Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw List Beverly Park Mansion

SELLERS: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
LOCATION: Beverly Park, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $14,800,000
SIZE: 10,500 square feet (approx.), 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Mediterranean estate w/ grand views & privacy in prestigious Beverly Park South. Situated on over 4 acres the estate offers sweeping panoramic views. Grand two story entry features limestone floors, large skylight & wrap around staircase. This home is highlighted by a spacious and elegant master suite w/ his & her baths connecting to a state of the art gym. Gourmet kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances, large open formal dining room w/ step down living room. Manicured gardens w/ luxurious pool.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Not too long ago Your Mama told the children about a stinking rich bizness man named Ronald Tutor who forked over a staggering $37,600,000 to purchase a not yet completed behemoth in Beverly Park, the mother ship of all the guard gated, mega-mansion communities in Los Angeles. While we were discussing the big buy, we floated a tidbit (see No. 4) about a rumor we'd been hearing about another celebrity owned Beverly Park mansion coming on to the market.

Well children, thanks to a covert communique from Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills last night, we've now confirmed that country singing super stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have listed their Beverly Park South house with an asking price of $14,800,000.

Property records, recent reports and our pal Penny Pricegiver reveal that the Grammy winning couple purchased the 4.85-acre estate in August of 2003 for $6,200,000. Records also show that the seller was Sasha Stallone, the first of Sylvester's three wives. The children will recall that Mister Stallone also lives in a mammoth mansion in Beverly Park.

Listing information indicates the McGraw's Mediterranean style mansion measures in at a relatively modest for Beverly Park 10,500 square feet and includes half a dozen bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. Presumably this is the house that was burgled last year, a disturbing situation that rattled residents because like all the mega-mansions in Beverly Park, the house has state of the art security and sits behind gates in a guard gated community.

Anyhoo, it's clear to anyone with eyeballs that that the country crooning couple hired a nice gay decorator to do up and do over their big ol' house in a dramatic style. The double height entry features limestone floors (covered by a crazy shaped custom sisal rug), a couple of grandma's old wing back chairs and a center table with two items Your Mama loathes: a balloon skirt and a cloying statue of an angel. Call us cynical and call us callous, but there's just something so lonely feeling about wanting to have angel statues hanging around the house.

In the all beige dining room we have more statuary of the sort that would likely scare the skin right off Your Mama if we were to pass through in the middle of the night on our way to the kitchen for a candy snack. Our boozy and woozy eyeballs would see those figures looming in the corners with the moonlight behind them and fearfully wonder if our Beverly Park goose was cooked.

The family room area has been did up and done over in several shades of beige with taupe accents. Although generally speaking we're not a big fan of the all-beige day-core, we have to admit the family room, graced by a coffered ceiling and one of the mansion's four fireplaces, looks like an comfortable place to lay around and watch the boob-toob.

Although the kitchen is a bit country for our personal taste, we think it's very nicely done. We're particularly appreciative of the dark floors, the big mama Viking range and the restraint shown on the raised panel cabinetry. The Shabby Chic breakfast room is another story with it's Peptol Bismol pink paint treatment. We do think it's terrific that the McGraws have framed and prominently displayed their children's artwork in here, a dee-voon decorating scheme that all the children with children can re-create in their own homes.

Since we got nuthin' good to say about that blood red room except that those 1930s red velvet chairs are fa-boo and we'd bet our long bodied bitches cost as much as a Mercedes, we're just going to move on up to the master bedroom. Listing information states that the master suite includes his and her bathrooms that connect to a home gym set up. This sounds good until you have a long hard look-see at the "man's" bathroom. Not only does the "man's" bathroom include a lot of nearly impossible to keep spot free black tile and a gigantic black bathtub, it is also wide open to the home gym set up. This means, of course, that should you want to bring your trainer or yoga guru up into the gym to work your muscles or twist your body like a pretzel, he or she will actually be right up in your private pooper, a situation that we could not tolerate and we imagine the trainer and yoga guru would not appreciate.

