Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Days for Tom Bosley in the Bev Hills P.O.

SELLER: Tom Bosley and Patricia Carr-Bosley
PRICE: $2,950,000
LOCATION: Royston Place, Beverly Hills P.O., CA
SIZE: 3,772, square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Gated celebrity English Country home with high ceilings and hardwood floors. Entertainer's delight with huge outdoor veranda and a gorgeous pool. Corner lot on a cul-de-sac road.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Although Mister Tom Bosley has been featured in dozens of television and Broadway shows, he will always be remembered as the push over father on the 1970s hit television show Happy Days. That show launched and solidified at least half a dozen television and film celebrities including Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Ted McGinley, Scott Baio, Pat Morita, and of course, Miz Marion Ross. The show is also credited with spinning off several hit shows including Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, and of course, the spectacularly difficult to watch Joanie Loves Chachi.

Mister Tom Bosley wed former actress Patricia Carr in 1980 and they have lived as a married couple in this house since at least 1990 according to property records. Your Mama hasn't a clue what the couple paid for this mansard roofed monstrosity, but we're quite sure Carr-Bosley's will make millions on the sale and the couple will do a happy dance all the way to the bank.

Truthfully, if one likes French Country "style" houses with mansard roof lines and arched dormers, this one might fit the bill. Your Mama, however, does not feel kindly towards this style of house. The back yard pool looks inviting, sort of. The pool itself is okay, but what are all those square stone pillars that make the pool look like it's in jail? The covered patio could be a lovely place to stay cool while working the crossword puzzles on warm afternoons.

As for the interior, well, Your Mama always feels suffocated by these "grandma's house" sorts of places. We don't see any in this photos, but we highly suspect there are expensive and elaborately dressed dolls on display somewhere in this house. Y'all know those dolls, right? Not the dolls that children play with. Oh no. We're talking about the sinister and upsetting dolls that grown ups collect. They have names like Gretchen and she's wearing a Victorian party dress and has porcelain hands and eyes that blink and stare at you while you're sleeping. Lawhd, we're short of breathe just thinking about those menacing dolls.

About the only thing we see in that living room that we can tolerate is the glass vase/dish filled with orange hard candies. Of course the container is so old fashioned it freaks the devil out of us, but Your Mama loves candy so much we could probably muster the courage to enter that room to pilfer some candy. We'd hightail it out of there immediately, but there's little torture we would not subject ourselves for a little bit of candy. It's true.

The property, located way up in the hills, sits in what would be considered a modest nabe for Bev Hills. No huge iron gates with long curving driveways. No tennis courts or staff entrances. Just large and ordinary houses on smallish one-quarter to half acre flat lots.

Your Mama has no idea who buys a house like this for nearly three millions clams. Maybe another one of those doll-people?


Anonymous said...

Not my style either. That pool is a puzzler for sure. It looks reminiscent of a castle moat, and I don't care for that mini wall around the perimeter at all. I'm used to actually using the perimeter for any number of reasons at any number of places, and this pool makes anything except 'get in, swim, get out' next to impossible. Really wierd.

alex the sea turtle said...

Well first off this is a corner lot and with the way those porsches and ferrari rip through those streets I wouldn't want to live in this house - regardless of the ugly pool.

It looks like they paid about 1,584,000.00 for this place.

Anonymous said...

This place is a total clunker, stiff and uninviting, with the most user unfriendly pool I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I think the house is lovely (sorry!), although the decor is not my style.

I agree with everyone about the pool - very bizarre with the little towers. How does one get in and out of there? How do kids jump in???

Anonymous said...

Exactly the point, anonymous. Young kids? Forget about it. Pool party? Forget about it (unless everyone gets in the pool and just stays there). And what about the choice of rough hewn stone right on the lip of the pool. What were they thinking??

Good thing the realtors have 'celebrity owned' to bait their hook with. I have a feeling they're going to need it.

deathsweep said...

This is a site that I have to introduce to my wife. She will be totally hooked! Great Bait!

Anonymous said...

No doubt, this pool sucks. The pool at the Beckham's new place is my kind of pool. Family size (not too big or small), simple yet elegant in design, with grassy areas to within a foot of half the edges. It just makes total sense. Look back in Mama's archives if interested.

Anonymous said...

Acually, this house is guite amazing, and as for the pool, it is very fun to swim in, take it from me, im a teenager, and i know fun. These pictures make the house look smaller than it really is, its Beautiful, Big, and wonderful for a family. 4 bd/ 4-5 br, Beautiful kitchen, and as for that room in the pictures, its one of the most beautiful family rooms i have ever seen, especially the amazing Liqour Bar that acents the room. The Master bedroom has two beautiful bathrooms with one awesome shower in between them and HUGE closets in both bathrooms. Guest room [mine and my sisters old room] is beautiful, especially how they remodled it a few yrs back, alot of this house has been remodled. Yes it is a single story house, but in the garage there is stares that lead up to a reck-room.
My grandparents have basicly raised the whole family in this house, so yes, it is a FAMILY home. So many memories in this house, The After party for my dads funeral, Weeding receptions, engadement parties, holiday fun, the last time a saw my dad with a smile on his face for last holiday he had before is life ended.
It really would [and must] be a pitty to underestemate this Spectacular house. And BTW, that vase that scares you so mush is CRYSTAL! and the candies are very nummy. =]

Anonymous said...

I agree with the young lady above. This house is quite wonderful and unless you have been in it and actually felt it's warmth and beauty you would not know. Patricia has extraordinary taste and yes, it may not be one of those monstrosity celebrity homes you see oh so often today, this house has true character and charm. I'm glad it sold and I hope the new owners are as happy there as the Bosleys have been.

michele said...

I have been in that house many many times for many years-- people who haven't should have anything to say as they know NOTHING-- its a beautiful home & both Tom & Patricia made everyone who was in there home feel welcome & loved that went for family & friends as well perhaps people who write nasty things feel that way because they will never have anything like that-- envy is in SUCH BAD TASTE-- The Bosley's have great style always have always will!!!!