Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Hilton's Filthy Hamptons Hideaway

Your Mama has been using this holiday season to catch up on some back reading, and we were stopped dead in our tracks while perusing an article entitled Moms Gone Wild in the always educational and amusing glossy Vanity Fair. The article discusses the mothers of several of America's most notorious celebutards and starvelets including Miz Kathy Hilton, the proud mama of Paris the heiress and Nicki the handbag designer. The article also naughtily dishes about the cleanliness of Miz Hilton's house in the Hamptons, and of course, it's the real estate side of the story that interests Your Mama.

In addition to their spread at the Waldorf Astoria in New York and their Bel Air estate which sits catty-corner to Nic Cage's ivy covered behemoth on Copa de Oro Road, Rick and Kathy Hilton also own a Hamptons hideaway which property records reveal they bought in 1999 for $2,385,000. The house features 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, a swimming pool, high hedges, and sits just a quick dash on a Schwinn from the famously gay beach at the bottom of Fowlers Lane.

Located on Fordune Drive in Water Mill (adjacent to Southampton), the Hilton estate occupies 2.7 acres in the gated enclave of Fordune, on land that was once part of the 235-acre Henry Ford II estate. The Ford estate, called Fordune, natch, was subdivided into approx. 40 estate sized parcels by an Italian businessman who purchased the entire estate from Ford's ex-wife Anne in 1975 for the bargain basement price of $1,800,000.

Everyone who has ever been to the Hamptons or reads anything about Hamptons real estate knows that the Hilton family often leases their shingled house, and last year they reportedly pocketed approximately $350,000 for the summer season, which by Your Mama's fuzzy math would cover the year's expenses and leave just a wee bit extra left over for a new suit for the Mister Hilton to wear when he's showing all those pricey mansions in Los Angeles.

However, what the Vanity Fair article so scandalously reveals is not that the Hiltons do indeed lease their house, plenty of rich and famous do that in the Hamptons, it's that according to an insider who has been INSIDE the Hilton's Hamptons house, it's filthy. Fil-thee!

Apparently, last summer's renters were mortified to find the house in shabby condition and Vanity Fair's wealthy New York based source hisses, "This house was left exactly the way it was when the renters saw it in November. Everything in it is moldy and filthy. Most of the screens on the windows are broken. Their dogs are obviously not house-trained. But they don't see it. These are people whose daughter has sex on tape, and they think that's fine."

The catty source goes on to claim that according to a mutual friend the tenant was so irate that he (or she) shouted, "Do I have to give you another $300,000 to get screens on the windows?"

Can y'all hear Your Mama and all the inhabitants of the Hamptons gasping and clutching our scandalized hearts? Oh dear Jeezis, Your Mama is sure the Hiltons are pissed. PISSED!

Your Mama is not aware of the Hilton house being available to lease for the 2008 summer season, but we imagine (and hope) that if they do decide to put tenants in there from Memorial Day to Labor Day they'll get those screens fixed and have the carpets steam cleaned.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame to see one of the Hampton's shingle style treasures go to rack & ruin - but then so has the family, despite their multi-multi-millions (did anyone see Kathy on that awful reality show of hers?!?!?)

I'd love to turn this unfortunate pile over to Big Gay Decorator as a Christmas present so he could restore it to the lovely, airy beachside aerie it deserves to be, instead of the Grey Gardens wannabee it has apparently turned into (they're Hiltons, not Bouviers after all).

First, BGD would have to redo the roof, gut the interior to restore it to its former splendor, and then move on to the landscaping; the Hampton's are renowned for their lovely wide swathes of emerald-green lawns but, Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy, those paltry specimen trees are just begging for some company; and what's with that lonely 4-part garden off the right side of the house? It looks haunted . . . is that where Paris buries her freakishly miniature dogs when she tires of them?

As for the "naturalistic" swimming pool - rip it out!!! It's a blot on the landscape and I can't believe Water Mill would have willingly issued a permit for that monstrosity. Money must have changed hands on that one. It begs for a nice rectangular pool with a complimentary pool house with a wide veranda draped with flowing gauze curtains gently flowing in the ocean breezes (which would hopefully also dispel the stench of dog poop as well).

And just what the fuck is going on with a basketball court in the carriage drive?

Sacrilege, just plain, evil sacrilege.

Anonymous said...

I looooove Vanity Fair and how fitting that the Hilton house is filth. The gurls didn't fall far from the Mama tree:

Kathy's Seethrough

Anonymous said...

Dont they own that place opposite fleur de lys. On Brooklawn road? Or is that grandpas mansion?

Anonymous said...

they for sure live in the jay paley estate on brooklawn. i dont know if they own a home on copa de oro, but they definitely live on brooklawn

Your Mama said...

Hi puppies. We're taking a break from the egg not here...The big Paul Williams designed place on Brooklawn belongs to Barron Hilton. Miss Kathy and Rick bought a 5 bedroom 5 bathroom house on Copa de Oro in March of 2004.

Anonymous said...

It is commonly and widely understood that Kathy is a terrible mother, but there are stories all over LA about what a beeyotch Kathy is as well.

from what I understand, her sister was Prudence on Nanny and the Professor way back when. The fact of the matter is that kathy has never quite gotten over the fact that her childhood acting career never took off.

Somehow, it doesn't surprise me that her daughter's career (such that it is) took off with a sex tape doesn't bother Kathy. In. the. least.

The woman has a screw loose.

Anonymous said...

....But you see in dealing with me,the relatives didn't know they were dealing with a staunch character and I tell you if there's anything worse than dealing with a staunch woman....S T A U N C H.There's nothing worse,I'm telling you.They don't weaken,no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Oh,look.That cat's going to the bathroom right behind my portrait.

Anonymous said...

ughh,how awful.

Anonymous said...

No,I'm glad somebody's doing something they want to do!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Rick and Kathy Hilton are living pretty good....despite the fact his father just announced he is leaving 97% of his 2.7 billion dollar estate to his charitable foundation. (see L.A. Times article

Anonymous said...

Oh, the stories I could tell about auntie Zsa Zsa. Best kept for now.

Anonymous said...

What is WRONG with some people to write such nonsense - or to believe it ????

This is a fabulous estate in an extremely desirable part of the country.
The house is beautiful, inside and out.

And btw, all the Hiltons are millionaires many times over. Their grandfather's foundation will be administered by the family after his passing.