, because wouldn't it be just a little too much like kicking a homeless person or beating a dead horse or driving a car right off a cliff? Do you know what we're saying?

Yes, we think you do.

And P.S., No offense to all the Wisconsinites, but we never did figure out how to pronounce Ashwaubenon properly.


Anonymous said...

Does... not... compute... *Why* in the name of holy Jeezis would a man with his kind of resources live in this house? Surely a mistake has been made and this was a home he purchased for his MIL or PA or even his Svetlana!

Anonymous said...

You know Mama, I was going to email you with this tip when this story first hit the air waves and local news here in Wisconsin. Before doing so, I decided to have a look at it first. When I finally came to, I thought for sure I had made a mistake. I double checked, and triple checked. By golly it wasn't a mistake.
I really didn't know what to say. I decided not to forward this to you because, well, just because.
I never in a million years would have pictured this to be Brett Favre's home. Ever.

luke220 said...

Maybe this was the model home and he bought it furnished?

Anonymous said...

it's like this...ash-wa-ben-on. say it fast and sound like sarah palin and you'll get it.

Anonymous said...

this was a home he and his wife lived in during the football season. He lives in an immense house in hattiesburg, ms as a primary residence. When the fiasco in green bay was going on in late july, the news crew followed brett and his wife deanna back to this home. they also showed this home all day with packers execs coming and going.I know its hard to imagine an elite star that could live so simple. His children never lived here with them either so they really didnt need a 20 bedroom mansion. the town is pronounced ash-wha-bah-non

TwentyFiveFifty said...

looks like an easy house to button up tight and get the hell out of dodge and back to Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

If only beverly park would wise up and list their homes accordingly

or at least sunset plaza, beverly hills, bel air

to bad this place is in Wisconsin

to far for me to live

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but anyone who bought a home between 2002-2008 bought at the top of the market

unless they bought their home before 2001 they will take a huge loss

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. I love your sense of humor. The next time I pick my bathing suit out of my butt I will think of you....

Alessandra said...

I was just going to post when Anon 12:26 said. This was never his primary residence; just a place to park the family while he was working.

And Mama, don't fret. My mama can't pronounce "Favre" either.

Anonymous said...


A ( like apple) -schwab ( the last name)-ben(the first name) -on


Anonymous said...

anon 12:54 stop making blanket statements, whenyou clearly dont know what you are talking about

alot of ppl in alot of markets who bought in the past few years are and still sell at profits.

Anonymous said...

Oh my golly goodness, this house is just so lovely! How all the other contributors can diss it so I will never know! And to think that such a modest dwelling was peopled by the mighty just adds to its charm. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Recognizing that this is only a part-time residence, I still am surprised by the cheap looking decor.. the guy makes $10m+ a year.

Anonymous said...

2:17 - it's just average idiot pretending to be an anon...just like he pretends to have money..cars..or a brain. ignore him. he is probably touching himself with glee over being acknowledged right now. he isn't worth the bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that he bought this house for his parents. Katrina hit Hancock County, Mississippi in August 2005. His parents live in Kiln, MS. I assume family members needed a place to live after the hurricane.

Anonymous said...

anon 2 17

name a few who have in the last 2 months profited from homes they bought in the last 3 years

or are you talking out of your other mouth

iowachick said...

Now, Mama. I am just wondering if it would be possible to just buy that there bed that he's been sleepin in. I might want to open a museum, or just lay on his sheets...hmm.....

Errrrr, now why ya'll complainin he ain't spent more money?? Ya know he's already an American Icon and Superstar...he's got nothin to prove. And you know, CoCo Chanel always said "Less is more"--but you knew that already, didn't you Mama.

Sue would preciate it if you find out about the bed for me......

Anonymous said...

ANON 5 31

you are either a ramen noodle eating agent

or a liar

which one is it ?

or better yet show us proof

show us your home that you bought in the last 3 years and you sold it in the last month at a profit, not 2 months or a year ago


I said if you bought at the peak

you will have a loss if you try to sell now

so again where is the proof ?

trulio will suffice

Anonymous said...

you people are so stupid if you bevlie everyone who bought real estate within the last few years and is now selling it is losing money.

much of the "heartland" where values don't fly up in ridiculous appreciation over a year isn't hurt by what's going on right now, activity and appreciation have slowed but people thoughtout the core of the country including major cities like Chicago - ARE NOT LOSING MONEY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so anon 7 16

I take it that you have no proof and you are a liar ?

Anonymous said...

and yes they are losing money

why do you think the 700 billion dollar bailout is just the beginning ?

Anonymous said...

Lets see average joe, i just spent 5 minutes on the Chicago MLS and pulled 3 units....

