Thursday, July 3, 2008

Candy Spelling Unloads a Couple in Century City

Thanks to Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills, Your Mama has learned that the insanely rich Hollywood widow Candy Spelling is lightening her real estate load by two high priced properties. Turns out that in addition to her massive mansion on S. Mapleton Drive, Candy Darling owns a couple of costly condos in Century Woods, a small gated community which sits in the western shadow of the tall towers of Century City. Listing information and property records show Miz Spelling recently foisted both of the condo/houses on the market.

The rather large residences at the Century Woods are really less like condos and more like mid-sized mansions squeezed on to itty bitty lots where owners share guarded gates, pristine streets, green spaces and a community pool. A community pool? Do any of the children want to take bets on whether Miz Spelling spends any time sitting out by the community pool in a YSL one piece? Anyhoo, let's start with the larger and more expensive of the two condos which are separated by a grassy and landscaped lot that is also available for purchase and can be combined with either of the two other properties.

SELLER: Candy Spelling
LOCATION: Century Woods Drive, Century City, CA
PRICE: $7,895,000
SIZE: 8,424 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Very rare opp. to purchase one of the largest homes in Century Woods on dbl. lot! Exquisite Tuscan villa featuring elegant grand scale rooms and dramatic cathedral ceilings w/ quality materials throughout. Formal living/great room opens to pvt. gardens w/ fountains & spa. Elegant library/den, gourmet kitchen. Upstairs has 3 bedrm suites inc. spectacular master w/ 2 luxury baths and office; 2 add. bdrms, elevator, 3 car gar. Adj. lot is also for sale & can be incorporated to create a 22K SF property.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Property records show that Miz Candy Spelling–whose real name is the much less fun Carole–purchased this 8,424 square foot "Tuscan villa" in April of 2006, just a couple of months before her Hollywood honcho huzband Aaron Spelling went to meet the great executive producer in the sky. Your Mama really has zee-roe idea why Miz Spelling would buy two expensive condos in Century City when she lives only a mile away in a hotel sized house. Perhaps the diamond dripping Miz Spelling purchased this as an investment? Or maybe it was used as uber-dee-luxe staff quarters? Or perhaps this was simply the folly of a very rich ladee, something akin to Marie Antoinette's Petit hameau de la Reine where Candy Darling could escape the queenly confines of her major S. Mapleton Drive mansion, put on a simple print dress from Chicos, work Sudoku puzzles and pretend she still knows what it feels like to live the life of a "poor" rich person who can only afford to own and maintain a huge house as opposed to a gargantuan 55,000 square foot behemoth. We tease.

Listing information reveals that in addition to the 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms which include lavish and large dual bathrooms in the master suite, the free standing 2-story villa includes 3 fireplaces, garaging for three luxury automobiles, 1 elevator–because apparently rich people don't like to exert much energy on their way to bed, a double height living room, a posh paneled library and a gourmet kitchen, a marble and stainless steel extravaganza that Your Mama likes to pretend Miz Spelling has never seen let alone used.

We have no doubt that no expense was spared in whatever improvements and/or renovations Miz Spelling may have done during her brief ownership, and clearly what's here appears to be of good quality even if as a whole it's not to Your Mama's particular taste in interior architecture and day-core. None the less, there are a few notable and impressive features we'd like to point out.

We're completely revolted by the exterior facade that surrounds the living room with it's faux quoins and smoky office park tinted glass. However, from the inside the sky high living room sends shivers of joy up and down our spine. Due to the extreme ceiling height, this will not be an easy room for a nice gay decorator to cozy up, but we're luh-ving the impressively tall windows and the built-in curved banquette where we imagine Miz Spelling liked to sit with her nipped, tucked and exuberantly preserved gurlfriends sipping cocktails and complaining about the nightmare of finding anyone reliable to tie their tennis shooz on Saturday mornings.

The children will note the stunning custom glass doors throughout the house which look like something out of a posh Parisian apartment. It's just a shame that due to the proximity of the other condo/houses, these pleasing panes probably need to be covered up most of time lest the nosy neighbors be able to peep and peer into the boo-dwars and bathrooms. Before we move on, let's not pass by the beautifully paneled and dignified library or the magnificent patterned wood floors in each of the rooms, a bit of floor design joie de vivre that makes Your Mama swoon with envy.

While there are plenty of details to love in Candy Darlings sweet shop, Your Mama still has eyes and let's face it children, the exterior of this condo/house is no architectural prize. Besides, who wants to sit in a square spa that feels like it's been dropped down in the middle of a damn office park? And is it really necessary to do up dual bathrooms with such stereotypical notions of what is male and female design? What if homosexuals or lesbians wanted to buy this house? That's right children, the ladees would have to spend a fortune ripping out the pink bathroom and the queens would have to, well, hmm, we don't really know which bathroom a couple of rich queens would chose to re-do.

