Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spend Easter With Sir Paul McCartney's Properties

The Easter Bunny will not be bringing Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter a big basket of hard candies, Peeps and hard boiled eggs this year, but the cotton tailed hopper is bringing us a brand new BMW, so Your Mama has to cut out of here right quick so we can meet the E.B. at the automobile dealership.

None the less, we don't want to leave the children high, dry and hopped up on sugar and blood of the lamb so here's a link to a recent article from This Is London that outlines the impressive real estate holdings of Sir Paul McCartney, who, all due respect, has to be one of the stoopidest men on the planet.

Despite that silly Say Say Say song he sang with Michael Jackson back in the 1980s, Sir Paul is without question a musical genius, a star of the highest magnitude and and an icon who will live on in the hearts and minds of Beatles fans forever. But he's also a dumb ass with hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets who married that one-legged ladee without a pre-nup. Your Mama is of the meaningless opinion that the smart, articulate and strong minded Miz Mills suffers from a classic case of Gold Digger and should be ashamed of herself for thinking she's entitled to $50,000,000 after just four years of marriage. However, Sir Paul could have headed this all off at the pass if he had only listened to his hoity toity designer daughter Stella and had Miz Mills sign a damn pre-nup.

The lesson for all your Richie Riches who believe love conquers all is that when it doesn't, you better have a pre-nup or be prepared to pay up.

, according to the folks at This Is London, Sir Paul owns a butt load of high priced residential real estate including several swanky state side properties. There's the the Hamptons house located in low-key Amagansett, a narrow New York City townhouse occupying prime property just off Fifth Avenue, and reportedly, a house in Beverly Hills which our research indicates does not actually belong to Mister McCartney.

The Beverly Hills house that is pictured in the linked article sits tucked away on Heather Road just above Coldwater Canyon Boulevard. The house was formerly owned by fluffy lipped and lovable train wreck Courtney Love who records show sold it on to a buddy of the Beatles. While there is much information that links both George Harrison (who apparently died at this house) and Sir Paul to the property (we understand from Mirakle Mike that Sir Paul does indeed stay at the house when he's bobbing around the West Coast), Your Mama, property records and our wide network of sources have been unable to pin down any 411 that reveals Sir Paul actually owns the house.

Whatever the case, have a look-see at the life of a deep pocketed Beatle and see what you think of Sir Paul's real estate choices.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about this article. It states that his fortune is £400M according to court documents but everyone knows he's worth £800M - every single annual rich list puts his fortune at £800M+ ... His people obviously managed to hide quite a bit of it from the courts ... Anyway, his homes are all boring as hell - he's known to be super tight with his cash - the article states his main home is St Johns Wood when in actual fact that house is constantly empty.

Anonymous said...

A new car, Mama, delicious. A big one or a little one, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Black, of course.

Anonymous said...

in the full court report available at it says that the house is owned by his lawyer for "tax purposes".

Mama, are you going to discuss the demille estate in los feliz that recently went up for sale for $26m+ it looks amazing but can't find anything about it!

Ellen said...

Hi Mama,

I read the court docs. Fascinating peek into the lives of the rich and famous. I was curious to know more about "The Lodge." It was mentioned many times as their marital home, but the docs said it was torn down due to Paul not obtaining proper planning permission.

Do you know the story behind that and could you share it with the kids? Sounds like a story to me...

Anonymous said...

I know for sure he does spend plenty of time at the London address. What I would love to know is where exactly the Sussex property is. I have driven around the area and though there are plenty of swanky properties in the vicinity, none seems to be the Macca compound.

Anonymous said...

He recorded ebony and ivory with Stevie Wonder. Let's get our facts right.

Anonymous said...

Does he still have the ranch in Arizona? Anyone? :)

Your Mama said...

Steve hunny, you are so right. That's what happens when Your Mama writes before having a big cup of coffee.

It was Say Say Say, which was even worse. It's fixed.

Anonymous said...

"I know for sure he does spend plenty of time at the London address"

Well, I know someone on the same street & each time I've passed the McCartney house has been totally dead with no cars in the driveway & the shutters/drapes pulled shut.

For someone who's worth $1.6 Billion - his properties are fairly under the radar & Stellas London home is so normal you'd never guess her Father was a dollar Billionaire.

so_chic_darling said...

