Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Andy and Brooklyn Move to Manhattan

BUYER: Andy Roddick
LOCATION: East 22nd Street, New York, NY
PRICE: $1,195,000 (list)
SIZE: small, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
DESCRIPTION: Spacious and beautiful sun blasted condo loft. Extra high ceilings, exposed wood beams, exposed brick, wood burning fireplace, southern exposures.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In yesterday's Manhattan Transfers column in the pink papered NY Observer, celebrity real estate gossip Mister Max Abelson reported that 27 year old tennis titan Andy Roddick has gone to contract to purchase a petite pied a terre in New York City's Gramery Park neighborhood that was listed at $1,195,000.

Noo York City seems an odd choice for the spot light shunning and racket swinging stud who calls Austin, Texas home. But then again, it was recently announced that he and his NYC based and twen-tee year old (20!) Sports Illustrated swim suit model gurly friend Brooklyn Decker have become engaged, so a Manhattan crash pad actually makes a certain amount of sense.

Listing information for the East 22nd Street condominium reveals to Your Mama that other than the high wood beamed ceilings (which are quite lovely), the wood burning fireplace (a feature Your Mama ja d'ors) and the exposed brick (which we don't actually love that much), the treetop level 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment located in a converted brewery is pretty standard fare as far and Manhattan one bedrooms go: Living room to the left, bedroom on the right, bathroom and itty bitty windowless kitchen with crappy cabinetry at the rear.

Although we do like all that extra storage space lofted above the dining area it would probably make us a wee bit nervous to have all that stuff hanging over our head as we tuck into the Chinese take out. Your Mama also appreciates that this smallish apartment includes a proper foyer, however we wish it did a better job obstructing the view of the rest of the apartment. Let's face it, what tennis great wants the delivery people peering over your shoulder and straight down into your living room where your blondie sex bomb moe-dell fiancee is lounging on the leather sofa in a bee-kee-nee with a guitar between her legs?

Your Mama hasn't a clue where the not old enough to drink Miss Decker currently parks her keister, but property records reveal that Mister Roddick owns a 5,558 square foot house on Shimmering Cove in a gated enclave in Austin, TX that he bought in November of 2003 for $1,463,000. Records also show that he also owns a 2,641 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in a gated community on Via Rosa Drive that he bought in October of 2001 for just $310,000.

All of which adds up to young Mister Roddick being the very picture of real estate modesty. Considering his large earnings on the tennis court and his even more vast endorsement earnings the man could live just be living fat and large. If we're being honest, and we always are, Your Mama is quite impressed by the tennis ace's lack of need to impress others with a giant house and a fleet of sexy sports cars.

Your Mama wishes much mazel tov to these two genetically blessed youngsters who are likely to produce criminally attractive and insanely talented off spring.


Anonymous said...

I like the simplicity of this place. I could definitely use this as a pied a terre. I'd like to replace that kitchen that looks straight out of an office building, surrounded by grey cubes, but otherwise quite livable.

Alessandra said...

It's exactly right for his current needs and wants. I do have to applaud his real estate modesty as well.

Would I buy it? No. I got over the "exposed brick is cool" trend about fifteen years ago. That said, Mr. Roddick seems to have done quite well for himself and I hope he and Brooklyn enjoy their new space for many years to come (until they start cranking out those ridiculously cute and talented offspring and need room for kids and nannies and strollers and bouncers and playpens and the like).

luke220 said...

It will make a nice home for the nanny once the kids start popping out and they find a more suitable abode for themselves.

It's more than a stretch to call the front entry a dining gallery. Wrap a table around the support beam?

I hope they paid less than $1 million.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Mama, I've noticed that extremely gorgeous parents can produce less than gorgeous offspring. Nature loves the middle of the pack. Loved your reminiscences of your cousins and sibs conning the cons at the kiddie park while Mama's mama and aunt threw back a few. Mama,I believe you must have had a Harper Lee-Truman Capote-Pat Conroy-Prince of Tides childhood. Tres interesting.

Anonymous said...

I can fully understand Roddick to take a cozy place like that with a girl like that in the city that never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

Being generous, this is a great blank canvas with a lot of potential. Is it the lens, or does loft seems too low to stand up in. If so, why bother having it, esp. for a P/T res.

There's a very nice penthouse in this building going for about 2-X this place, with more windows, more finish detail...and a totally captivating little terrace.

pch said...

Yeah, I'm with Mama and Alessandra on the exposed looks like someone should be doing stand-up comedy. In 1987.

And I know it's an easy fix, but that marble-and-brass fireplace thing is killing me.

so_chic_darling said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like exposed brick,I always wonder why real estate ads push it as some kind of luxury touch when to me it looks unfinished.

