Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Mama Hears...

...that flowy fabric luvvin' singing sensation Stevie Nicks has quietly put her palatial Pacific Palisades mansion on the market for around $14,000,000.

Miz Nicks purchased the 7,178 square foot Southern Colonial style house in June of 2005. Property records do not reveal the purchase price, however, Riley Realtor, one of Your Mama's obscenely well connected sources, tell us that Miz Nicks paid $9,000,000 for the gated and secured 1.2 acre property and then proceeded to remodel the library making it a double height space.

The party line, according to the Arizona Republic, is that Miz Nicks is selling because she wants to downsize and is moving to a "rock and roll penthouse" in Santa Monica where the still touring singer/songwriter can work without worrying "if the pool is taken care of and [if] the grass is right." And you know what, we believe she wants t0 simplify. But Riley Realtor says that's not the whole story.

The rumor is that shortly after husky voiced Miz Nicks moved in to the Chautauqua Boulevard property that has sweeping canyon and ocean views, she began to think the 5 bedroom and 6.5 bathroom residence (with guest house) is haunted. Yes, puppies haunted. And apparently Miz Nicks is not down with living with the ghosts of Christmas past because Riley Realtor tells Your Mama that Miz Nicks has already packed her brocade bags and fled the scene and the only folks living up in there with the chain rattling apparitions is Miz Nicks' household staff.

Although Your Mama can't confirm, it's entirely plausible that Miz Nicks may have decamped to a swanky condominium building on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica that practically hangs over the Pacific Coast Highway where property records indicate she has owned a 3,029 square foot unit overlooking the Pacific Ocean since March of 2004.

Gossip and rumor, kids.

, what is not gossip is that the big Pacific Palisades house is not the only piece of luxury real estate that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has been looking to unload. Back in early August we learned from Mister Big Time (via the Arizona Republic) that the former Fleetwood Mac-er put her long time Paradise Valley, Arizona property on the market for $3,800,000. Records do not yet reflect a sale of this property, but Your mama was unable to find it on the Paradise Valley MLS so we simply don't know the status of this property. Simmer down children, we do not want to hear your outcries of celebrity real estate information deprivation. Your Mama is not a miracle worker and we simply can't get all the poop all the time.

Wherever Miz Nicks may be Your Mama wishes her a happy home surrounded by mountains of velvet and beaded cushions and miles and miles of draped fabric trailing the floors and blowing in the breeze.


Anonymous said...


:rolls eyes:

Anonymous said...

looks like the amityville house from the side.
whats the history of this house?
tell us a ghost story.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:26, who peed in your cheerios this morning? we all welcome more information from those who live in the areas Mama writes about but you don't have to be a beotch about it.

and we are ALL allowed to have opinions whether we agree or not.

Anonymous said...

My kind of house (aside from the possible haunted aspect) and my kind of neighborhood. I love Pacific Palisades.

I understand Ms Nick's desire to simplify though, a house with a pool are a lot of work and when a rocker and roller hits a certain age he or she sometimes just can't get no satisfaction from the rigors of house ownership, hence the Santa Monica penthouse.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies Ms're great.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about downsizing. Looks like a smart move. Just hope the walls are insulated gonna be rockin and rollin going on.

Thanks for all the dirt Momma, been reading for quite some time..

Anonymous said...

Looks like a little touch of Gone With The Wind - just like her career.

Anonymous said...

She did not sell it...she and Dave Stewart created Stevie's new album at this manse.