He doesn't give a shit if we think his properties are ugly or not,and they're not compared to most of the shit rich people own.The London house looks very nice in a late Georgian kind of way,nothing wrong with that one.He probably isn't too bothered by having to give the gold digger 50 million pounds anyway as he can make that in one month.
As for Hove and East Sussex,well he would have done better to buy a cottage on the Isle of Wight just like he sung in the song when I'm 64.The Island has the best climate in England and the best coastal properties in England.Go to and enter Isle of Wight,very nice.

Anonymous said...

I had Mama figured for a pink and grey Mini Cooper

Anonymous said...

I think he has shown some dignified restaint in his choice of properties. He wasn't raised in a palace and so he probably isn't interested in such "trophy" types of homes. I'm sure his multiple homes are comfortable and secure. Isn't that all that matters anyway? As for his now ex-wife, good riddance. Everytime I hear her name, a certain Kanye West song starts playing in my head. Funny how she claimed to "need" all of his money to give their daughter the "lifestyle" she deserves. Yet when Miss Mills travels, she flies in First Class while her entourage flies in Coach with the child!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there also a house on S. San Rafael in Pasadena? Or has that one been sold? I remember his name coming up when the Paul Williams designed house being restored by Michael Hammer burned. I think the article said McCartney owned a house further down San Rafael.

Anonymous said...

I'm more curious about the DeMille estate that hit the market at an astounding $26-million in Los Feliz that someone just mentioned than any of McCartney's properties...they all look like he's owned them and hadn't updated them for 30-40 years...though it was an interesting glimpse into the life of a super-rich 60's rock star, the link was a nice read...

ms_wonderland said...

Now Mama, you need to get over the pre-nup bizness. Pre-nups are not recogised in UK law. People do have them, but divorce settlements are made by the courts, which use the law to decide who gets what. Peg-leg was due half what the couple earned during the marriage, so the crinkly one got off lightly. If she had played nice and listened to her lawyers, and not taken her own case and made up stuff, the psychobiatch would have had a lot more.

Sometimes, one has to smirk.

Anonymous said...

My children having been of the very-young-and-not-remotely-house-broken age not so very long ago, I can completely appreciate the idea of flying first class and having someone else deal with the bored, cramped, frustrated, bored, hungry, bored, cranky, bored toddler in coach.

Better yet, have them fly a separate flight altogether. So much more restful on the nerves.

Oh, that one hit a nerve, evidently...sorry.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There's a bit of info on the Demille house.
First off the listing is easily found on Redfin:

Also, Curbed LA has a small article on it. Lovely home but it looks as though, according to the satellite image from Redfin, that the sister's house to the left of the main residence was split off a while back and now is a different parcel. Where would the help live? Goodness.

Last sold in 1990.

Easter Egg said...

Good for you! I am glad that the Easter Bunny is being good to you. A brand spankin'new shiny BMW. I will have to say that you have been a good Mama this year and it is well deserved.
As always, thank you for your time and effort here. We all love what you do.
Happy Easter Mama and.... ZOOM,ZOOM, ZOOM...

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the house is on Heather Ln in Beverly Hills? I was told by a few different people it was on Cherokee??

BTW I met Paul the year he was nominated for an Oscar ( same year my husband was) and he hadn't yet married Heather Mills. My husband and I were chatting with him and I think it was Jeff Lynn and an actor whose name I won't mention- Heather Mills stormed up and started bossing Paul around ( "What are you doing standing around you have to perform soon" "Who are these people" Let's go NOW" etc) and gave me a death look and dragged him away from us. Paul loved it. The actor turned to me and said " You trip her, I'll pull her leg off and beat her over the f-ing head with it so Paul can escape". She was so obviously trouble and Paul was eating it up.

Anonymous said...

Jack A. Lope, it was the "Cabin," not the "Lodge." It was a two bedroom cabin made from Norwegian wood that was built on a lake on Paul's estate. Paul intended to live there with IHOP. After the split Paul had it torn down. His excuse was that it was built without permits. Heather claimes Paul did it out of spite since the two of them had planned the construction together.

Can you tell I spent too much time reading the McCartney divorce court ruling?

Anonymous said...

What about his Truckee/Taho place?

Anonymous said...

That Sussex place is so out of the way you would never find it without help. And when you got there you would wonder why you bothered. Its just not real estate to get me worked up in any way. How about the NY pad? Anyone with info on that?

Anonymous said...

The NY pad has air conditioner vents on the building to the left. Make Sir Pauls place look out of place.

Anonymous said...

Nice homes. I certain he is worth more than the news article states.

Alessandra said...

