Thursday, July 10, 2008

UPDATE: Nicole Kidman

After much speculation and some false reporting, turns out that thin hipped and puffy lipped Aussie ack-tress Nicole Kidman and her country croonin' huzband Keith Urban did buy themselves a new house in Beverly Hills...the Beverly Hills Post office to be precise.

Mister Big Time is reporting that Miss Alabaster Skin and Mister Flat Ironed Hair bought the recently rehabbed contemporary crib on guard gated and celebrity laden Lime Orchard Road that was being sold by music executive Ron Fair. Your Mama discussed the 3,977 square foot house back in early May when Mister Fair foisted it on the market for $4,795,000. Records don't yet reveal the sale price but Your Mama hears from someone positioned to know that Mister and Missus Urban forked over $4,700,000 for the 5 bedroom and 4.25 bathroom house.

The Kidman/Urbans will be in fine celebrity company with career challenged Jessica Simpson, music manager Guy Oseary and bling queen Kimora Lee Simmons shacking up down the street as well as Hollywood honcho Tom Freston around the corner.

The high wattage couple, who just popped out a baby named Sunday, have been on a bit of a real estate whirlwind having recently sold Urban's big bland house in suburban Nashville for $2,360,000 and scooped up a 36 acre farm in Franklin, TN for $2,450,000. Even more recently, the Down Under duo also plunked down $3,470,000 for another rather large mansion in Nashville where it's rumored they'll camp out while they build their dream digs on the new farm in Franklin. The Oscar winning former Mrs. Crooz is also rumored and reported to be selling her Darling Point digs in the Sydney suburbs.



StPaulSnowman said...

Bauhaus without the elegance of art deco. I guess the appeal is that you can hose the whole thing down if the little one piddles.

Anonymous said...

A house sold in BHPO for near asking price??

Don't let Average Joe see that. His head will explode.

Oh wait... Grab some plastic tarp children.

Hey Joe, Come here, I got something to show you!

he he he he

Alessandra said...

The house is kind of like Nicole Kidman: technically perfect and yet it leaves me cold.

lil' gay boy said...

Funny, Alessandra, I was going to say something similar; just as bland as the buyers.

Technically OK, but just misses the mark, somehow; looking at it here does put it in perspective, however, it being surrounded by much more vulgar, ginourmous "estates."

StPaulSnowman said...

LGB.........thanks for taking the time to embed. It is thoughtful and gives everyone a few extra seconds of free time.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't deal with that steep driveway. Can you imagine yourself or a guest parking a car there, and having to defy gravity to get in or out of it? Not for me thanks.

Mike Cook said...

I like bits and pieces of it. The kitchen is cool, and the garage door, I know odd, is doing it for me.

Anonymous said...

Bentley, I like the garage door too!
I like the house generally, but I'm hating the dark wood in the kitchen.

Kidman is also alleged to be looking for a property in London that she and family can use while she shoots another film there.

Anonymous said...

Plus - just announced today in the Sydney Morning Herald - Burnya Hill, a cattle ranch down under for $6.5 million

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what the homeowners monthly assessments are for Lime Orchard Road properties?

so_chic_darling said...

Perfect for her, she's the kind of woman who W hotels were built for so it would make sense that she would want to live in a house that looks like one.