Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday's Miscellaneous Mash-up

Your Mama is going to do something a little different this morning. Rather and cut apart or celebrate a celebrity home, we're going to link over to a couple of stories related to celebrity real estate. See babies, Your Mama is plum tuckered out and we have a full schedule of tree trimmers and lawn doctors to deal with.
Our first link is an international story. We know the children l.o.v.e. the international stories, we just wish we had more to report. Anyhoo, Londoners now have the opportunity to live in the squalid flats turned quasi luxury housing block (pictured above) that once housed Sid Vicious, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), and reportedly Boy George herself. Misters Vicious and Rotten, who formed the core of the awesome Sex Pistols punk band, squatted in No. 39 New Court, Lutton Terrace in a flat leased by a lady named Barbara who didn't charge the proto-punkers any rent for their room which had no electricity or hot water. Which is good, because you just know that messy twosome didn't have any money for rent anyway. Naturally the hooligans scribbled and scrawled across the walls, but that's all been removed now to make way for all the fancy flat dwellers

Also, if you're interested in the London real estate scene, check out The Rat and Mouse, which caters to all the Londoners who think about real estate obsessively.
Stateside, we have a sad story about another professional basketball player with an obscenely large house (pictured above). It seems that the $19,000,000 a year Allen Iverson is having trouble with his 15,000 square foot house. Mister Iverson paid $2,200,000 for the monster mansion just outside of Atlanta inside the gates of the Country Club of the South in Alpharetta, Georgia. Shortly after moving his family in, the brick behemoth allegedly started to sag and crack. Not good. So he and wifey Tawana are suing the builder for $6,200,000 for the full cost of the house, relocation expenses, custom furniture and fittings and any number of other things.

Sources: Phil Skinner for the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Iverson photo), Times Online (New Court photo)


Anonymous said...

malibu is burning down, I wonder what where the prices will go now ?

so_chic_darling said...

If we're lucky the whole house might just sink into the ground and vanish.

Anonymous said...

What a hideous, naff house.

Lurker, UK

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