1110 Lake Shore Dr #2N
sold for $650,000 4/29/2006
Sold again, YESTERDAY for $875,000.

73 E Elm, 6A
sold for $575,000 on 6/16/2006
sold on Oct 2nd for $649,000

500 W Superior #713
sold for $397,000 on 8/17/2005
sold Oct 1 for $510,000

there's three, and i gaurantee you there are thousands more in other cities including la, cuz im pretty sure jeff lewis is unloading valley oak for a profit.

close your fuckin mouth, cuz you don't have a clue!

Anonymous said...

Do they have Dennys restaurants in Wisconsin? I may have to leave California.

Anonymous said...

no, he doesn't do his wife... he cheats on her.... almost got divorced over it a few years back

Anonymous said...

Leave Brett alone. He and Deanna have been together since 8th grade. They had a little rough patch in the mid nineteeees. That is you basic Wisconsin house.

It should be noted that Ashwaubenon is not LA. Most people are prison guards, meat packers or they make toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

uh dickweed

100k, 200k is not a profit

you have to pay half in taxes unless you buy another place within that same year, you also have to pay the realtor their comissions

you just proved yourself a liar and a moron

a profit is a buy for 1 MM and sell for 2 MM

or a buy for 200K and sell for 600k

and last year, the year before and the year before you could do that all day

now not so much

dumb ass

Anonymous said...

Once again you MORON, that is why we are in this mess, you idiiots who over price and expect ridiculous appreciation. The base, stable markets that appreciate 5%/yr are doing okay, perhaps thats not a bgi enough profit in comparison to your Burger Drive Through salary average joe, but, to most American's, its just fine.

You really are an obnoxious dick-weed. and all your BS will come back to you. I hope you diea long painful death, and if you keep pissing ppl off the way you do, you probably will.

Anonymous said...

okay then let me explain this in laymens terms

buy a home for 400k and sell it for 600k you have to pay 300k in taxes or buy another home for 600k

so where is the profit ?

Anonymous said...

up until last year we thought a appreciation of 200% a year was the norm

until now

can you even afford to take part in the 700 billion dollar bailout ?

I was just sent a contribution letter and I will have to donate a substantial sum

if you are not one of us you will have no clue as to what I am talking about

you are another idiot who I would not give the time to in the real world

Anonymous said...

I think the uglee chest at the end of the bed houses a pop-up flatscreen. The tchokes on it are there for the staging.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't like to engage Av. Joe because I think he's not all there mentally.

But for the sake of argument...here's my story...I bought a house in 2003 for 400k. I sold in two months ago for 650k.

I will not be paying anywhere near $300k in taxes even though I'm not planning on buying another house until the markets settle a little.

I'm not saying the real estate market isn't in turmoil or that I don't think prices are going to drop significantly in areas like LA...I do...but that does not mean that everyone who bought in the last five years is going to loose their shirts.

I think Av. Joe would like to think that's going to be the case, but it's just not.

Anonymous said...

what did you pay in taxes ?

Anonymous said...

Guys, the owner is a former Packer great and a current roster player in the NFL - whoever said that he'd take a loss has gotta be kidding!! There'll be people fighting over it, just because he lived there - pushing the price up, and even if he does make a loss on it, I can't see him losing any sleep over it... The Pack was going to offer $20m just to stay at home at one stage!

Anonymous said...

I doubt he'll take a loss, he'll break even after paying commision which what does it matter, the guy probably litterally has $200 million.

Anonymous said...

Is this the house he bought for his mother-in-law? This is so ordinary and bland.

Anonymous said...

up until last year I thought penis enlargement of 200% a year was possible

until now

I have spent 700 thousand on proven enhancements advertised on the web.

I was just sent a letter for a new product and I will have to spend a substantial sum

All that and my willie is still smaller than the 5 year old's that I peeked at in the public restroom. I have no clue as why the products didn't work, they were advertised as proven.

Don't say I am another idiot who you would not give the time to in the real world. If you saw my willie you would feel sorry for me.

Anonymous said...

you middle aged men and women crack me up

you sound like your kids

Anonymous said...

again to the guy that bought a home for 400k and sold it for 650k what did you pay in taxes ?

Anonymous said...

I haven't done my 2008 taxes yet so I haven't paid the tax due, but since it was a second home I'll pay capital gains on the 250k increase less the improvements made to the property.

My capital gains should be 25% but they could be as much as one-third.

So If I made 100k in improvements then I'll owe 25-33% of the 150k gain.

Anonymous said...

White appliances???

Anonymous said...

I don't pay taxes since my only income is unemployment and money I earn washing windshields at intersections.

Anonymous said...

This is not his main house. He lives in another state in a mansion. This is just a place to crash when he was in Wisconsin.