Friday, December 28, 2007

Coupla More Updates...

...Your Mama is getting back logged with items, so this afternoon we've decided to simplify our bizzy life and toss out a few updates in one fell swoop.

The Newsday Gurls are reporting that the 2.1 acre (or 1.9 acre according to Newsday) Southampton estate of the late Patricia Kennedy Lawford finally sold for $9,800,000. Your Mama discussed the society maven's 10,467 square foot house on fancy First Neck Lane back in late April 2007 when it was on the market for $12,500,000. Your Mama does not have an iota who owns the limited liability company who plunked down nearly 10 million clams for the 10 bedroom and 12 bathroom house that Your Mama was told is a fixer, and if the Newsday gurls know who bought it, they certainly aren't telling Your Mama.

Former Guns and Roses gee-tarist Slash has finally unloaded a Hollywood Hills house that he bought during the reported dissolution of his marriage to a ladee named Perla. Mister Slash purchased the Wattles Drive house in December of 2005 for $6,250,000 and quickly put the 5 bedroom and 6 bathroom house back on the market for $6,995,000. The property sat and sat and sat until Mister Slash filed a million dollar lawsuit against his real estate agent whom he claims misrepresented particulars about the house including size and the number of cars that can be parked on the property or some such nonsense.

Anyhoo, the price was steadily dropped to $5,995,000 and according to Mister Big Time, the house was finally (FINALLY!) purchased for an undisclosed sum of money by Randy Wolf, a relief pitcher for the San Diego Padres. Whatever price the ball player paid, it's quite safe to assume Mister Slash lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on his real estate gamble on Wattles Drive.

Mister Big Time announced that Mister and Missus Slash also unloaded their long time Sherman Oaks home on Valley Vista Boulevard. Your Mama will have more for the children on that transaction later.

Thank whatever Jeezis you pray to that Eddie Murphy's ex-wife and baby momma Nicole Murphy has finally unloaded the Sacramento area estate she once shared with the filthy rich funny man who has more babies with more mommas than Your Mama can bother to count anymore. If you'll recall, the ex-Mrs. Murphy recently ran into a little trouble with the lender on the property, and while foreclosure proceedings did not commence, the bank was mad as a bee in a jar to get the $78,000 that was in arrears.

That little bother of matter must have been cleared up because thanks to B.S. Beaverman (via, Your Mama has learned that the mother of five sold the 11,158 square foot pile of vile to a Nevada real estate investor. The records Your Mama accessed reveal that the buyer is a man with the last name of Willis who paid $6,100,000 for 2.5 acre property that includes a 5,200 square foot guest house.

The house was purchased by the then married Murphys in 1998 for $3,825,000. Located in the exclusive gated community of Los Lagos in the unincorporated area called Granite Bay, the house features 10 bedrooms (including Shrek and French-village themed children's rooms which Your Mama is feels certain are just horrendous), 14 bathrooms, a 12 seat movie theater, 12 car garage, video arcade parlor, gym, swimming pool and a tennis court. reports that the sale included most of the furnishings including at least 20 televisions and $200,000 grand piano.

It was the always resourceful and on top of things Mister Big Time that first posted photos of the house, and children, they are worth seeing. But hunnies, grab a vomit bag before you click over because they are really something to behold.


Anonymous said...

the pics from big time remind me of mtv cribs, (except bigger), complete with marble columns, ugly ass chandileers, purple velvet furniture & big parking lot to showcase the pimpmobiles. i'm sure there is a recording studio & tiger in a 6x6 cage in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot the bed, "where it all happens"

Anonymous said...

check out

sunsetplaza area

The rockstar guy has two estates for sale, they just knocked off 3MM on one and 2MM on the other and still no takers.

Looks like the luxury market in LA is starting to come down a bit.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the fractional ownership component, it is starting to pop up on a lot of highend home properties, example for 2MM you can live in a 12MM estate all taxes fees maintence paid for, you can live there for 2 months out of evey year.

Do you think this new idea will keep the prices up ?

Anonymous said...

Good for Nicole Murphy. I hope she finds a gorgeous house in the Hills of Beverly and has a long and healthy and happy life.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite believe someone looked at renderings of that house and said, yes, let's build it.

Anonymous said...

check out this link

50 cents mansions asking price is 12MM ? I thought he was asking 20MM for it.

Now that site is a wholesale homes site, do you get a 50% discount when you buy homes at wholesale ?

If you buy a mansion for half off can you live in it ?

Anonymous said...

try this link and it is on page 6

the last one on the bottom is the 50 cent mansion asking price is 12MM

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course, it's nothing new that assets are not allocated to match taste levels, huh? :-)
Re: the Murphy's, says a lot about a man that his ex-wife and baby mama would be in arrears on the house they shared together. Not stressful enough to go through a divorce? Let's let her get behind on her mortgage, too. Disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Number 1: Let's hope someone with a conscience decides to restore the Lawford estate - it's a lovely chunk of local history here and looks like a happy family home lovingly added to over the years; it would be criminal to tear it down so some local "developer" could erect (love that word!) a gaudy McMansion on this idyllic property.

Number 2: Speaking of tear down, yes please do, although if they just pray for a good strong rain this "Spanish" monstrosity would mercifully slide downhill and out of our eyesight forever.

Number 3: Saddam Hussein himself would not have lived in this shitpile; who's the fool who bought it WITH that ugly-ass furniture? If there was ever an edifice begging for a teardown, this, children is it. Granite Bay would be better off with a scorched hole in the earth that for this abortion of architecture to continue to stand.

Just my humble opinion, mind you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mama,

Thankyou so much for the Hamptons tid bit i missed that one....
Happy New year

Anonymous said...

Re: Eddie Murphy's wife selling off her Sacramento abode. The Eddie Murphy house in Englewood, NJ that's up for 19M - Has anyone checked out the pic of the theatre? Yikes! If he was chocolate, he'd eat himself.