Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips: Renters

RENTERS: Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips
LOCATION: S. Spalding Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
RENT: $14,000 / month
SIZE: 5,302 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Best lease in Beverly Hills. Newly updated, 2-story traditional. Great street - one block from Beverly Hills High School. Hardwood throughout. Fabulous kitchen with all new appliances. Master suite plus three additional bedroom suites. Multi-zone heat/air, pool, & garage.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A little birdie tells Your Mama that the least controversial Baldwin brother Billy and his wifey Chynna Phillips, formerly of the impossibly saccharine gurl group Wilson Phillips, have recently moved their family into a Bev Hills property where they are paying a whopping $14,000 per month.

The 5,302 square foot house, which coincidentally has the same house number as Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter's beach house, sits close enough to Century City to be in the shadow of the tall towers and backs up to fancy pants Roxbury Park. The property is also just a quick walk to Beverly Hills High School where loads of rich and famous have matriculated, and Your Mama has a relative who tirelessly works to educate the children of rich and famous who do not think they need to be educated simply because they are the children of the rich and famous.

Unfortunately Your Mama does not know much about the house or even why a couple as famous and well to do as the Baldwin/Phillips' would lease a house like this at such tremendous expense. Perhaps they are not as rich as we imagine them to be and can't afford a $25,000+ mortgage each month? Or perhaps they are renovating another property and need a place to live during the process? Or maybe they just do not want the hassle of having to hire, pay and monitor the landscapers, cleaning ladies, pool people, tree trimmers and etc., and prefer to have a landlord who handles all those mundane and expensive details of high end home ownership. Anyone know?

Before Your Mama signs out so that we can head out to the wineries where the Dr. Cooter and his mama will likely get smashed on not very good white wine, let's discuss the Baldwin brothers for just a moment, because they are really just so chaotic and interesting.

First there is the oldest and arguably best looking Baldwin, Alec, who Your Mama used to see wandering the streets of the Upper West Side of Manhattan lookin' all sultry, disheveled and celebrity like. This Mister Baldwin has ongoing, very public, and never ending baby mama drama with the ex-wifey ack-tress Kim Basinger. These two once married people would sooner disembowel each other than act like mature adults who are capable of being civil to each other at their daughter's birthday parties. People, is it really that difficult to be civil? There are no winners in this situation babies, least of all the child, who Your Mama wishes fortitude, a clear mind, and a very good psychiatrist.

Next comes Daniel, perhaps the least well known Baldwin brother. This Baldwin brother, who is basically a very bizzy b-movie actor, has at least three children by three different women, was once arrested for running naked and cracked out through the halls of the Plaza Hotel in New York City, was more recently arrested after plowing his automobile into two parked cars in Los Angeles, and just six months later was arrested for allegedly stealing a car (since cleared of the charges). Can you spell drug problem? He does seem to be on the mend (good for him) and even offered that train wreck Britney Spears support while she did her apparently not very successful stint in rehab and the uber-posh Promises in Malee-boo.

And let's not forget the youngest Baldwin brother Stephen. Although baptized as a Roman Catholic, Stephen converted to a born again evangelical Christian on a mission to save the wayward youth of America. The one-time actor reportedly teamed up recently with Little Lindsay Lohan's ex-con daddy Michael to form some sort of religious detox center in swanky Southampton, NY. Children, this is an unholy union if we've ever seen one and Your Mama predicts this will end in tears and law suits.

And that does not even begin to discuss the other side of the Billy Baldwin/Chynna Phillips family which includes the lovably whacko Michelle Phillips, who shuns direct sunlight in order to help retain her youth, beauty, and supple skin. The extended family would also have to include the former members of the Wilson Phillips band which includes that cry baby Carnie Wilson who has made a career out of her vacillating weight. Hunny, we appreciate that you struggle with your weight. Seriously, we do. But gurl, you gotta stop embarrassing yourself by forever talking about it and making your weight issues the hub of the wheel of your career.

Phew! We know y'all tune in to our little blog to look at fancy celebrity real estate and not to have Your Mama expound on the daily dramas of celebrities, there are many thousands of blogs for that after all. So we appreciate you allowing us this indulgence this morning.

Be assured we'll be bringing you more celebrity houses today and in the days to come including more photos of the $165,000,000 Lenny Ross mansion in Beverly Hills.

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Dr. Correcto said...

Can't wait for more photos of the Leonard Ross place. Enjoy the day with Old Mama Cooter

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have friends who live down the street from the house. It's a lovely neighborhood and belies its proximity to Pico Blvd.

Anonymous said...

I too am still most curious regarding the estate of Mr Ross.Are there any real ming vases to be found?

Anonymous said...

Big house. it's an OK neighborhood. Not very private or quiet. Seems like an awful lot of money though for south of Wilshire

so_chic_darling said...

There's a lovely new shop on Pico called Pico Modern @5549 Pico Blvd.

Anonymous said...

it is a lot of $$$$$$$$$ for mid wilshire........

luke220 said...

Maybe the owners charged extra in case one of Billy's brothers visits and trashes the place..

Anonymous said...

I think the Baldwin-Phillips had primarly lived on the East Coast in recent years. Perhaps they are renting while they work on the West Coast for some reason? Although it would come as a bit of surprise to me to learn that either had any talents worth hiring them for.

Anonymous said...

$14K a month to live south of Wilshire? You must be desperate to tell the folks back home that you now live in BH. As for the Baldwin boys... Alec used to be quite attractive before he bloated up such as he has. Nonetheless, I had the play-zoor of putting a smile on his face back in 2002 whilst I was inexplicably lost in Manhattan, and found myself in some place called The Male Room on Eigth Ave. But, I'll save that story for my memoirs, much of which I'm still cooking up. For now, let it suffice to say that Alec is the real Mr.Big!

Anonymous said...

Going rate for a house in BH is $1000 a square foot. Looks like they are renting a house that is comparably worth $4-5M for $14K. That is pretty cheap. FYI, 3000 sq. ft. condos on Pico are going for $3M (check Does anyone care about north/south Wilshire anymore?