Friday, August 29, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...from the Mistress of Malee-boo (and confirmed by another very reliable source) that it was two-time Oscar winning and controversial Catholic Mel Gibson who scooped up sex addict actor David Duchovny and his wifey Tea Leoni's Malee-boo mansion that appeared on the market in mid-June with a $12,000,000 asking price and then poof! disappeared like a wisp of smoke in the ocean breeze.

Given that he already owns at least two properties up in Malibu's guard gated Serra Retreat, the liquor loving Aussie and father of seven (seven!) who reportedly raked in an almost unimaginable $210,000,000 in 2004 needs another damn house in Malibu like he needs, well, like he needs to be hanging around Moonshadows.

Property records and reports indicate that the wildly rich Mister Gibson also recently purchased a 400-acre cattle ranch in Costa Rica for a whopping $25,800,000.

But the property maven has also been selling off some of his primo properties. Last year he took in a whopping $28,000,000 when he sold his ocean front mansion and an adjacent lot on Broad Beach Road and he's also had his gigantic Greenwich, CT estate on the market with an asking price of $39,500,000, but we've read and heard through the gossip grapevine (but can not confirm) that it's been sold.

Those are some pretty high numbers, but if you're Mister Gibson, it's all just water under the real estate bridge, right?


Anonymous said...

What does any one damn man need three homes in the same area for? He can't sleep in all three at the same time, so why??

Anonymous said...

If I had 7 damn kids I'd need three homes just to hide from the damn rugrats when I to tie one on.

Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson in "A year of living dangerously" set the standard for sexy movie smoking. He is an icon.

Anonymous said...

outsmoker, I wouldn't say icon but he was seriously scorchin' in that movie and in Tequila Sunrise

Anonymous said...

Homes for his kids. Keeps them near. Lucky kids. I think.

Anonymous said...

He's probably got some grow ops happening in those homes. "Weeds" season 3. He buys homes so when the market gets stronger, he sells them for profit. anon @ 6:16 said it best, it's probably for the kids.

Madam Pince said...

I'm with the first Anon -- probably for his kids. His daughter got married a year or so ago, and he probably set her up in one of the properties. His twin sons are old enough to need homes as well. As previously noted, lucky kids.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the 400 acre ranch in Costa Rica, he also has another smaller ocean-view property (where he is developing a personal compound) in a little surf town called Mal Pais which is about 2 hours from his larger property. So the multiple properties in relatively close proximity seems to be a theme with him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others who have said they are probably for his children...but from what I've heard the kids (at least the males) are huge, entitled a-holes. They may be lucky, but they are also spoiled brats.

lil' gay boy said...

Mel who?

Anonymous said...

To Viva.
First of all, for someone who is supposedly so against hatred you sure seem infected with the disease yourself.
Secondly, don't state your personal opinion as a rational fact, that is misrepresenting reality. My mother and grandmother both survived concentration camps, I would never accept anti-antisemitism. However, you have to believe people are never unfair or that drunk people are never unfair to consider the type of remark Mel Gibson made proof that someone is a bigot and that itself is a naive, prejudiced view of life. Also, his drunken verbal outburst was in reality a once in a lifetime event that shouldn't therefor be misrepresented as the opposite, a characteristic trait, and yet it often is. When one has to twist facts to make one's point, one doesn't exactly have a strong point. In reality he never made any of those types of remarks on any other occasion, he never engaged in any anti-semitic activity in all of his life, he has many loyal Jewish friends (and let's show some respect for their opinion for a change), he has worked happily alongside Jewish people all his adult life, he actually has given generously to kids in need in Israel for YEARS (starting long before any of these accusations popped up) and he was actually going to make a series about the holocaust - a tribute to a Jewish woman who survives it.
As for In Vino Veritas. The real truth about alcohol is that just like it isn't intelligent enough to effect the functioning of just one leg, it can't effect just one of the standards we set, it effects them all. It can indeed unlock the key that normally prevents us from speaking certain truths, it can also however lower our threshold in the exact opposite way and make us yield to becoming unfair, to taking a cheap shot, especially if we feel attacked, cornered and bullied. And I don't think anyone with any true self-knowledge could honestly maintain they wouldn't feel that way if ever arrested, even if the reason is just, it's just a natural and instinctive reaction to having your freedom taken away.

