Wednesday, October 24, 2007

José Eber Hangs His Cowboy Hat Here

SELLER: José Eber
LOCATION: St. Ives Place, West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $4,295,000
SIZE: 3,387 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Live the Hollywood lifestyle in this stunning high-tech luxury view home. Owned by renowned celebrity hair stylist José Eber, property features a spacious floor plan with tasteful upgrades in the most prime of neighborhoods. Seclusion is assured because of the private cul de sac. This ultimate entertainer’s home is a delightful place to retreat. Mix in the perfect Hollywood location and the glamour of its celebrity background and you have an unbeatable combination!!!

YOUR MAMAS UPDATE: Okay babies, we smell a rat. First of all we found a listing for the house that had it priced at $5,350,000, which means that the current price of $4,295,000 is more than $1,000,000 less than Monsieur EeBear originally wanted for the house. This is not a new listing, it's a re-priced listing.

Secondly, from the pictures it is clear that Monsieur EeBear does not currently LIVE in this house. A source we contacted claims that the long haired hair maven has not lived in this house since 2002, PRIOR to the re-build/renovation. Property records do show that the tonsorial trimmer does own the property, but we hear he moved years ago. Someone named Joe-ZAY is hoping to make millions on his renovation project.

Your Mama does not have a clue as to where the tonsorial trimmer actually lives, but we'd love to know because Your Mama is nosy like that.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The listing agents for hairstylist to the stars José Eber have made it easy for Your Mama. Not only did they name the home owner in their description of the property on the MLS, they posted a comment on our little blog announcing that the hairdresser's Hollywood Hills contempo has hit the market at $4,295,000.

Now babies, before we begin, let Your Mama give y'all a lesson on how to say the long haired coiffure's name. It's Joe-ZAY Ee-BEAR. It helps if you use a pretend French accent. Say it with Your Mama children, Joe-ZAY Ee-BEAR.

Monsieur Eebear, who has touched, twirled and twisted the hair of just about every Hollywood hussy and diva from the 1980s including Farrah Fawcett, Cher, and Elizabeth Taylor, continues to be a force in Hollywood hairdos and hair-don't's. But his fame and influence seems to have ebbed among the young celebutards who prefer to have their locks cut and colored by younger and hipper hairdressers like reality television friendly Jonathan Antin and/or Jessica Simpson's hair bitch Ken Pavés (pronounced Pay-ves if you please or care).

According to property records, Monsieur Eebear bought this property in February of 1990 for $867,720, which was a lot of gawd-damn money in 1990 for a little fixer in the hills. Current information indicates that the house measures 3,387 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It appears that Monsieur Eebear has done a fairly recent head to toe make over of the place since he purchased the vertically inspired house. There are gorgeous views of the Los Angeles all the way to the ocean (on a clear day, anyway) and the private drive is shared with just four other houses. Not only is the close to Sunset Boulevard location convenient to all the swanky shoppy-shops along Robertson, the end of the private drive location means a celebrity could unpack the groceries from the Range Rover without being pestered by the paps.

As of today, the listing agents have not included many photos of the house, so we really can't say if the floor plan is spacious or if the upgrades are tasteful. What we do know is that Monsieur Eebear, whose long, loooong hair falls down his back, is never seen without a cowboy or Australian bush style hat that is often laden with feathers, medallions or some other adornment. Can we expect the same sort of over the top interior appointments? Time will tell as the listing agent promises more glorious photos soon.

But more than anything, what Your Mama rather callously and cattily wants to know is if Monsieur Eebear has a full head of hair under his hat. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

By changing the birds eye view angle on Local.Live, you can see the stages of construction on the house. It was a complete gut job, and very recent.

Anonymous said...

he does makeovers on GoodDayLA, which cracks me up! If ANYONE is in need of a makeover, it's THIS GUY. STILL wearing that tired cowboy hat and long hair.

Anonymous said...

to pricey, he should ask for 1MM and stop being greedy.

Anonymous said...

Does La Liz come with the house too?

Anonymous said...

anon 2:39, you're way off. My house is a couple of neighborhoods east of this house, half the s.f., remodeled when I bought it 8 years ago, no pool (room for but no pool), and not on a private street. Mine just appraised this week (in this "depressed market") at 1.3m.

Anonymous said...

how many sqft is it ? are you going to sell it ? or borrow against it ?

what you really think that it would be worth in normal market conditions ?

Anonymous said...

I love that house.

Anonymous said...

Years ago he was selling his condo on the road above Tower Sunset. Besides being all black and red lacquer and Nagle prints, which were kinda fashionable at the time, the highlite was the giant walk in closet filled exclusively on three sides with cowboy hats and boots.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "to pricey, he should ask for 1MM and stop being greedy."

