Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your Mama Hears...

...that peripatetic pop tart Britney Spears has finally unloaded her Malee-boo mansion. This house, located way up in the guard gated Serra Retreat and once the love nest of her and the FedEx, has been a huge Mediterranean style albatross around her desperate to be free neck.

Information is slim, but we first received a strange and vague email from an anonymous tipster this morning, then we got on the horn to one of our peeps in Malee-bee who says that it's being whispered about all up and down Pacific Coast Highway and the rumor is believed to be true. The property was originally priced at $13,500,000 and reduced over time to $11,999,000. We have zero information on who may have purchased or for how much.

One down, one to go.

We also hear that the pink bewigged and soon to be dee-vorced single mommy is once again shopping for a house to call home for her and the tater tots, this time in Pacific Palisades. More to come.


Anonymous said...

Mama, you are truly the woman with the scoop on things :) My advice to Britney (like she'd care lol): Grow up 1st, buy house 2nd, keep renting in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

yes, mama does have the scoop.

she has enough scoops to open a baskin robbins 31.

but i have a question for you:

can a hearse carrying a corpse travel in the carpool lane?


Anonymous said...

Finally she is getting out of Malibu, out of my quiet beach community.

If only we could find a way to get rid of Paris and Lindsay. (Although I hope Lindsay will at least stop partying in Malbu now).

Anonymous said...

If you want them out of Maleebu, you need to ask the owners of the beach houses to stop renting to them. lol

And smiley, hearses may not qualify. CHIPS will get you dead to rights.

Anonymous said...

smiley, I say why not. Who would be mean enough to ticket a corpse carrying hearse, lol

This will probably incur some sneers and jeers, but I think Paris has every intention of putting her irresponsible days behind her and cleaning up her act. Britney on the other hand is going to be too busy trying to make up for the childhood she thinks she missed to focus for some time to come, and Lindsay suddenly ran out of time last night and stepped off the deep end. I see a bright orange jumpsuit in her future.

Anonymous said...

The girl needs help ... she seems to buy on impulse then never moves into the properties ...

anon # 1 ... since when has malibu been 'quiet'? even without paris renting & lindsay at promises there are still way more crazy malibu locals who are far worse than paris & lindsay ... there is also the ever constant paparazzi who don't allow a quiet life & get in your way when you go to the country mart etc.. the constant noise from p.c.h ... bel air, beverly hills, hollywood hills are far quieter & secluded than most of malibu ... the only quiet areas in malibu are the canyons or way out past broad beach ... If you live on the beach it certainly isn't the 'quiet' life ...

Anonymous said...

Its a reference to The Big Lebowski, when the sherrif tells the dude to get out of Malibu.

Before Britney and Paris there really was no papparazzi in Malibu, it was chill.

Anonymous said...

"Before paris and Britney there was no paparazzi in Malibu."

I can't disagree more. Examples:

- Jennifer and Vince dating
- Robert Downey Jr escapades
- Any democratic fundraiser at Mr./Miz Streisand's abode
- The hunt for Brangelina sightings right after the Brad/Jen separation

I live in Ocean Park and I got to tell you. We may not have a lot of celebrities, but we certainly get the helicopters looking for celebrities. And the spillover from PCH being backed up from here to eternity.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Malibu all my life, and besides the drama with Madonna and Sean Penn, there was not the roaming papparazzi like there is now. I'm talkign years ago, not in the last year.
Years ago It was no big deal to see Pierce Brosnan, Brad pitt (pre jen and angelina), Cher, Mel gibson at the super market or whatever, people left them alone.

The whole city has changed, now the stores that make up the country mart are ralph lauren and chrome hearts, not cosontino's florist and surf shops.

Anonymous said...

The only decent thing you can do with that haunted-abused house is to demolish it and put a church there to wipe out the tainted aura.