StPaulSnowman said...
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Anonymous said...

I would never buy in costa rica

a friend did in 1990 and the government
for reasons still not revealed to this day took his ranch from him by force

they showed up with tanks and told him he had 5 minutes to get off the property

that was it

of course he sued and won but it never made the news and he never got reimbursed for his pain and suffering

Anonymous said...

I was just looking for a mansion in pebble beach ca and the prices are still like that 70MM penthouse

face it the real estate market in the high end area has still not crashed

I now know a 90% correction is needed in certain parts of the US others need a 50% correction

I mean 32MM for a mansion in pebble beach ? come on now !!!!!

15MM for land ?

I am at a loss for words

all I can say is that the some of the ultra rich and speculators are going to drive this country into bankruptcy

Anonymous said...


When did I ever say I was against hatred? It's true of course, but don't make assumptions about people you know nothing about.

Next, that quote was direct from Joan Rivers, who happens to be Jewish and hates Mel Gibson.

You can think whatever you like about Mel Gibson. You seem to 'know' him very, very well. Good for you. You'd do well to take your own advice and not state your personal opinion as a rational fact.

I happen to think he's an anti-Semitic son of a bitch. And I can think whatever I damn well please. Case closed.

Jimmy said...

re: " addict actor David Duchovny." If I was married to Tea Leoni I would be sex addicted also.

Unknown said... out for the taxman - buying
heaps of real estate greatly
effects the claws of the taxman

Time to make an Aussie movie Mel
and for wifw Robin to make a
return visit to Adelaide, her home

Remeber the one / two unit places
in Adelaide Robin - you have moved
on to another world - has it been
worth It?

Rod - a friend

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt has practically bought his whole street.

I think the $12,000,000 was a STEAL.

My question, how well did Tea's agent know Mel Gibson?

Anonymous said...

"his drunken verbal outburst was in reality a once in a lifetime event"

"In reality he never made any of those types of remarks on any other occasion, he never engaged in any anti-semitic activity in all of his life"

IMHO, "in reality" not even his parents who have known him since birth would be able to truthfully make the above statements. I think we have another visit from a glassy eyed fan who refuses to accept that "in reality", Mel Gibson is HUMAN and quite capable of having beliefs and opinions that may not be politically correct.

Anonymous said...

i also think that the money is steal

Anonymous said...

And as human beings we are quite capable of having politically correct views. It requires a leap of faith to believe this can't be true in Mel Gibson's case.

Anonymous said...

VIVA! I propose we all would assume you are preaching against MG because you suppose his attitude towards Jewish people is hateful. Why do you indulge in something you indeed confirm to be against? Or are you going to tell us that quoting statements like 'he should die' and saying he is a 'son of a bitch', or saying his kids are 'assholish' is not indulging in a hateful attitude? What right do you have to point the finger if you are that hateful yourself? People who like MG are by now very alarmed by the amount of hatred coming his way (and our way). As opposed to those continually attacking MG, MG himself as far as we know IN REALITY (and the reports we have are all we can rely on in that regard to establish truth - unless we want to make up facts) only once made a nasty remark and apologized for it later. The time that we are willing to take these continual attacks on someone we like seriously is over. Who cares if you get angry anymore, you are always angry. And it is beginning to look a lot like bigotry itself.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Let's all ignore that foul-mouthed nut case . .

Anyway, Viva, I'm with you. I think Mel is an anti-semite. So what if he has Jewish friends? He probably hides what he really feels. He's an actor, for god's sake! And let me just say that I happen to be an Irish Catholic.

We all know that alcohol often acts like truth syrum. Give anyone a couple of drinks and the truth comes out. That's what happened in Mel's case. He definitely has "issues."

Anonymous said...

blue STFU. You're boring and unoriginal!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mel Gibson. I know he made that comment while stinky drunk. Thinking about some of the stuff I've said while stinky drunk doesn't make me feel very smart, but at least I can blame being stinky drunk.

Again, I don't know Mel Gibson and am not a particularly big fan. But I do know that he's spent millions of dollars on charitable activities - including paying the entire tab for a Catholic church in Malibu decades before his unfortunate outburst to the police - and continues to do so without press or publicity.