Although the property spans more than four acres, much of it is hillside so the usable pad is much smaller than one might imagine. There is a large double gated motor court in the front and several tiled patios in the rear including a covered dining terrace, a built-in barbecue center for cooking up hot dogs, and an unfortunately shaped swimming pool and spa all of which overlooks the glittering lights of the less fortunate below. The property does not include a tennis court, something that may not be an issue with some fifteen million dollar buyers, but if Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter were in the market for a fifteen million dollar mansion–and we are not–we would require a tennis court where Tommy the tennis pro could work on our strokes in the privacy of our own home.

It is our understanding that Mister and Misss McGraw also own a 6,072 square foot nest on Chickering Lane in Nashville where they've been camping out while building a new crib on the nearby 17 acre parcel property records indicate they purchased in August of 2004 for $3,000,000.

Given that the next least expensive house in Beverly Park currently on the open market has a price tag of $19,995,000, the McGraw mansion looks almost like a bargain, don't it?

Top Photo: Pacific Coast News


Anonymous said...

They purchased the home on 08/25/2003 for $6.2M via their trustee Al Hagaman, according to public records.

Anonymous said...

Dear gods in the heavens...cock-n-balls in the backyard and a gym wide open to the men's room. Seems someone could make some sort of connection. Where's little gay boy to take a stab at this?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this house. Well, it is a little too beige in some places, but nothing that paint cannot fix. I'd buy this house in a heartbeat if it were $5-8 million cheaper and I was looking to buy a house where I could play a never-ending game of hide-n-seek with the staff.

The gay locker room and penis pool is startling. However, being a gay man, it would be the talk of all of my friends. In my case, I like the cock-n-balls and man-viewing gym.

Anonymous said...

Plus, on the ground the pool likes relatively normal.

Anonymous said...

I just did my first "flyover" and "birds eye" view of Beverly Park (a new hobby of mine -- virtual vacations). This neighborhood, by far, is my favorite of the one's I've explored in LA.

It does, however, appear to be further away from all of the LA action than many other neighborhoods. Is it a bit of a drive if you're coming from Rodeo Drive from the hot spots? If so, I'd certainly need a driver. Please correct me if I am wrong -- I am an East Coast Baby.

The houses in Beverly Park are HUGE!

After a quick scan, this is my favorite thus far (subject to change very often):

Anonymous said...

This house is SOOO QUEER! I'm only buying the house if the naked "boys" in the dining room come with it. I'll adorn them with seasonal loin cloths! The gay bath, cock and balls pool, pink breakfast, the "cone of silence" in the redrum...i mean red room.....But, a bargain for Beverly Park.

Anonymous said...

The..."unfortunately shaped swimming pool"...heeeee!!! Yes, I'm twelve.

Anonymous said...

THis is a great house, and priced right. But they paid $6.2 m, how much do you expect them to make???

The house also is like 4k sq ft smaller than Robbie Williams allegid purchase.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, who the fuck picked that pool shape. Probably Sylvester, I always thought he was trying too hard to look straight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This house just doesn't do it for me. It's so boring and blah. There really isn't hardly any yard and the way the lot is so wide and not deep makes the house super wide and spreads outdoor living spaces along a huge amount of space which puts the pool way far away from other entertaining areas, which is good when the kiddies are in the pool playing but not good when you're having a pool party.

The "mans" bathroom needs to be gutted.... the house is actually rather tastefully decoarted, not my style but it's not repulsively done to me, which is how I feel about most Beverly Park homes interior decor. Love with white marble countertops in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

beverly park estates used to go for 5MM and under

in a year they will be back in that range

these facts are on the mlspro

prior to 2001

Anonymous said...

That is just hard to believe that they would not fix that pool. Maybe they hardly notice the shape. Maybe it's hard to find a good pool guy. I hardly think I would advertise this aspect of the home. sometimes it's just hard to find a good piece of
land to lay your roots down on.

Anonymous said...

NY times

prices are due for an unheard of reduction

Anonymous said...

I think you should link to the story.

Anonymous said...

It takes about 10 minutes to drive from Sunset Blvd up to Beverly Park. It's not far removed from Los Angeles. 10,000 sq feet is small for Beverly Park.

