Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ellen and Portia Do It Again

BUYER: Ellen Degeneres and Portia di Rossi
LOCATION: Lago Vista Place, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $5,500,000 is what we're hearing
SIZE: Who cares since she's prolly gonna rip it down.
DESCRIPTION: Over an acre with spectacular city views. Surrounded by multi-million dollar estate. Major remodel or tear down and develop entire street to street lot.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Oh Lawhd children, will it ever end?

Thanks to Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills (and confirmed with property records), Your Mama has learned that land luvin' lesbian Ellen Degeneres and her soon to be wifey-poo Portia Di Rossi have snatched up another damn property in Beverly Hills. Yes children, another. It seems there is no end to the amount of money the television talker can afford or is willing to spend on creating the residential compound of her dreams.

After spending somewhere around $40,000,000 to cobble together their current compound of three properties Your Mama figured the co-habiting couple would give their well worked checkbook a rest. However, the soon to be gay-married gabber and her ack-tress fiancée just finished forking over another $5,500,000 to purchase a hillside property on teeny tiny Lago Vista Place.

Property records show the seller of the Lago Vista Place property is Bev Hills jeweler to the stars Nadine Krakov, who could surely spot a cash cow coming her way the moment she caught wind of the Miz D. piloting her Porsche over to Bev Hills and up curvy Cabrillo Drive where she snapped up three properties in rapid and enormously expensive succession.

Your Mama imagines this latest acquisition was considered a prime piece of dirt for the duo due to the fact that it features sight lines right into the famously private and security conscious couple's back yard where Your Mama imagines they probably prefer to sun their hooters and hoo-has without the neighbors watching.

Listing information indicates the newly purchased property on Lago Vista Place includes over an acre of land and a 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom residence that property records show measures 2,872 square feet. Your Mama has no real information about what the couple has planned for their newest purchase, but given that the house was being offered as a "major remodel or tear down," Your Mama imagines it was a piece of residential crap that the compound queens will have torn down by the end of the week.

All the celebrity real estate obsessed children know by now that in early 2007 Miz D. and Miss DiR. spent a spine tingling 29 and some million smackers to scoop up Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick's newly built behemoth and Cabrillo Drive and very shortly thereafter gave celebrity real estate agent Jade Mills another $8,500,000 for the house next door, which the property mavens tore down lickety split in a blaze of television cameras. Most recently, the Sapphic sisters spent an undisclosed sum of paper and coin for the third and last property on Cabrillo Drive. This was a somewhat expected purchase by real estate watchers like Your Mama's who hears through the gossip grapevine that owning these three properties will allow the gurls to request permission from the city of Beverly Hills to gate a good portion of the street. That doesn't mean they will ask for or be granted permission, but that's the rumor and gossip Your Mama's been hearing up and down Sunset Boulevard.

So children, is this the last piece of Miz Degeneres' compound puzzle or might there be one or two additional properties she might like to add to her real estate buffer from the paps and looky loos? Whatever the case Your Mama sincerely hopes Miz D. and Miss DiR. have found their final home because it would be a real shame for them to spend all that money up there on Cabrillo Drive only to turn around and try to sell it off to some Russian oil oligarch, Persian prince or American tech titan looking to break into the movie bizness.


Anonymous said...

Was fuer eine Ueberaschung!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, her cash seems endless. At least she's putting it to use and having fun with it instead of buying a finished cookie-cutter McManse.

Now there's nothing left but wait until the next episode arrives.

Anonymous said...

Whoa.. the ever unfolding real estate saga of the 2 Miss D's is fascinating stuff, thanks Mama!

I'm with you dutchman. They have my undivided attention now. This is way better than reality TV, and I can barely wait for the next installment :)

Anonymous said...

Well at least there is not problem picking out the Libstick Lesbian in that pair. But is Portia the dutiful "wife" or the force behind all these conspicuous acquisitions?

Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something re: the pair potentially filing for permission to gate Cabrillo Dr. Mama. They are dropping a serious chunk of million dollar change every other week to buy increased privacy, so it seems unlikely that they would overlook a relatively inexpensive strategic move to close the whole thing off altogether. It actually makes perfect sense, given the direction they appear to be headed in.

