Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Olivia Newton John's Malee-boo Retreat

SELLER: Olivia Newton John
LOCATION: Retreat Court, Malibu, CA
PRICE: $14,000,000
SIZE: 6482 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Located on a private cul de sac in prestigious Serra Retreat, this fabulous compound boasts a magnificent main home, pool, spa & 2 bedroom guest house. Expansive, beautifully maintained grounds surround the impressive Mediterranean home w/ high ceilings, spacious great room, huge master suite (2 bathrooms) media room, family room w/ bar, dining room, great cook's kitchen, additional bedroom suites...

YOUR MAMA NOTES: Thanks to a late night contact from Our Fairy Godmother in Malibu, Your Mama has learned that Grammy winning English-born/Australian bred singer, and every one's favorite Sandy, Olivia Newton John has put her Malee-boo mansion on the market for $14,000,000.

Listing information for the 1.28 acre property located way up in the exclusive guard gated Serra Retreat community reveals that the Mediterranean style house sprawls across 6,482 square feet all on one level. Good lawhd children, it must take six minutes or more to walk from one end of this place to the other so Your Mama just hopes that Miz Newton John will include her roller skates from Xanadu in the sale to help the new owner get from room to room efficiently. In addition to the 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms in the main house, including a master bedroom with dual bathrooms, a guest house provides another 2 bedrooms for staff, less favored house guests who stay too long, or adult children who refuse to get jobs and apartments of their own.

Property records show that Miz Newton John purchased this house in August of 2004 and not long before her long time boyfriend Patrick McDermott vanished without a trace in 2005. Records reveal that Miz Newton John paid $5,995,000 when she bought the house from action actor Charles Bronson's widowed wife Kim. Do the math puppies. That's right. Miz Newton John and her long time real estate agent appear to think that the property has more than doubled in value in the last three years. Hmm. Could it be?

Given that the wig wearing trashtastic poptartlet Britney Spears and the FedEx's former love shack next door sold recently to writer/director/producer Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, The Mummy) for just $10,000,000, Your Mama thinks the current asking price might be a wee bit optimistic. Yes children, the Spears mansion was rumored to have been totally trashed and we're quite certain that Miz Newton John does not let her dogs crap on the carpet, leave dirty baby diapers lying around or, like we heard ka-razy Miz Spears did, have her wedding dress propped up on a dress form in the corner of her bedroom, a situation which would surely freak out most, if not all potential buyers. But still...it'll be interesting to see what happens to the price of this home.

Miz Newton John and Mister Sommers (and previously Mister Bronson and that Spears gurl) are not the only Hollywood types that call Retreat Court home. The other two properties on the cul de sac are both owned by five time married and fantastically rich Titanic director James Cameron, who we can only imagine was thrilled with the FedEx packed his Ferrari and decamped to Tarzana.

Anyhoo, at this point, the listing agent has not made any additional photos of the Newton John crib available so we really can't dig into the decor. However, Miz Newton John has been around Malee-boo long enough to witness the birth and meteoric rise of the Shabby Chic juggernaut, which of course started in Malee-boo, so we expect to find dozens of over stuffed white sofas, tall gilded candlesticks, a truck load of distressed furniture she bought from Miz Rachel Ashwell.

Your Mama doesn't know why Miz Newton John is vacating the premises up in the Serra Retreat. We can certainly imagine she might want to downsize, get out of a fire prone area or move back down to an ocean front property. Whatever the case, Your Mama wishes Miz Newton John all the happiness in the world in her new home and all the luck in the world unloading this place at it's current asking a price.


Anonymous said...

She should have kept her old property - it will be worth crazy money now ... anyway, I think if you live on the beach then move across pch to the landside it can be pretty difficult & you dream of hearing the ocean waves again ... I think it's pretty pointless living in Malibu unless you live right on the beach!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, we all know she's selling because that damn house next door is haunted - but $14M????

Not on your life.

Anonymous said...

I remember sitting starry eyed watching the monitors at Revolver as she danced away singing PHYSICAL, but that was the 80s. Whatever. Mama's guess is right about the interior ... all very Kreiss Collection, everthing in shades of white/off-wite/ivory (zzzzz-zzzz), with very inexpensive looking items scattered around. Which is probably wise, given that fires in Malibu are as common as the marine layer. So, $14m for that place? HAH. She's dreaming. Everyone is lowering their asking price nowadays (at least here in CA). Look at Jose Eber's pad. The price has been lowered nearly $1.1M since it was first listed. Olivia will be flying to get $8.5 in my opinion. Now let me hear your body talk.

Anonymous said...

I think your reasoning is spot on hippie canyon. Mine tells me celebs can't resist rolling the dice once before being realistic in hopes of getting a pre housing market crash price for their digs in case there's still a rich die hard fan out there somewhere who's just gotta have it at any cost. Worked to a degree for Paris.

Anonymous said...

I think Olivia Newton-John is probably thinking 'what the hell!' in listing it at 14 million. If she gets the price, fabulous, if she doesn't, she'll lower it and the place will sell.

Would I ever pay 14 million for house in Malibu not on the water (as charming and great as it might be)? No.

But I adore Olivia Newton-John so I hope somebody gets physical with their wallet and pays her asking price.

Anonymous said...

"lots of inexpensive items scattered around"Hippie Canyon you know my trade well!
If they gave me a better budget I could get Olivia her asking price.I'll bet you a well folded faux mink throw on that!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen John Farrar's pad in Malibu?? The sweetest spread in town!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the lovely lady gets it... and that is the deal here in CA., start high, maybe purposely too high ... and lower it until it sells at relative market value.
Even then, she'll still bank a few mill.

The cute little Koala lady has to put up with the freeky Only Olivia peeps chasing her all over ... so fate granting her a nearly an 8 mill profit is well deserved ;-) In fact, that is how I found out about your site - my bud knows I love Olivia, but also knows I refuse to read their site,(they are all knowing and all pontificating of Miss N-J's every move and thought,(can't they leave her/her personal life ALONE? LOL. Anyway, he read their driveling on the topic, and he pointed me to your site.

Now be nice "hippie canyon", her home is is not at all about a Kreiss Collection. Yes,the decor is sublte, not at all flashy, but warm and calming. Now ask me how I know and I will have to say Xanadon't tell.

Where were we?, oh, ROCK ON OLIVIA. If I lived in that stratsophere of wealth, I would buy it in flash. When I think of the word "lady" ONJ truly comes to mind and if this works out for her I will tip my hat and call her a real estaatte mogul too. Hey,s he IS far prettier than Donald Trump!

PS: Groovy, fun, silly b*tchy site. LOVE IT !

Anonymous said...

Blondie....the peroxide has eaten a few of your brain cells precious.

To call Only Olivia fans freaky is a BOLD ASSumption. For someone who does not read the site, you are certainly well aware of it.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I've always admired about Olivia is she rolls well with change...both the highs and the lows of life...and Lord knows the woman has endured both and never shed her panties or shaved her head! She's a survivor. She's probably asking too much, but it'll be even more interesting to see what she buys next. She has frequently mentioned in interviews that she wants to spend more time at her Gaia retreat near her farm in Byron Bay, Australia.

Anonymous said...

the best thing about olivia was her "beard" husband before he got old and lost his hair........ man, in the late 80s he was one hottie, i saw them at ledome and i fell in love

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the OO morons again chasing Miss prim and proper around. They watch her every move and include everything on their OO site.
It must be something in their water they are drinking.