Anonymous said...

Luke220 in case you did not read my comment before, the market in manhattan, not NY state but manhattan is going to continue to go up, it could double in another year or two, the wealthy foreigners are going to keep on buying more real estate in manhattan with their euros and that alone will keep prices going up.

The economy, wall street no matter how bad it gets in the US will have no effect on their livelyhood and they will keep on buying in manhattan. I am sure we will see many sales in manhattan very soon with no real change in price reduction.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will spend very little time here - isn't he based in Florida & considering the tennis calendar is pretty much year long then he's out the country most of the time - I would imagine this place has more to do with the girlfriend - given her career she needs to be in NY.

Sorry Average Joe, you talk complete crap. The US economy has quite an impact on other Foreign economies ... Finance is linked the world over. The sub-prime problems here have already caused problems with some European banks, with governments having to bail them out. Only a few weeks ago there was an article about European/Asian buyers holding off buying in Manhattan due to uncertainty in the market - The reporter was talking to some of the top Manhattan agents so I guess they'd be the ones who would know.

Anonymous said...

anon 10 52

I know this because my wealthy friends have business that cater to their friends the super rich and famous as well as the average multi millionaires and they are booked well up into 2010 with advance pay.

Manhattan is expensive because it is only 22 square miles and the rich love it, end of story.

Imagine 1MM chinese wanting to move in and they have the cash to do it what will that do for the marketplace now add the japanese, indians, koreans and the russians I hope you can see where I am coming from.

LA not so much which is why prices are tanking all over, to much land, to spread out. They are even saying now that the prices in LA could go down another 50% in the next year or so.

Anonymous said...

I am not promoting manhattan, I just tell it how I see it.

Anonymous said...

I think you're been slightly delusional about Manhattan & the amount of foreigners it attracts - Yes, many wealthy foreigners buy in Manhattan but I think you'll find the Chinese, Middle Easterners, Russians, Indians etc.. tend to favor London over NY.

In many circles overseas, people are weary of the United States & tend to choose Europe & it's capitals [likely London, sometimes Paris] over NY - Not entirely sure why but thats the way it is ... Also immigration rules tend to be more relaxed in Europe & you can enter the UK, France etc.. without feeling like you shouldn't be there ... Any foreigner will tell you the fun they go through every time they enter the USA at JFK - even when they have a green card! It's scandalous!

so_chic_darling said...

I have a business in Manhattan that does cater to the super rich and they are NOT spending right now.That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

If you have a green card you can enter through the same gates as U.S. citizens,it's never a problem,for every other overseas visitor though it is a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Weighing in on exposed brick; have also outgrown that. But it's not to say I couldn't work it in to an interior design plan if I was forced. :) Trying to be open-minded, despite my preferences for period plasterwork, niches and character and pre-war craftsmanship.

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

OOPS !!! I and my friends may be wrong about manhattan after all

from another blog:

You knew it couldn't last -- Euro Currency Board resolve to defend their currency as the Fed destroyed the dollar. Airbuses just aren't competitive against Boeings when the dollar is 50% off.

So the competitive devaluation begins.

Anonymous said...

why do you say that ?

I just speak the truth.

from facts from the news, qualified friends.

Anonymous said...

So_Chic, dear, should I send over a survival package of cheesy corn curls, Godiva, divine Spanish sherry? Hang in there, this recession will be short lived.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that NYC is really a good place for a tennis player to live. You can't practice all year round because of the weather. Andy needs to find himself a real woman.

Anonymous said...

He needs a decorator STAT. I wonder how much he will spend. I don't see that marriage coming off, though. A 20-year-old? Did Anthony Kiedis even marry his 19-year-old baby mama? Nope.

Good luck to Andy against Davydenko, and congrats for managing to beat Federer for a new record of 2-16 matches.

Anonymous said...

This marriage will never happen. It's either a place for him, his lover or his fiance.

Anonymous said...

The property is beautiful,i love all the features.Andy is not 27he's 25,26 later this year.
I wish him & Brooklyn every happiness.

Anonymous said...

I bet they broke in a year for some reason. Unless the plastic boob chick got pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Roddick enjoys the ego boost he gets from saying she was in Sports Illustrated. The key word being "was." She looks like she's put on 35 pounds since. Imagine the stress on him pretending to be happy when he knows his fiancee wouldn't have taken a second glance at him had he not been a tennis player. May their fake relationship bring them happiness.

Unknown said...

Roddick saw her photos in S.I. and had his agent track down her name and contact. Guess that's love at first sight. Or better yet, he's as shallow as can be. She's young and not a big time model. She smart enough to land some money from him, because she will never make enough to live in NY on her own.