Wonder how many nights they actually spent in the house. At least they are smart enough to sell something that is probably not used much and costs $$$$ to maintain. The house will sell.

Anonymous said...

Its in Beverly Park technically but not really IN beverly park because it is on the very outer reaches of the community. As you can see from the aerials its a hop skip and jump of about 20 or so yards to any of three residential, non gated streets. The burgulars only had to park on Florian or Millboro or Glenside and walk up to the house!

Anonymous said...

Here is the website for the listing.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you guys get such a clear, huge image of a house (like the first the picture)? Birdseye from Live search? Or is there another tool out there?

Anonymous said...

they flew up there in a helicopter and took the picture


Anonymous said...

I hardly know where to start. I wondered if I was going to be the only one who saw the pool as a cock and balls.

I would love to know who built/first owned this house, and when it was built. I think we can assume it was a flaming rich guy.

But what I really want to know is, WHY did a family buy this house? What did the little girls think of the pool. Did they swim in it? UCK!! And the father, did he and his friends 'use' the gay bath/gym?

When Mama says porn, he means porn.

Anonymous said...

I was also hoping to be first with a cock 'n' balls reference, but I guess I'm late to the party. Mama showed admirable restraint with "unfortunately shaped."

Anonymous said...

That's because unlike most of the children, Mama is a class act.

Anonymous said...

The house is too in bevelry Park you idiot, there are two areas, and its in Beverly Park South, which IS a gaurd gated street, learn your facts.

Anonymous said...

I though "cone of silence" too! And the shower in the icky men's bath looks like a gas chamber. This house is way too bland for me, and the only color they used is hideous. What kind of room is that red room, anyhow?

Anonymous said...

"Until houses drop from retarded prices people won't feel like buying"

- HP'er "CrisisGuy", pretty much summing the whole thing up, October 16, 2008

Anonymous said...

Well we've always known Faith Hill is a size queen haven't we kids?

The cock and balls pool is hilarious. I hate the decor, but I'm a Cape Cod on the beach lover, so I wouldn't have bothered with this house in the first place.

The gym/bathroom is like a cheap porno waiting to happen. That black tub with the contemporary (as in mid 90s) windows is just so's fun.

so_chic_darling said...

I don't understand all this kind of nonsense for $15 million when there are so many lovely properties in prime locations for so much less all over LA. Give me $5 million(I wish someone would!)and I swear I could find a better house with a view and a pool in a normal shape. Why do people need homes that look like the Yugoslavian consulate from 1983?

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to The best investor on earth telling to buy. Read it en maybe ten years from now you dont have to read about Beverly Park because you live there.

Anonymous said...

I am not suprised to hear they are selling their house in Beverly Hills. I doubt that they spend enough time in LA to justify owning a house. They stop touring together in the summer because it was getting hard to travel with their kids who are now older and don't want to leave their friends for the summer in Nashville to go on tour with their parents. From now on, only one of them will go on tour while the other will stay home with the kids.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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LilStraightBoy said...

I went to see this place today. The listing "agent" didn't know anything. I heard an agent ask her about HOA, she had no idea. asked about land, and view, she had no idea. She is one of those people that just has a license. She looks like a real piece of work... typical Beverly Hills high maintenance woman. She may be bad for that sale... if it sells.

lil' gay boy said...

Sorry, kids, was actually out in LA for a party;




Methinks that there is more than just skeleton's in Tim McGraw's "closet"; did anyone notice the "unfortunately shaped swimming pool" has a reservoir tip?

Anonymous said...

They needs to change the pool shape.

What a waste of $. They're in Cali 4 @ most 2 wks a year 4 Grammys.

So they live in Tenn but r building another Tenn mansion?

I hope they have very good financial advisors.

Anonymous said...

Hate the His bathroom. the gym teacher could be in the gym while the man is having a wank in the shower and the gym teacher could be watching and then after a while hop in and join, thats what i would do

Lori Haigh said...

I appreciate the fact that the cockpool also has a reservoir tip. How thoughtful.