The impression that I got, after seeing all these properties, some of which are in fabulous locations, is that Sir Paul does not seem to care about real estate, except as shelter and an investment in a location. None of the properties seem to be personal, is that makes any sense. It's just as if he thought, "I need a pad in London. Okay, here's a place for sale and I'll buy it." And that's how his country estate and his beach condo and his Manhattan place and all the rest feel to me. Nothing strikes me as being his "home".

Oh, and Heather Mills comes off like an opportunistic cow.

Anonymous said...

I ran into Paul McCartney walking down the street on Sunset & Vine with his pal... made eye contact with him but didn't disturb him as I could tell he enjoyed flying under the radar. Of all the people around, not 1 person recognized him.

About his EX... we all know she's a gold digger and yes mama, she should be very ashamed of herself. What does she think she wrote his songs or what?!?!? Crazy Bitch!

pch said...

Clearly the real estate portfolio of a man who isn't all that interested in architecture. It's the equivalent of driving a Volvo: Solid, respectable, prudent and utterly unexciting. (Not hating on Volvos, by the way -- I loved the beat-up 240 wagon we used to keep back east.)

lil' gay boy said...


I'd say more like a Saab; uninspired, but with a certain "real estate" horsepower.

Not so much on location here, just properties that appealed to him - none of them scream, MONEY!

He can buy whatever he fancies; but he seems to have no long range real estate portfolio.

Whatever the case, this was not an equitable distribution for a man who has had a daughter by the so-called gold digger.

He should have expecting this and made provisions; no amount of pounds or dollars could be fairly distributed from the notorious tightwad.

So what about Beatrice's future?

Anonymous said...

It's quite common to have through -wall A/C units, even in better buildings in Manhattan. It's certainly not a house to get all sweaty about, though.

Heather Mills is atrocious.

My wife has a family home near Royal Tunbridge Wells in East Sussex, and looking across the Sussex Downs is so incredibly beautiful, even the most modest cottage there is heaven.

Anonymous said...

PCH, I still own a 240 wagon - mustard yellow, 1985. It gets driven very rarely, but the old dear cranks up every time we start her.

Tried to drive a Saab, but it just didn't fit... I did like Saab's "quirk" factor, though, especially the center console mounted ignition.

OK, someone clearly needs a new post. I do get stuck on the cars. Is there a celebrity car blog? Hmm... :)

Alessandra said...

I don't know of a celebrity car blog, but producer friend of mine is doing a celebrity car show.

My parents had Saabs when I was a kid, so I have fond memories of them. At the time, it was one of the few ways to get a front wheel drive manual transmission in a car, so it was a very practical choice. They are quirky and I don't think being owned by GM has really improved them.

pch, thank you for stating what I was trying to say in a far clearer manner than I managed to say it. Sir Paul's choices are exactly "solid, respectable, prudent and utterly unexciting." I find it inexplicable that someone with such resources could possibly be bored by real estate, but apparently, he is.

Anonymous said...


Did you catch Humphrey's car gallery at the Le Reve estate website? There's something for everyone...a Porche for pch, you'll no doubt go for a looong fendered number...and Little Buddy will be drooling over that green beauty with the turret for his special blight-buster {fantasy} missions . LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oops...a better

pch said...

You know, the funny thing about the collection at Le Reve is that it shows very little imagination...rather like the house. So I guess it's appropriate :)

The cars might have individual merit, but (aside from the Corvettes) they have almost no relationship to each other. A mish mash, in Mama's parlance. I look at this collection and I see a rich guy who bought the greatest hits (and a few b-sides) in a fairly haphazard fashion. It's not terrible -- just predictable. And, Jesus, can't I give anyone a break?! I'll take the '69 Sting Ray and STFU.

Anonymous said...

True - neither a Duesenberg nor a Packard in sight.

Anonymous said...

any news to what kind of house IHOP bought herself. Rumor has it she wants to move to NY and LA.

Why do I have a feeling a reality show is brewing or a spot on the housewives shows.

Anonymous said...

If you look at this link:

The outlined property is what Google claims is Sir Paul's house.

The house pictured in the This is London story is adjacent to and directly south of this property.

I don't know if either, both or neither actually belong to Sir Paul.

Anonymous said...

According to Redfin:

Larger property:

9550 Heather Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
LAST SALE: $2,350,000 (02/23/1981)
SQ.FT.: 8,965

Property pictured in "This is London":

9536 Heather Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
LAST SALE: $3,995,000 (03/16/2001)
SQ.FT.: 4,648

Note the last sold dates. If Paul owns 9550 Heather, he's had it since 1981.