I obviously don't condone what he said but I think we've probably all said stuff like that at one point or another. I've had several conversations with the person that owns the private security company that has Mel as a client concerning my address website and I can tell you that he's told me that Mel Gibson is a very nice guy and is truly unhappy and sorry that he made the comment and that it was publicized. It was quite simply a mistake made by a guy who was drunk; can we leave it alone now and not brand him with some scarlet letter because of a single comment made while drunk?

Enough already. And BLUE, I have some advice; "Buy a dog. Name it 'Life.' Than you'll have one." On the plus side, every time I think I might be the dumbest, most moronic loser person on the face of the earth, God trots somebody by to show me that I'm wrong.

Can we get back to real estate any time soon?

Anonymous said...

True, the subject was supposed to be REAL ESTATE. The problem of course is that when a comment in the form of a personal attack is accepted instead of removed (like 'he should die') it is appropriate to stand up against it (one should). Comments that are profane, personal attacks or otherwise inappropriate comments would have to be removed to begin with to avoid this form of derailment. Starting with the comment that provokes all of the other non-to-the-point remarks. That is not always an easy choice to make in advance.

Anonymous said...

Yo Mamma , when the fuck are you going to post something new?

This blog is like food to me.

I love Beverly hills mansions - i really do. So much so I want to nuke the place with putin's WMD

Anonymous said...

would you please fucking write someday, you havent written anything since friday, you have really been slacking off these days... all the success must have gotten to your head, you forget that us reading your blog made you who you are and you are constantly leaving us hanging, its disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Mama has made it clear she isn't interested in moderating the comments.

The unfortunate side of this is it allows for an internet troll to set up housekeeping. I believe we actually only have one. He goes by many names but the grammatical structure of his comments exposes who he is.

Internet trolls don't care about the subject of the blog. All they care about is eliciting a response. When the comment contains slurs, inappropriate language or as simple as unbelievable stories and unpopular views, it is all designed to make people turn their attention from Mama to the troll.

I assume when you see a "comment deleted", it is a registered child who chose to delete their comment. Possibly they answered in anger then censored themselves, not any action on the part of Mama.

Ultimately it is going to backfire because the comments are going to become useless. Quite honestly, they already are. A year or so ago, the comments could be relied on to complement Mama's story. Now they detract.

Mama can fix this EASILY. All she has to do is change the blog to require use of a Blogger account. A blogger account is free. It doesn't remove ones anonymity but it makes it more difficult for a troll to post times pretending to be different people. They could still do it but would have to keep track of multiple usernames/passwords. If that were the case, they would likely move on to someone else's blog that is open to anonymous posts.

And yes, I have a blogger account. I don’t use it here because 1) I don’t want to promote my blog here, and 2) Mama doesn’t require it. If Mama turned on the Blogger account required option, I would use one here because every once in a while, the good children manage to get in a word about real estate.

Mama, please reconsider your position. The children are tired of the troll.

Anonymous said...

We need more tax revenue to support California. Keep buying property Mel, at top dollar prices.

Anonymous said...

I know much of my childhood remains a tad hazy, but, um... did Mama really name one of us 568? Granted she used to say I had been "86't" whenever I tried to go into her boo-dwar after a scarry dream, but I never thought it was actually part of my name. Humph, oh well.

Anonymous said...

sorry boys and girls that was not me

as you know the only thing I rant about
is the high cost of real estate

which still has not crashed

good day

average joe :)

and for what it is worth I have a lot of african american, gay, chinese, japanese, caucasian, lesbian, arab, asian friends, I am also multi racial mix myself, so there you go

Anonymous said...

Check for the tiny tattoo on your left cheek. Mama started marking us to keep track. I was born after #567 and before the twins (569/570).

Anonymous said...

sorry boys and girls that was me

as you know I rant about everything except the topics of mamas post

which still has not gotten me enough attention

ed from westwood :)

and for what it is worth I have no african american, gay, chinese, japanese, caucasian, lesbian, arab, asian friends, I am multi personality myself and dont know all my personalities races or genders so there you go


Anonymous said...

TMZ is reporting Gibson just got a ticket in Mass. during the filming of "Edge of Darkness". The ticket is for bad acting.