Monday, December 3, 2007

UPDATE: Picture Issues

Okay babies...Your Mama is no computer guru. Some mornings it all we can do to get the damn thing to turn on let along get all this Blogger software to function like we want it to. None the less, we have heard your cries and made a few changes. The comments should not pop up in a new window which should make all our lovely and regular comment folks very happy.

Secondly, we have somehow managed to use the Blogger based work around to get photos to open up in the browser window again. We are working on trying to figure out how to make them open in a second browser window, but alas, we having figured that one out yet. If any of you computer knowitalls want to clue Your Mama in, feel free to shoot us an email.

Now leave Your Mama alone so we can finish drinking down this tall gin and tonic before the Dr. Cooter gets home.


Anonymous said...

You go, Mama!

Anonymous said...

The pavilion and grounds are lovely, but curiosity is piqued on why that particular bedroom was chosen for marketing pics.

Anonymous said...

Mama, to open the picture in a new browser window try this: <a href="bigpicturelink.jpg" target="_blank">

The new comments window is great. Thanks.