Anonymous said...

do that many people try to get to her and bother her? you rarely see them in the tabs unless they allow the photos.

Anonymous said...

7:02, I think they are equally concerned about the prying eyes of neighbors, and this latest purhase closed off the last avenue allowing that to happen. Who knows.. maybe they like to sunbathe au naturale ;)

Does anyone know what the large silver colored round thing is on the city owned land that intersects the rear ends of their main property and this new one? Just curious, thank you.

Anonymous said...

way to go ellen and portia

they just came back from italy per-honeymoon. when are they getting marreid? good day all...thanks

Mike Cook said...

I get grumpy every time I see a picture of their house - the main one.

It's perfect and I want it.


Anonymous said...

They will have to buy$$$ a lot more of the houses on Lago Vista Place and Drive above them. They all overlook some part of their front and backyard.

The large round silver thing I think is a city water tank and pump house.

lil' gay boy said...


Shitballs, indeed - I want to invoke "sisterhood" to guilt them into giving to me (you can have the guest house!)

Looks like there may be one more property to acquire from the looks of this construction photo.

Anonymous said...

9:06, thanks for the info on the water tank & pump house.

Anonymous said...

Little Buddy, I think that construction is on their property...where the pool was... according to the pic on Our Mama's previous post announcing the big house purchase.

Wow, all of these properties, in various stages of leveling, improving or otherwise, must be an exhausting endeavor. I'd go nuts. But, good for them!

Anonymous said...

I just wish Paul Allen was more of an empire-builder in the Crest Streets area on the other side of the canyon. He has MUCH more money to throw around and could do a lot for my retirement account paying 2-3x market for my little shack!

Anonymous said...

It looks like this was the only house on that side of Lago Vista Place that was oriented to have a view towards their pool. Their west property line already went up to Lago Vista place and Lago Vista Drive on the north side of this house. There are a couple of houses on the other side of LVP but I don't know that they can see much. I do remember noticing this house from the public portion of Cabrillo a year or so ago.

My prediction is the next purchase will be either 1251 or 1247 Lago Vista Drive.

lil' gay boy said...


That's what I thought - looks like the Mutchnick house in construction; in the middle is what I'm supposing is the "fixer-upper" they just purchased, and to its left the next "target".

Once that is acquired, they'll have the whole parcel to themselves (and the city, with its water tank).

luke220 said...

When she tries to buy the water tank and relocate it, we'll know that she has lost her mind.

Kenny said...

Wow, Ellen seems to be on a real estate buying spree. She seems to never run out of money!

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Anonymous said...

Luke - the water tank is about 75 feet below her pool deck so I bet she's willing to just know that no private entity will ever own that parcel.

Kenny - Buy an ad from our Mama.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more tacky than trying to slip in adverts for your Real Estalker wannabe blog.

I'm sure it won't be long before Mama loses patience with that crap.

chris said...

Obscene extravagance from people with no sense of shame. How much does she give to charity?

Anonymous said...

Quick search lists the following causes -

At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths
Disaster Relief
Human Rights

And the following organizations -

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation
Artists Against Racism
Clothes Off Our Back
Heifer International
Musicians on Call
ONE Campaign
Peace Games
Red Cross
Second Harvest
Society for Animal Protective Legislation
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Chris, How many do you support and for how much?

Anonymous said...

They are on a real estate frenzy. You know a "lesbian power couple" was rumored to be the buyer of Paulifer's dee-vine Brooklyn manse. Could Ellen and Portia have continued their real estate frenzy in Brooklyn? Doubt it, but you never know with these two. Let us know the final sale price and buyers on that baby, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she wanted a second street entrance to her property for another exit?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at the large right side lot at the entrance to Cabrillo Dr.

I don't know what it is. I think it is a giant covered cistern that the city uses to store water? It has the same iron fence around it that the water tank has.

Anybody know?

Anonymous said...

I can't find my pills!

Anonymous said...

Chris, what is your freaking problem? That was rude. Learn how to google before you eat your foot. You're an ass way too often.

Anonymous said...

I really don't find this area desirable - not the best view, too many barking dogs - especially at night. Overall seems overgrown.

She has made a bad choice and will one day be caught by the beighbours in a 69 position next to the pool.

Anonymous said...

Hope she manages her money better then Ed McMahon......