I agree. I think it's a bit overpriced as well. If anything I say the listing price should be around the 2M area.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that he never lived in that house, not even for one single day. It does have a pool, I have seen it. He did buy the house in 1990 and he did nothing with it until 4 years ago, when he did do a total head to toe makeover. He lives on San Vicente Blvd in a condo currently and has lived there for over 10 years. As for what's under the hat, there is hair under there, but with the help of a hair transplant. :-) ENHOY!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that he never lived in that house, not even for one single day. It does have a pool, I have seen it. He did buy the house in 1990 and he did nothing with it until 4 years ago, when he did do a total head to toe makeover. He lives on San Vicente Blvd in a condo currently and has lived there for over 10 years. As for what's under the hat, there is hair under there, but with the help of a hair transplant. :-) ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

I, along with two daughters-in-law and one grand daughter, just spent the weekend at Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad, CA. We had a wonderful time at the hotel and the spa. However our time spent at the Jose Eber Salon at the hotel was awful.

We had been evacuated several days from our homes prior to our two-day stay at Four Seasons. It stressful coming home to soot and ash and other messes, but since the weekend was a special time for many reasons, we decided to go ahead with our planned stay there. Our reservations had been made and partially pre-paid for weeks. I called the hotel, the spa AND the salon while we were in temporary quarters to confirm that we could be accommodated. They all assured me that we would be well served. The hotel and spa experiences were beyond our expectations, especially given that some employees had also been evacuated. Our salon experienc at Jose Eber was not only less than okay; it was so bad that I have lodged a complaint with Four Seasons Carlsbad.

The salon changed our appointment schedule several times. When we arrived, we were met with arrogant/prima donnas who treated us like country bumpkins. BTW, even if we had been bumpkins, they were there to serve US and to accept our money. We were rushed through haircuts/color, manicures and pedicures and informed several times by staff that they had worked all day and wanted to leave at the six o'cock quitting time. My colorest took a wine break before finishing my color process. I received the full manicure massage, wax, nail color while the rest (unknown to me until after we left the salon) received minimal manicures. The whole experience at the salon was the worst any of the four of us have ever experienced! Yet, the price for Mr. Eber's employees "service" set me back $964.00!

We were made to feel unwanted and were rushed from station to station with little reguard for doing the job right. It was a terrible ending to what should have been and would have been a perfect weekend.

The salon was austere, rather dumpy and the staff acted like they were royalty and we were there to serve them.

BTW, I did not hear one positive comment about Mr. Eber from hotel, spa or even the salon staff. I will not repeat what I did hear about what they thought of him. I will say this, without exception, everyone said that under the hat is nothing and that he has hair attachments on his hats to make it look like he has hair. I can't attest to the truth of that because I never saw J E. I'm glad too because if I had, his consultation would have been $185.00 and a hair style $500.00. Considering the plain brown rapper look of the salon and the pompous "hurry up and get out" attitude of the commission based staff; paying JE would have added insult to injury.

The salon experience left all four of us so unsettled that we opted for room service rather than the nice Italian resturant for dinner. A loss to us and a loss to Four Seasons. The night before we spent $350.00 for dinner. The night after the salon brush-off, we spent less than $200.00 for room service. We normally do not spend such grand amounts for eating out or even for spa and hotel, but this was to be my birthday celebration and a celebration of my regaining health from being near death for many months.

The Four Seasons Aviara hotel and spa employees treated us like queens. The Jose Eber Salon employees treated us like street people who had wandered in out of the smoke. Evidently, the JE employees don't know that they are there to serve the customer. They seem to think that their black capes make them some kind of roayalty. If they got their collective noses out of the air, they might look around to see just how dumpy their salon is and how pathetic they each look in their black robes.

I have filed a formal complaint with Four Seasons Aviara and plan to follow through until I am compensated for the half baked service we received. IMHO the place should be taken over by someone who is more interested in giving appropriate customer service rather than employing a bunch of self-important flunkies.


Anonymous said...

There was a broker open on Tuesday at Jose Eber's home in the Hollywood hills and the new agent did a great job in staging and the new pictures on the MLS look great. It's a realy nice home with an incredible view of Los Angeles to the beach. Pool and spa overlooking the city at night is awesome. Every room has a view.

Anonymous said...

I buy it for 500k that is my last price.

Anonymous said...

Here's the info from the agent on the Jose Eber's home.

Anonymous said...

this might sound crazy but i want a house shaped like a cowboy hat and/or boot for country music

Anonymous said...

I've never been to his salon but I do know he allows scam artist sell his products. I recently paid $150.00 for his curling iron from a booth in a nearby mall. Actually I spent close to $500.00 for 2 straightens and 2 curling irons. The product did what I wanted and I was willing to pay for a product that worked. But when I got home and found the same curling iron going for $25.00 to $35.00 I was furious. Of course there was a sign that said "All Sales Final" I talked to the manager of the Mall and because of that sign there was nothing he could do. Well, I am not finished. If I have to email every mall in the USA I will. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and post any place I can regarding the scam artist he allows to sell his products. I have email Mr Eber but so far he has not responded and I doubt he will.