Now then, let's move on to the second condo/house in Century Woods that Candy Darling owns and also recently put on the market.

SELLER: Candy Spelling
LOCATION: Century Woods Drive, Century City, CA
PRICE: $4,795,000
SIZE: 4,843 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Highly sought after private villa in exclusive Century Woods. Elegant living room, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen/family room built around a romantic sun-filled courtyard. Upstairs 4 bdrms. en suite inc. a spectacular master w/ fireplace, skylights, walk-in closet, balcony & beautiful master bath. Downstairs there is a 5th bdrm. & direct access to a pvt. garage. Wonderful for entertaining. Quality throughout. Adj. lot is for sale & can be incorporated to have property of over 16,000 sq. ft.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Across the circular drive and beyond the aforementioned grassy flat pad at the front of the Widow Spelling's other condo/house in Century Woods sits this ivy covered and blue shuttered traditional condo/house which property records show Miz Spelling purchased in August of 2006 for an undisclosed sum of money.

Listing information for the 4,843 square foot house indicates there are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms including 4 en suite set ups on the second floor providing private poopers for the homeowner and several guests. Tucked back into a quiet corner of the condo complex, the fully detached two-story condo/house also features a 2-car garage, two fireplaces, and a central courtyard surrounded by an army of Palladian style French doors. Listing information we received indicated the home owners dues clock in at $2,280. Your Mama presumes that's a monthly charge.

Although the house appears to have been cleared of every stick of furniture, the interiors (and the exterior too) have been done up and did over in what appears to be a French Provincial style with a bright and energetic yellow and white checked floor in the entrance hall, pale yellow cabinetry, acres of floral print curtains and balloon shades of the size and variety that make Your Mama's head spin like a bottle of bad gin. Just look at that giant thing hanging over the tub in the master bathroom looking all mean and menacing. One quick yank of the pull-string and that voluminous curtain could easily gobble up and suffocate a nekkid bather in a sea of $150 per yard Scalamandré.

Interior spaces include long and narrow living and family rooms, each with a wood burning fireplace as well as a long and narrow kitchen that is well appointed with a large Viking range and a butcher block center island. Outdoor spaces include a private balcony off the master bedroom and a pretty tree shaded and quiet courtyard, which is perhaps all the outdoor space required for a west coast pied a terre or for an older person not interested in paying a small fortune every year for lawn care and hedge trimming.

Rumors have long swirled up and down the better streets and boulevards of Bel Air and Bev Hills that the Spelling Mansion is quietly for sale. Not long after Papa Spelling passed it was whispered to Your Mama from someone who said they heard from someone else that the real estate white elephant had been sold to an Arab sheik. That turned out to be nothing but idle gossip, of course. Over the last year or two Your Mama has discreetly asked around, natch, and received nothing but cagey responses from several high brow agents we spoke to. However, that sort of response could easily mean they don't know anything either but would like Your Mama to think they do. Anyhoo, as of today, it appears that Miz Spelling intends to remain a queen in the castle her television king built for her.

We know that daughter Tori wrote a scandalous book that said all sorts of salacious things about Mommy Dearest, but Tor-bear and her huzband Dean are living up in a rental house in Bev Hills while Miz Spelling has these places sitting empty? Seems a little cruel to Your Mama, but then again, we really don't know the torrid details of that (alleged) family feud.

According to property records, other well known owners of luxe Century Woods condos include octogenarian insult comic Don Rickles and multi millionaire media heir Wallis Annenberg.


Mike Cook said...

I loove what I can see of the staircase in the larger, barf colored one.

Anonymous said...

Tori should sue Candy for at least one of the many properties (maybe the least $$). Doesn't seem right that she should have so much and that Tori and her brother don't.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Anne, I don't really understand the whole division of assets either. From the info that us little people have seen it does make one assume that Tori and her brother got screwed seven ways from Sunday.

I don't like either of the houses...I don't like the white elephant either (even though it has a wrapping room). They are all a little bit "much" for me.

Anonymous said...

Uhm - Wasn't it Aarons decision to only give Tori $1M? I believe it was.

lil' gay boy said...

Tacky is as tacky does . . .

Equitable or not, there's plenty to gossip about in regards to the disposition of the Spelling fortune.

As for these houses, well . . .

Mama, I hate to disagree, but I absolutely hate that gianourmous "office park" living room; despite the high end materials, the whole house has all the charm, and none of the warmth, of Dubai International Airport.

Barf colored, indeed. Nice one, Bentley!

And that pale Provençal pile of pus has no charm at all.

Alessandra said...

