Friday, November 2, 2007

Katherine Heigl Does Los Feliz

BUYER: Katherine Heigl
LOCATION: N. Berendo Street, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,550,000 (sale)
SIZE: 3,690 square feet, 4 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Magazine quality updated Southern Colonial, reminiscent of Architectural Digest. High ceilings, dark wood floors & large crown molding + inviting verandas. Large living room w/ fireplace + formal dining room, both surrounded by lush gardens. Cozy den w/ built in entertainment center & French doors to read veranda. Ground gourmet kitchen w/. industrial appliances + breakfast area. French doors to private well planted grassy yard w/ "splash" pool & spa. Great floor plan for entertaining. Gated drive + 2 car garage.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: This morning Your Mama answers the call from Mister Big Time about which celebrity purchased this house on N. Berendo Street in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Your Mama got on the horn and burned up the phone wires with our coterie of contacts and we've determined that the buyer is another of the Grey's Anatomy crew, this time statuesque blond Katherine Heigl.

Miz Heigl purchased the house very recently when she paid $2,550,000 in September 2007 for this 3,690 square foot house with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathroom. Built in 1922, the Southern Colonial style house will provide Miz Heigl a decently sized traditional layout and easy access to her gay boyfriend T.R. Knight, who also recently purchased a Los Feliz hideout.

Obviously the photos above do not reflect the furniture and taste of Miz Heigl (or do they?), and we haven't any idea what her team of gay decorators is going to do with the place. But Ywe sincerely hope Miz Heigl will consider removing that horrible pot rack in the kitchen or Your Mama will worry ourself into an ulcer that the tall beauty will bruise her head on those pots and pans. Or worse yet, knock herself out with pasta boiling over on the stove an no beau-hunk in the house to rush her the smelling salts.

Your Mama loves the little second floor terrace for those early morning tanning sessions, and we even like that itty bitty plunge pool. Because let's face it, Your Mama is never going to swim laps in any pool, so anything bigger than this is just wasted water.

We hear that Miz Heigl has not moved in yet, so don't any of you fools think you can head on over to Los Feliz and catch Miz Heigl mowing the lawn in a bikini and a pair of Jimmy Choos. Besides, we can all be assured that now that Miz Heigl is a big television star, she does not mow her own lawn. Happy house to Miz Heigl. And hunny please, be sure to take that nasty pot rack down and spare Your Mama the worry.


Anonymous said...

yes Mama, and replace that pot rack with a decent extractor fan so the whole place doesn't smell like fish!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think she needs a good crack in the head to get her to come back down to earth. The girl is waaay too carried away with her own importance.

Anonymous said...

Traditional is usually not my thing, but this place looks nice. I hope her team of gay decorators put a good mix of modern and traditional furnishings in Ms. Heigl's abode. And yes, get rid the pot rack. Maybe just rip out that kitchen and start fresh Katherine. You can afford it.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster must be crazy. She is about the most down to earth and humble celeb you could ever meet. Just think its a bit dangerous to be posting house details on the web with all the lunatics about. Seems very unfair.

Anonymous said...

Message to Danny: If you can't handle it, GIT!

Anonymous said...

Danny: Where have you been for the past ten years? The internet has allowed the obsession with celebrity to explode! Is it scary for the celebrity? Absolutely! Do I enjoy the voyeuristic tours of houses I will never be inside of in my lifetime? Without a doubt. Do I hope no one abuses the information shared with us? Without question. Do I think Mama shouldn't post? I would be devastated if she stopped.

Wanting to know about ALL the aspects of a public figures/celebrity's life is, unfortunately, part of today's culture. I'm not proud of it, but it is. And I think wanting to know what the inside of their house looks like so I can rag on their taste is a pretty harmless pastime.

Get over it, please. We're here to have fun.

Anonymous said...

You are quite right it is pretty harmless if it is not abused. I just think there are a lot of risks associated with something like this. Just because it is part of the culture today that doesn't make it right does it? point arguing you aren't gonna agree with me. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Danny,

If you don't like it, well then, what are you doing reading this blog?

Turn away from the madness.


Klassy Kathy

Anonymous said...

Over 2mil. for that? Didn't know Heigl was that loaded. Looks like a nice place 'cept for that tiny pool.

Danny you sound like that obsessed KH webmaster TVR. Unless you know her personally, friend/family, you don't know how humble or down to earth she is. She's in the public, of course she has a public persona.

so_chic_darling said...

Let the public in they need to see it just like the pilgrims in the middle ages had to go from shrine to shrine to peek at the bones and foreskins of the saints,we need to peer through our laptops into the hypnotic and trance inducing world of celebrity interiors.These are the relics of and for the people.We must see them in order to believe.

Anonymous said...

I believe,oh yes I believe.I believe that they want me out,but I'm not selling,ever.

Anonymous said...

get out of the way old lady,I believe in eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

I have tear gas in my purse.

Anonymous said...

Love the house. Hate the 'pool'.

Anonymous said...

The house on the police video is a white brick with a recessed doorway.


This does't seem correct

Anonymous said...

The video is shot by the back door, notice that she switches on and off the spa pump... which is by the way... pretty loud. But if she were my neighbor chillin' ... or rather heating things up in the backyard... in a bikini... all wet and sweaty... trust me, last people I would call would be the cops.