Monday, September 10, 2007

UPDATE: Anne Heche

Back in the middle of July Your Mama discussed the lovely Hancock Park house that wacky hasbian Anne Heche and her ex-camera man huzband Coley Laffoon put on the market for $3,795,000 in the bloody aftermath of their separation and impending dee-vorce.

The other day Mister Big Time wrote about the house recently going into contract and Your Mama would like to add a few updates to this property.

We hear the house is being purchased by television writer/executive producer Matt Olmstead who has made a fortune producing and writing for television hits such as NYPD Blue, Blind Justice and most recently, the hit show Prison Break, all shows Your Mama has never seen believe it or not. No word on the purchase price, but we just know that the amazing Mister Big Time, who can seemingly pull rabbits from hats, will come up with that number before long.

Mister Olmstead and his wify appear to have sold the 4,282 square foot, 4 bedroom and 4.5 bathroom house they had on the market recently for $2,699,000. That house, located on Bellagio Terrace in Bel Air is filled with exotic wood finishes, high end appliances, and extensive use of glass tile and comes with an extraordinary view.

Your Mama hears that Ms. Heche has decamped to a condominium in Marina Del Rey, which makes a certain amount of sense given that her Men In Trees show films in Vancouver, where she's reportedly shacking up with co-star James Tupper. And, let's face it, money has to be a little tight now that she's forking over huge sums of money to Mister Laffoon in spousal and child support.

Oh it's an ugly web she weaves children. We with Mister Tupper all the best.

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Anonymous said...

Advice to the new owner in Hancock Park.......get a good alarm system, Security Cameras and make sure you subscribe to private armed patrol/response.

Your neighbors......