I'll second the tacky and throw in another round for good measure.

These two houses leave me cold. No idea what Candy Spelling is thinking or why Tori and hubby can't live in one, but whatever. She has so much and no idea what to do with any of it, which is really sad.

StPaulSnowman said...

It looks to me like too much wood for wood's sake rather than a thoughtful design element. The exterior architecture is loathsome but I really like the tree in the forecourt planted in what looks like an old truck tire.........I have seen that done to great effect in Gary, Indiana. It is too bad that we never find out who buys these expensive, often tasteless homes......... not necessarily their names but just some know.....wears lots of gold chains, white shiny shoes.....has had multiple deep plane facelifts.......that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

The first house does nothing for me...but I happen to like the second one (aside from the horrible wallpaper)...the Spelling family really is quite the 'Dynasty'...somehow I think Aaron Spelling is looking down on all of this and having a good chuckle.

Tori, her husband and the two tots will be just fine...her lack of depth aside I think Tori got her dad's brains. Her jewelry on HSN sells out routinely.

Randy's name rhymes with his mother' he's set.

Anonymous said...

so sad to have all that money and such bad taste.

Anonymous said...

I have just been to Tuscany (Italy) and the houses look nothing like this!

Anonymous said...

12:15, I hear you. Americans couldn't bear to live in a genuine Tuscan house if they knew what one really is, lol.

I give Tori alot of credit for being as down to earth and normal as she is. From what I know of her mother Candy, it's really a good thing they butted heads or Tori would have turned out just like her, and 1 is more than enough.

StPaulSnowman said...

there is something fundamentally unappetizing about a woman of a certain age called Candy.........or a man of the same age called Mikey. Only a given name like Prunella could justify being called Candy after age four.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one, think our Candy is FABULOUS!!!! I love everything about her. Her QVC fetish, the Manor, the Malibu Manse, and now clearing these trinkets off the board makes perfect sense.

She's double Gold babies and I think you all are just jelus!!!

Anonymous said...

Say hi to Carole's publicist, or maybe even Carole herself.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, noting the time of purchase (right before Aaron's death), I've come up with a theory - maybe Candy purchased the condos for her children (the larger one for Tori & Co, smaller for Randy), as "bribes" to keep them quiet and in-line after the death of the old man and the resultant stiffing of the kids in the will (I hear Randy got as little as Tori as well...), and then it turned out that Tori was too strong-headed to be bribed and Randy to weak to need to be bribed to stay sucking at mama's teet, so now she's dumping them...just my own little theory on the Spelling domestic drama, LOL...;-)

Anonymous said...

10:46, it's kind of hard to be jealous of someone who selfishly clings to the big fat FAIL she earned at the only real and meaningful responsibilities in life she ever had - to be a loving mother, and now grandmother.

StPaulSnowman said...

My friends in Bulgaria tell me that Iveta, the Spelling terlit gurl, reports that just behind the gift wrapping room, is the pedicure room..........she claims Candy has the worst case of nail fungus in California. Not even the platinum Tiffany ankle bracelet can make those feet palatable.

Anonymous said...


That's such a detailed, maniacal, screw ball, could have been lifted from 'Dynasty' or 'Melrose Place' sort of theory that it rings tellingly true.

Tori is tough. Randy is weak. Candy is a control freak. Makes sense to me!

StPaulSnowman said...

Viva......I am seeing Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood......and Kathy Bates as the beaver.

Anonymous said...


That's perfect casting for the movie version...since the Spelling fortune is courtesy of TV let me cast the series...with Spelling alumni naturally...

I'm seeing Shannen Doherty, Barry Watson and Jacklyn Smith with a special appearance by 'special guest star' Joan Collins...all brunettes while the Spelling's are blonds I know...but I couldn't resist.

suzyzn2002 said...

i think candy should have been more generous with tori and randy, if i had a mother like that, i would never talk to her, and my kids would never know the biotch their grandmother is, but they would fir sure remember thier grandfather...

Anonymous said...

Both houses are great...I, for one, hope the Spelling girls can resolve their rift and be a family again....Candy does not owe Tori any money..but, since she has sooo much, it does look like she would at least give her a house!

Anonymous said...

I just wish Candy and Tori would get along....If not for themselves for those beautiful grandchildren. Childen are the ones who suffer. I can't go without seeing my 3 grandson. One of these days I want to be able to save enough money to take the 4 boys on a Disney Cruise. I am saving and hoefully the dream will come true next summer.
Anyway both Tori and Candy seem to be wonderful. Life is short so please think about it for the children. My boys faces light up when They visit. That makes it all worth while. We do simple things in life like going to the lake, make cupcakes, draw pictures, and play games. Grandchildren, grandmothers, and Mothers are all special.