Friday, October 5, 2007

Carmit Bachar Redux

Your Mama done got it wrong once again. We do our best, but alas...The other day we discussed a San Fernando Valley property we had been told was purchased by Carmit Bachar. But it was not. There was no intention to mislead by our source, and in fact it's our original source who has provided us with the correct information. So hear we go again, with the real house that Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar recently purchased.
BUYER: Carmit Bachar
LOCATION: Bucknell Avenue, Valley Village, CA
PRICE: $699,900 (list)
SIZE: 1,656 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Private Pool Retreat! Located in a prime pocket area! Features an open living with fireplace, crown molding and hardwood floors. An over sized family room leads to an amazing wood deck patio. The master bedroom offers an updated bathroom with deep soaking tub & shower and private access to rear yard. The hall bathroom is remodeled with pedestal sink, large custom shower and quality fixtures. The rear grounds are professionally landscaped and boast a custom pool with wood tanning deck and more!

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We could not be happier that Miss Bachar is purchasing this San Fernando Valley home rather than the piece of shit we thought she was buying. While this house is by all standards modest and moderately priced for the Los Angeles region, it actually looks like a house fit for a celebrity on salary like Miss Bachar.

Located just north of Studio City in a little known enclave called Valley Village, the location is easy access to the Burbank studios and is just a 10 minute drive into Hollywood.

The exterior of the house is just a run of the mill ranch house, but it's fully fenced and gated for privacy and security, always good things. According to the listing, the 1,656 square foot house has had recent upgrades in the bathrooms. No mention of an upgraded kitchen, so we assume Miss Bachar will be having that re-done with granite counters and stainless steel appliances like everyone else with a little money to throw around on home renovations.

Even though the house sits a little too close to Highway 101 for Your Mama's liking, it's the backyard that really makes this house worth whatever amount Miss Bachar paid for the place. We prefer nice rectangular swimming pool, but we also cotton to a retro kidney shaped pools too, particularly in Los Angeles where kidney shaped pools are as common as Chinese people in China.

So Miss Carmit Bachar, Your Mama wishes you a happy home in Valley Village and we're terribly sorry for associating you with that crapper in Van Nuys.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something or has the driveway to the garage been replaced with flagstones and yard decor? Does this mean that there is something going on in the garage other than car storage? And, if so, where will the car go?

I think that, if one is going to put the garage to some other use - particularly if going to the trouble of re-landscaping the driveway - then one should also replace the garage door with some type of regular door.

Otherwise, yes, this is a vast improvement over the other house. I can't get over that they are remotely in the same price range.

Anonymous said...

Is this really better than the other house? It does have a pool.

Anonymous said...

OKAY - now this, I believe. The other house was just sad and poorly "flipped out."

Even though we only get one inside shot, the photos do look a LOT nicer than the other one. Privacy fence, pool, deck. Looks decent, good for her.

The previous property made me feel sad!

Why in the world is the yard covered with random flagstones??

Anonymous said...

Much better! I'm not crazy about the furniture though but it's a decent house.

Anonymous said...

Definitely better. But the garage and surrounding landscaping (which I rather like), makes me think the seller never got around to obtaining a permit the convert the garage into something like a guest house or pool pavilion. As it is... its mighty tacky. And I'll refrain from talking about what looks like my grandmother's furniture. I can smell the BenGay and orange gum now...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys asked the questions about the garage....

And never mind the furniture, what about the small animal "presents" you're gonna find in the most unexpected places?

Quite like the raised decking & the greenery around the paving stones, tho'

Anonymous said...

It is better than the other house but a couple of thoughts -

I'm still surprised that she would buy in this middle class affordable housing neighborhood. Also still wondering if this house is for a tax write off, rental or for a family member?

That is the 170 freeway behind the neighbors across the street. The 101 is further south. At least this house isn't on the side of the street butted up to the freeway.

The driveway might have been narrow for today's vehicles, making use of the garage difficult. Combine that with the pool taking up most of the back yard and that is why I think the driveway has become "yard". Maybe the garage is just a bonus room that Ms. Bachar will use as a dance studio?

so_chic_darling said...

Thank goodness Mama I've be so worried about that poor dancer girl all stranded out in some funky part of the Valley in such a cheap and nasty shack thing!Just as I was reaching for another nerve pill your news flash about the dolls house came on and I felt that all was well again on dance floors across the Valley.

Anonymous said...


This was absolute gold:

"We could not be happier that Miss Bachar is purchasing this San Fernando Valley home rather than the piece of shit we thought she was buying."

Flagstones are groovy.

A question: Has anyone seen pictures of the Kress apartment for sale at 1020 5th in NYC?

Michael Z. Williamson said...

Anonymous: What's wrong with "middle class"? And since "middle class" in LA costs $700,000, it's not cheap (I have a comparably sized house with much more land in Indiana for $110,000).

If she paid cash and now has a place to live in for life, well done. If she's being frugal with her income, also well done. No need to blow a fortune, even if you have it, just because it's part of an "image."

Most celebs make a lot less money than you might think they do.