Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Linda Evans Offers Beverly Hills House for Lease

OWNER: Linda Evans
LOCATION: Hazen Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $14,500 / month
SIZE: 3,904 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Most charming & romantic gated country estate in town on one of most prestigious streets. Large motor court with circular driveway and huge lawn full of rose bushes. Totally private at end of cul de sac with lovely pool & brick patio ideal for al fresco dining. Exquisitely decorated and furnished, with hardwood floors, french doors, moldings etc. Gst hse-bonus room can be used as office, gym or staff.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Her Krystle Carrington days are long over and she is barely ever seen on the television, but that has not stopped Linda Evans from getting the old Hollywood nip tuck, stretch and pull not to mention getting gallon of collagen injected in to her lips giving her an embarrassing "trout pout" that puts the once pixiesh Meg Ryan to shame. The ack-tress, who famously dated that disturbing New Age musician Yanni for ten years, long ago moved to Tacoma, Washington to be near her spiritual guru, JZ Knight, who claims to channel a 35,000 year old Lemurian warrior. Whatever the fuck that is, Your Mama does not want to know. Anyhoo, we recall reading a report some time ago that Miz Evans also owns a string of fitness centers up in Washington, but she still hangs on to her long time Beverly Hills home, perhaps in the deflating hopes of a small screen comeback.

Thanks to the quick work of our Fairy Godmother in Bel Air, we have learned that the two time Playboy model leases her Beverly Hills property out, presumably to pay the taxes, maintenance and etc., but Your Mama does not actually know why she leases it out. Maybe she needs the money. Maybe the Lemurian warrior needs the money. Maybe it's dangerous to let a house sit empty way up in canyons of Beverly Hills. Whatever.

Located on Hazen Drive in the 90210 post office, the single story house measures 3,904 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. Property records show that Miz Evans was granted this house in her dee-vorce from real estate executive Stan Herman in 1981, but we were unable to determine if she and ex-huzband owned the house prior to that date.

Currently available for lease at $14,500/per month, listing information shows that the property includes a gated circular drive, maids quarters, a sauna, heated swimming pool, detached garage, and a guest house / bonus room that can be used as an office, gym, or to house additional staff.

No pictures of this one yet, so we can't confirm or deny whether the house is in fact exquisitely decorated or if it's a throwback to mirrored 1980s glamour where one might expect lacquer haired Loni Anderson to come sweeping into the room at any moment, or maybe former soap opera villain turned fashion and diet "expert" Brenda Dickson (or even better, the parody of Miz Dickson).


so_chic_darling said...

There was a tour of her house on some TV show a few years ago,and from my dim memory of it the house was all natural and woody rich new age hippie kind of thing.Anyway Mama thanks for that wonderful short story,thrilling as usual.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got the fire back MAMA.I have used Ms. Evans as a template for a certain kinda' chick.
Whenever I see a some top-heavy babe with big hair in a luxury sedan...taking lunch on Sunset Plaza...I have joked to pals that such a woman is a "Linda Evans Blonde".The reference is lost on a younger generation-so I've recently replaced her with "Dallas Blonde".

TonyV said...

This is a lovely house, a friend lives down the street. Zillow only values it a $2 mil. Kind of low for celebrity/Beverly Hills standards.

Anonymous said...

If it is the house I'm thinking of, she's offered it for lease for many years. One notable celebrity who has hung their hat (and extra strength support bras) over the years is Mizz Dolly Parton.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama, Strapping Hunk reporting in. You know, I heard that Stan Herman's former house was sold to Super Hunk - Aaron Eckhart. It was Stan's last house before he passed and after the split with that 10 foot giant Linda Evans. Oh, she's a big girl Mama. In addition, Dolly Parton actually built a home in the area. Her husband is a contractor/builder. It's in a nice Beverly Hills Zip and Enclave. Strapping Hunking reporting live from the Sunset Strip.